Does anyone know what Hex colors would go well with this picture?

Question by sometimes x: Does anyone know what Hex colors would go well with this picture?

Does anyone know what hex colors would go with this picture? Only hex colors, please.

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Answer by hp_resource
711a48 – purple
55777d – blue-gray
d3006f – pink (use only sparingly, for accent)

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What I Would Change About Accessibility for People with Disabilities in Canada

Eafra T-Shirt
website accessibility
Image by Martin Kliehm
T-shirt for the European Accessibility Forum Frankfurt, 27 March 2009, featuring the comic characters from the website and the claim "Accessible internet. For all!"

What I Would Change About Accessibility for People with Disabilities in Canada is a website that rates the accessibility of buildings and public spaces around the world. The website grants people with disabilities to swiftly find out how accessible a building is, while business owners can use the website to promote …
Read more on Huffington Post Canada Announced New Mobile Web Development Solutions
The mobile web development services offered by focus on creating captivating websites which match the branding initiatives of their clients used for general web accessibility. Mobile websites are created with mobile web standards and browsers in …
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Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA : Manuel González Cid states “transparency
The Good Governance and Shareholder Forum (Foro de Buen Gobierno y Accionariado) this day presented BBVA's CFO, Manuel González Cid, with an honor recognizing the transparency and accessibility of the bank's investor & shareholder website. During …
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What would be the best free website hosting (SIMPLICITY PLEASE)?

Question by Iza: What would be the ideal free website hosting (SIMPLICITY PLEASE)?
Hi! I’m looking to build a individualized website again. I’ve done the whole HTML programming by hand with oldies like Angelfire, Geocities, Tripod etc (remember those?? how many HOURS did we have when we were teenagers! HUH!)

I havent had a website since Geocities shut down a couple years ago. I didnt have time and didnt get around to it.

I’m looking for a VERY SIMPLE TO USE template, but one that lets you have your own choice of design (very streamlined for me, nearly no graphics except background image and photos). I like block color and easy-to-read Verdana font, no frills, bells or whistles.

What I’d like to place on it is basic info, a “news” page, a few info pages on different subjects, a pic album, etc. Should I / is there one that can be linked to my Facebook, Youtube, etc? I use Photobucket for my pictures (maybe I should get on Flicker but I like to order CDs of my pictures from PBucket once in a while and I’m just used to it I guess). I dont need apps, games or a guestbook.
I’d like maybe to have a few rotating pictures on the “enter” page like a diaporama but I believe you can embed that from Photobucket or something right?

It would be nice if they had templates where you can just type your text in a box, drag & drop your pictures etc to make kinds of paragraphs with text and pictures like in a newspaper, but without all this < p > < div > html drivel…….. does that exist? for free free free??

Basically what I’m looking for is a site that is VERY EASY and SIMPLE to UPDATE.
Like Geocities was when it was still free. But easier. Cuz I’m 33 now and I will NOT spend 8 hours a night changing a letter around to find the right pastel pink hue for a font to be readable on a certain background pattern.

I cant afford to pay for a site. I’ll just pay for my domain and then link to my free site from the first page on.
Suggestions????? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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Answer by I am Beast I’m not sure if it’s .com or .org so I would google it and then click on the first link.

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How would I request the source code of a page using java?

Question by scott8389: How would I request the source code of a page using java?
I would like to request the source code of a webpage, and save it as a string.
IE: i would like to end up with a string that states “….. (more html tags, and text here) …”
Is there some easy, and effective way to do this using a pre-written Java Class, or Library?

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Answer by Pramod
//pk..Try this


public class ReadWebPage {
public ReadWebPage(){
String urlPath = “”;
System.out.println (“Reading….”+urlPath);

URL url = new URL(urlPath);
InputStream ins = url.openStream();
System.out.println (“Found data: “+ins.available()+” bytes”);
BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader ( new InputStreamReader (ins));

String line = in.readLine();
String data=””;
int ctr=1;
line = in.readLine();
System.out.println (“Reading line: “+ctr++);

System.out.println (“Reading completed…”);
String outputPath = “data.txt”;
System.out.println (“Writing to file: “+outputPath);
FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream (outputPath);
out.write (data.getBytes());

System.out.println (“Writing completed…”);
catch(Exception e){

public static void main (String[] args) {
new ReadWebPage();

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Does anyone have a website that would help me choose a color scheme and style for my wedding?

Question by : Does anyone have a website that would help me select a color scheme and style for my wedding?
My family all lives in another say so we are improvising and trying to plan my wedding (which is in June of 2010) over the computer. Its difficult and aggravating and we would really really like anything you can tell us that might help. The Biggest problem right now is finding a website that grants us to work together and a website that has color schemes and styles we can select from and customize. If you have anything just let us know. Thanks again everyone.

Best answer:

Answer by Shannon
I’ve gotten a lot of ideas from this site:

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