Q&A: What types of websites get a lot of daily views?

Question by Bret B: What types of websites get a lot of regular views?
I have dreamweaver cs4 and photoshop cs4 and am looking to make a website that will generate some profit. Im only looking for about 200 dollars a month a few months after it gets started. Also i am wondering if google adsense is the ideal way to generate profit. Thanks:)

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CrazyXHTML.com Launches 3 Web Conversion Types Starting As Low As $59

CrazyXHTML.com Launches 3 Web Conversion Types Starting As Low As $ 59

Best Price Offer

Uzbecka, Czech Republic (Vocus) August 18, 2010

Promising top calibre and low priced services, “CrazyXHTML.com” offers inexpensive web design solutions that combine creativity with short delivery times. PSD to HTML and other format conversions are reached in a timely manner that talks calibre and dedication for a top notch end result. Projects are always finished in the required timeframe, the company’s staff promising a 24h deadline regardless of the task’s difficulty. The special design techniques that use a minimum number of CSS styles and XHTML tags assist a fast loading time for low-speed connections.

Table-less HTML is great for people that require no standard HTML and depending on the project’s size, they are eligible to receive certain discounts. Other services include Semantic Markup used for SEO, W3C Valid hand coded, XHTML 1.0 and CSS markup and a lot more and they are compatible with all versions of IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and SeaMonkey, rendering them very flexible.

A 24h free customer support service ensures proper communication for 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Interested clientele can also take advantage of the PSD to XHTML or other format discounts up to 25% depending on the coding type, page number and the desired deadline. Thus, discounts are of 5% per extra day and go up to 5 days for a total of 25%.

In a current interview, “CrazyXHTML” founder, mentioned: “We offer a money back guarantee on all of our services to maintain a healthy and professional relationship with our clients, whom can select to pay for the project before or after completion.”

With a high range of professional services added to its portfolio, the company’s team of experts brings precision to customers’ projects assuring they are falling between the calibre standards demanded by their clients. Customer support is ready to address any type of questions, either by phone, chat or E-mail.

About CrazyXHTML.com

“CrazyXhtml.com” is a web design company based in Prague consisting of highly trained specialists that offer state-of-the-art web design services at competitive prices. With integrated 24/7 free customer support and hundreds of successfully finished projects, the company is crafting a well deserved positive reputation.

Contact Details:

Viktor Solovey

Uzbecka 6, Prague 10, 10100

Czech Republic

+420 775263685

Website:- http://www.crazyxhtml.com/


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Application and Types of Website Design Layouts

The concept of website designing abides by certain rules and features to get superior end results. By following basics of website design layout you can create websites with superior functionality and visual looks. Ask your website designer to design calibre web pages that are aesthetically alluring to your visitors. Apart from looking good the website should be useful as well.

The layout that you select for your website is the determining bourgeois of how balanced a site is! Placing the light and heavy design elements of a web page correctly is main bourgeois in website design layout. A good website design company offer guidelines regarding how different elements on a website should be place and in what format. It can be place in centre space or in the grid system as and what applicable.

Basically there are six types of website design layout that can be applied on any web page. Usually on a website 3 and more than 3 types of layout types are combined together for creating a perfect website design layout. Let us see what the different types of layouts are:

1) Symmetrical layout– In symmetrical layout symmetry is formed out of website by placing the different elements centre aligned or either of the one side of the web page. If left side of the page contains heavy design element, than equilibrise it with appropriate design element on the right side also. But keep in consideration that the elements on both sides should not be literally similar. Complete symmetry is reached when the design is either centered or uniformly divided in horizontal and vertical manner. This type of layout can be considered formal and balanced one.

2) Asymmetrical layout– As the term itself recommends asymmetrical, website elements are place on a web page in an uneven manner. It can be in center, left or right whichever way designer likes to place the elements on the page. Asymmetrical layouts are dynamic and by means of overlooking the equilibrise movement, tension can be created, expressions can also be conveyed to the users.

3) Isolative layout– In isolative layout either of these elements- logo, symbol, main product image, other important photos are place in smaller sizes on the web page. It can be place on any appropriate space depending upon its visibility and usage factor.

4) Dominative layout– Here the logo, symbol, product image or any other picture is place on the web page in enlarged size, making it the main attention attracting factor.

5) Radiative layout– The website content, image, symbol or logo can be highlighted using captivating light or flashing effect, making it pop up as the attention grabber part of the web page.

6) Repetition layout– In repetition layout any single or multiple elements are repeated twice or more than it on the similar web page. It place emphasis on a particular element that needs to be repeated for superior visibility and holds greater importance.

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