Best way to learn designing websites?

Question by Jaga: Ideal way to learn designing websites?
What is the ideal way to design websites(XHTML & CSS), to just begin doing it and learn as you go or watch some tutorials and read up on some stuff?

Best answer:

Answer by SteveO
Start as and begin applying what you learn. When you get into scripting, it’s always nice to have a reference even if you’re experienced. You can’t begin formatting the website until you comprehend the basics of the markup language you’re using…and it’s all HTML anyway (there’s tiny difference between HTML and XHTML…one is based on SGML and the other on XML with no changes on how you format the web pages).

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Beware of scammy shopping websites

Beware of scammy shopping websites
Meanwhile,, which tracks IP addresses linked to phishers, content spammers and other untrustworthy World wide web characters, listed as one of many addresses connected to a content-spamming IP. It's unlike …
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Testing the Security of Your Website – Part 2
You should not publish email addresses on your website, as spammers run programs that sweep the web looking for email addresses to build a database to send spam or sell stated database to other spammers. This kind of program looks specifically for the …
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Can Switching to Cloud Hosting Improve SEO Ranking?
Link Spamming bots are also ones to watch out for, and almost all cloud solutions offer some sort of endorsement against them. If you've ever happened upon a discussion forum on a massive site or came crossways a news story with lots of comments, odds are …
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Gradual exodus of young people towards WhatsApp, WeChat and KakaoTalk is
The road to gaining almost 1.2 billion monthly active users has seen the mums, dads, aunts and uncles of the generation who pioneered Facebook join it too, spamming their walls with inspirational quotes and images of adorable animals, and (shock, horror …
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Where can i advertise my websites freely to get more traffic to my ads?

Question by Navaneeth: Where can i advertise my websites freely to get more traffic to my ads?
I have a list of website which need to be advertised through out the world , where can i place my sites to get full of traffic regular ?

Best answer:

Answer by Robert W
There are numerous Free and Low Cost advertising sites around.

Start with your free ads at Google Groups and Popular Blogs

This site grants anyone to post there ads on our Blogs. We are the only site that actually not only grant you to post ads on our Blog… We encourage it. We anticipate over 50,000 members in less than just one year so your posts will be see by a large audience. It is free to post your Ads on our Blog and you can post often. In some cases up to once per day.

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How to call any file located on a website’s directory that has a particular file extension?

Question by Jack: How to call any file located on a website’s directory that has a particular file extension?
If I wanted to see all files with a particular file extension (like all xml files for example) that are inside a website’s various directories, can I call these files from the browser without actually knowing the file study or path or even whether or not it exists? Using wild cards maybe???

In other words can I find a file that is purposely hidden by just knowing it’s file extension?

Best answer:

Answer by Jim J
No you can’t.

(unless it’s a poorly-managed site which has directory listing enabled)

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Disconnect 2: visualize and block third party code on websites

Disconnect 2: visualize and block third celebration code on websites
Disconnect 2 is a new version of Disconnect. a browser add-on for Firefox and Google Chrome that visualizes and blocks third celebration code that is executed on websites you visit. Third celebration code refers to scripts that are loaded on sites that make …
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ITG Release of new Accessibility Products website:
BUSINESS WIRE)–Integration Technologies Group, Inc., a bourgeois of accessibility products and services, has released a new website, The website showcases a variety of accessibility products from leading manufacturers …
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Articles on Technology Websites, Including: The Inquirer, Cryptome, Wired Ne…

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where do i start for making my own websites?

Question by tony b: where do i begin for making my own websites?
I have several ideas for making some websites, but I don’t know where to start. Are there any books, websites and/or classes that will help get started?

