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Image by jvree
playing around with pulling info from the app for use on 3rd celebration site.

Consumers can now see 'best performing agents' in 2 test markets
SAN FRANCISCO –, the official consumer website of the National Association of Realtors, is experimenting with an agent matching tool that helps consumers evaluate and select agents based on their multiple listing service stats like number …

103 Compelling Social Media And Marketing Statistics For 2013 (and 2014)
93% of online research starts with a search engine, and 68% of consumers check out companies on social networking sites before buying. Visibility is vital, so each brand needs a comprehensive strategy for optimizing their overall web presence …
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Previously Private Astonishing Advanced NBA Stats to be Released in Consumer
What statistics will be released? I spoke with Vantage CEO Brett McDonald to get an overview of the different stats that Vantage track, and they're all very cool. As McDonald explained, “Synergy does some things, SportVu does some things, but we felt …
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Compare the advantages and disadvantages of using a web authoring application, an HTML editor, and a text edit?

Question by christopher: Compare the advantages and disadvantages of using a web authoring application, an HTML editor, and a text edit?
Compare the advantages and disadvantages of using a web authoring application, an HTML editor, and a text editor for developing websites. List an example of apiece tool.

Best answer:

Answer by Jeff
one common problem of site builders and other website application software like dreamweaver and others. Is that they produce codes that are not generic or they get a glitch the moment you do cross browsing.

For example:
this code that is produced by this software is ok when it comes to mozilla and firefox browser. But when you try to open it on World wide web Explorer or Netscape the whole site or code is an error.

Its suggested to know both html editor and software application sites so that you can have so many variety of tools in creating them.

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How can i write in Hindi fonts in any PHP file using Dreamweaver?

Question by Prince: How can i write in Hindi fonts in any PHP file using Dreamweaver?
i am developing my webpage by using macromedia dreamweaver and i want to write some text in hindi font. so how can i do this?

Best answer:

Answer by Shashi
well prince in ma first impression i think what u wanna do is called “Globalization” u wanna do to Globalize the Website . .

but i think its not doable in Dreamweaver .. even though u can go to its “Text” menu — > go to “Fonts” —> go to “Edit Fonts” and choose yor fonts in bottom given “Available font” list .. but i still think its not doable to get or write Hindi or Gujarati Font ..

its called globalization in web developing .. hope and good luck it might work for u .. but i still dont think so it will work for u . .good luck . jai matadi .


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Parallel Programming Using MPI

Parallel Programming Using MPI
Event on 2013-05-21 13:00:00
Crerar Library, Kathleen A. Zar Room
5730 South Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL

This hands-on workshop will give a basic introduction to parallel programming using MPI message passing library. It will give participants a working knowledge of a subset of the MPI library to grant them to immediately start writing effective parallel programs. The tutorial will start with an introduction, background, and basic information for getting started with MPI. This will be followed by a detailed look at the MPI routines that are most useful for new MPI programmers, including MPI environment management, point-to-point communications, and collective communications routines. Examples and hands-on exercises will be provided in C and Fortran.

* Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop to participate in the hands-on session
* Familiarity with the C or Fortran programming languages

at University of Chicago
5801 South Ellis Avenue
Chicago, United States

Is it a good idea to start using Joomla / Drupal without basic HTML and/or CSS knowledge?

Question by Ginak: Is it a good intent to begin using Joomla / Drupal without basic HTML and/or CSS knowledge?
I want to do web design, so I was going to begin with HTML and CSS tutorials. Then I came crossways CMS such as Joomla and Drupal. I’m just wondering if it is a good intent to begin learning Joomla or Drupal and leave the HTML and CSS tutorials.

Best answer:

Answer by Huzz
It’s certainly one way to do it, while basic HTML and CSS is still very useful, it’s doable to effectively use CMS like Joomla without understanding the HTML and CSS going on behind the scenes.

To give you an example of a website developed using Joomla go here

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3D Teapot Classic Using Pure DHTML

Flickr with borders
css borders
Image by pb
I place the borders back with a custom stylesheet. More info here.

3D Teapot Classic Using Pure DHTML
Render the classic 3D Teapot using nothing but DHTML, i.e. JavaScript and HTML but no canvas, no CSS 3, no SVG? It sounds … Essentially the trick is based on using the border style to create a border so huge that there is nothing left in the middle of …
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Managing Kashmir
It has a border dispute with Afghanistan over the alignment of the Durand Line, which has been smouldering since 1947. Whenever relations with Kabul are bad, Pakistan seeks to improve ties with India. When Afghan-Pakistani relations improve, relations …
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Lecture Lunch: Killerton Garden
It features rhododendrons, magnolias, herbaceous borders and rare trees, as well as an cover home and primeval 19th-century rustic-style summer home known as 'The Bear's Hut'. The surrounding parkland and woods offer a number of beautiful circular walks …
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French-Led Western Military Intervention In Mali: Façade And Reality – Analysis
In that context, the research article of Jennifer Giroux, a senior researcher at the Center for Security Studies (CSS), published in CSS (ETH Zurich) Analysis in Security Policy Report No. 38 of 2008: 'Africa's Growing Strategic Relevance' 9 is worthy …
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Q&A: How do I create a form using Notepad and format the page elements using embedded CSS style sheet?