Best answer:

Answer by v_holliday07
You can try firefox, or

Give your answer to this question below! Provides Guidelines for Optimising Business Websites for Facebook’s New Graph Search

Melbourne, VIC (PRWEB) March 22, 2013

The Facebook Graph Search is the new search tool revealed by the social networking giant early in Jan this year. The tool grants Facebook users to place together short search phrases (such as “books my friends like”) and it will send up results after looking through the social network’s organised data (names of people, friends, likes, pic tags, locations, and such, but not comments or position updates). This new way of searching for information can establish to be beneficial for businesses seeking to improve their visibility online, and FB Ads Lab, a leading Melbourne-based ad bureau specialising in Facebook pay per click (PPC) ads, offers tips that can help businesses get their websites easily spotted by the new Facebook feature.

“Just like SEO, Facebook Graph Search Optimization utilises a number of factors to determine your Facebook pages relevance for a particular user,” explains Jennifer Sheahan, founder and CEO of FB Ads Lab. “In plain English, this means you never know exactly what (the people behind) Facebook are thinking, or how they are going to determine who reaches the top of the list. But there are a few things you can do to ensure you have a fighting chance.”

Optimising a business website’s pages to attain maximum visibility with the Facebook Graph Search tool can be done with a number of easy tweaks on existing settings. Here are Sheahan’s ten tips on giving Web pages that decided edge over the competition.

1. Claim the page name. A short and easy page study that uses a company’s business study and/or location would be a perfect choice.

2. Select the right category. Selecting the correct main category and sub-categories for a business can help Web users find the pages faster.

3. Do extensive research. The most relevant keywords for a business can be found from Google Analytics, Google AdWords campaigns, and SEO campaigns. FB Ad Labs can help site owners find the ideal keywords for their specific business.

4. Provide detailed information. Use the “About,” “Mission,” and “Company Description” sections of the Facebook profile to share as much accurate and captivating information about the business as possible; strong keywords and clickable URLs can give the ideal results.

5. Make use of relevant apps. Apps come in all forms (menus, newsletters, surveys, e-books, contests, etc.) and make it much easier for Web users to find a company’s content.

6. Maximise the use of acquirable Facebook Tabs. Custom tabs can be created on the space below a Facebook Timeline image to act as landing pages (or a mini-website) within Facebook.

7. Develop a individualized posting style. As with any blog, website, or social networking account, developing a one-of-a-kind yet engaging voice can help Web users superior discern and relate to a brand. Aim to inform, entertain, and wage useful content.

8. Encourage sharing activity. Content such as articles, pictures and videos (subtly branded with the company study or URL) can be easily shared among users and crossways online platforms, increasing the opportunities to improve visibility.

9. Begin and cultivate conversations. It’s not enough to simply place out regular posts; communicate with target audiences by replying to comments, answering questions, and inviting users to try out contests or promotions. Always be clean and honest when talking to new, existing, and potential customers.

10. Tag away. Make sure to attach pictures with the business study and include its location and description whenever possible. This increases the chances for more people to discover the company and what it has to offer whenever anyone is searching for a business of a similar nature.

With competitors constantly searching for ways to acquire an advantage over other ventures, it helps to refer the different marketing tools acquirable such as Facebook’s new Graph Search and explore each Facebook page optimization feature it possesses that can establish to be beneficial in the evolving online business scene. For more information on how Facebook campaigns can lead businesses to success, visit today.

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Making Family Websites: Fun & Easy Ways to Share Memories

Making Family Websites: Fun & Simple Ways to Share Memories

New – A family website can bring everyone together, and this comprehensive guide helps you create one that’s as one-of-a-kind as your loved ones. See exactly how to get up and running in no time, and how to pick the right World wide web provider. Learn the basics of taking great digital pictures and digitizing slides, snapshots, and documents. Check out simple and affordable software to improve image quality. Learn how simple it is to use cool design elements, including backgrounds, buttons, thumbnail images, and

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Html5, Mobile & Touch Ready Websites

Html5, Mobile & Touch Ready Websites
Jumpstart Your Income. Our Varied Themes Give Web Designers An Edge For Their Next Project Using Next Generation Web Technologies. Learn And Deploy Mobile Websites With Standard Based Html5 And Css3.
Html5, Mobile & Touch Ready Websites

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