Question by “Ci”: How do I create a form using Notepad and format the page elements using embedded CSS style sheet?
What the heck does this mean? I am so lost because I have no clue as to what to do or to get started.

Best answer:

Answer by ♥Neeraj Yadav♥
Learn html and css basics at

and begin coding in notepad as you wish to,though there are advanced wysiwyg html editor acquirable for free.

Hope this helps

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Once upon a time…
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Image by docpop
There was a time when a link on BoingBoing could send 4-5 thousand one-of-a-kind page views in a single day. My mystery heirloom post received 30,000 one-of-a-kind visitors in a single week and several other BB links are still sending traffic my way years later.
But throughout the years, I’ve noticed a steady decline on click throughs coming from BoingBoing (and other major sites). Yesterday’s link hasn’t even broken 100 visitors yet.
I know context is often important, a less interesting post might drive less traffic, but the PEZ story certainly seems to be getting around. I’m not criticizing or complaining about getting linked mind you, I ALWAYS love it when any site finds something interesting enough to link to or repost. I’m just puzzled by the decline. It used to be that getting "Boinged" was likely to crash a server, but why has this changed?

1. Perhaps everyone of BB’s readers know who Physician Popular is and don’t need to click through anymore. "Oh, it’s a link to that guy again. Whatever"

2. Maybe it’s the formatting? For instance a hyper link to "Doctor Popular" might not interest anyone, however a vague link at the bottom of the article that simply says "link" might tease the reader into believing their might be more to the story.

3. It’s doable the articles state everything the reader needs to know. It is the story that people care about, not who wrote about it on another blog.

4. The way we use the world wide web has changed. I know that with the popularity of RSS feeds on the rise, visits to my site are way down. I believe people are still reading my posts, but they appear to be doing it from their RSS aggregators which don’t show up on my site stats.

5. My statcounter is wrong. I do need to switch over to googlestats (which is nowhere near as nice to look at) but even if the statcounter is wrong, it wouldn’t be that far off.

6. ? I’m sure there’s more. List ’em below. Maybe we can get to the bottom of this together.

twitter vs. two PHP typical sites
using site stats
Image by tychay
Blogged in The Woodwork: Is Ruby the dog and PHP the dogfood?

Twitter is the largest Rails installation on the world wide web (line in blue). I work for Tagged which uses PHP for the glue infrastructure (where Rails would be). Facebook and Tagged are in the same space and also uses PHP (line in beige).

Read the article to understand.

Website design – any tips on using graphics effectively?

Question by RunningBear: Website design – any tips on using graphics effectively?
I’m building a website for my business and I’ve been adding graphics today. However I feel a bit like I’m just using them to fill in the gaps, and I’m worried I might be overdoing it.

Any design tips on how and when to use graphics on a website?

Best answer:

Answer by Jim Coe
All elements of a landing/sales page (a business site should never use the home page also as a income page) must support your One-of-a-kind Value Proposition. That applies to images as well.

If you’re images are not clearly expressing your UVP (your offer), or taking up too much room Vs your income copy, then you have a problem.

Your UVP must answer the 2 questions in each visitor’s mind:
1. “Why should I purchase your product or service”
2. “Why should I purchase it from you and not from your competitors?”

You must also be concerned with your visitor’s eye path. Your income page layout must lead them smoothly through your income process. Poorly used images can block the eye path, as can unneeded vertical columns and other elements.

To learn all about landing page design, visit They are expert and have many actual case studies for free. They also give excellent free webinars each other Wednesday.

They are scientists who study online income scientifically and then give away their results. They have learned an awful lot and hugely boosted the online revenues of many companies.

Hope that helped…
_jim coe

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Create Your Own Website Graphics Using (Training Videos)

Create Your Own Website Graphics Using (Training Videos)

If you have spent any time at all looking around the World wide web you will notice that most sites have website graphics on them. The reason for that is that the website owner knows that having great graphics increases their conversion rates.
In the case of digital products, the site graphics help the visitor imagine a physical product. This will actually place a higher value for that product in that persons mind and will help to convert more sales.

You can accomplish the same thing by having graph

List Price: $ 12.95


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