iProperty Group to Offer a Suite of Online Property-Investment Tools for Investors via Partnership with REI Group

Singapore (PRWEB) March 28, 2013

The iProperty Group, owner of Asias No.1 property portals in Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore, announced that it has formed a partnership with Australia-based Real Estate Investar Group Pty Ltd (REI) (realestateinvestar.com.au) to develop web-based property investment tools in Singapore and other Asian markets.

In a statement released, iProperty Groups Chief Executive Officer, Shaun Di Gregorio, stated that the partnership will see the company offering Asian investors a revolutionary and comprehensive suite of online property investment tools that will help them make informed decisions before buying or selling investment property.

We are pleased to have formed this partnership with REI. As a company that focusses heavily on providing the ideal products and services to our customers and consumers, this partnership will increase engagement and wage efficient and effective information that will in turn help them make informed decisions. The suite of property investment tools will be prefabricated acquirable crossways the iProperty Groups network of property websites, with iProperty.com Singapore, being the first to have the feature, stated Di Gregorio.

Elaborating further, he stated that the iProperty Group embarked on the partnership with REI as there was significant demand from consumers to obtain more data and insights into the property market.

A current survey conducted by the group, in which more than 2,000 Singaporeans participated, revealed that 36% of respondents want to invest in property overseas, with Malaysia, Australia and the UK being the top three favourite destinations.

With the current declaration of the proposed high speed rail system, which is targeted to be finished in 2020, we can anticipate to see more Singaporeans buying property in the greater Kuala Lumpur area and Iskandar Malaysia in Johor. Investing in property overseas can be quite challenging as investors are often unclear about the risk, the rules and regulations and even which area to invest in, stated Di Gregorio.

He added that the partnership with REI will greatly benefit these groups of consumers as it will enable them to find investment property that specifically matches their strategy using an intelligent search engine, perform unlimited property valuation estimates, research on property data trends, examine the financial viability and even track their performance all directly from the site. Aside from that, consumers will also be healthy to learn investing strategies and principles.

With a proven track record in Australia, REI Managing Director, David Hows said, We are delighted to be in partnership with the iProperty Group and be healthy to offer property investors in Asia a more easy and intelligent process to obtain crucial property investing information and data.

He added that the suite of tools would grant consumers to find, research, analyse and track property investment opportunities in minutes that meet their strategy.

Our new platform will offer property investors an integrated, property investing solution. Being healthy to find and research investment property based on specific buying rules, then seamlessly examine its long-term cash flow, equity and capital growth position will give Singaporean investors the results they are looking for, Hows said.

Di Gregorio concluded We believe that our outstanding service is a key differentiator in our market, and one way to further strengthen our leadership position in Asia is to make sure that we continue to deliver a complete experience that can meet the needs of our consumers and customers.”

This highly revolutionary and comprehensive suite of online property investment tools will be prefabricated acquirable in June. In line with the companys commitment in adopting a mobile first approach, the iProperty Group will also be looking at developing a mobile platform later in the year to wage investors even greater convenience to obtain information.


About iProperty Group Limited (iproperty-group.com)

Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, the iProperty Group (ASX:IPP) owns and operates Asias No.1 network of property websites under the iProperty.com umbrella brand. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Company is focused on developing and operating leading property portals with other complementary offerings in Asian markets. It currently operates market leading property portals in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia and Singapore, and has investments in India and Philippines. With further expansion planned, the iProperty Group is continuously working to capitalise on its market-leading positions and the rapidly growing online property advertising market throughout the region. Along with 18 property websites crossways the region, the Groups portfolio also includes the first comprehensive regional commercial property website, CommercialAsia.com, as well as a regional property exhibition business and monthly property magazines in Malaysia and Indonesia.

iProperty Group Network of websites:

Malaysia: iProperty.com.my
Indonesia: rumah123.com and rumahdanproperti.com
Hong Kong: GoHome.com.hk
Macau: vProperty.com
Singapore: iProperty.com.sg
Commercial: CommercialAsia.com
India: in.iProperty.com
Philippines: iProperty.com.ph
Events: expo.iproperty.com
Luxury: iLuxuryasia.com

About Real Estate Investar Group Pty Ltd (REI)

Real Estate Investar Group Pty Ltd (REI) is an Australian real estate technology company.

It develops and provides a one-of-a-kind suite of online, real estate investing software and tools, which its members subscribe to and access via its website realestateinvestar.com.au

These tools simplify property investment, enabling investors to make more successful and rewarding decisions before buying or selling investment property.

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Be #1 on Google: 52 Fast and Simple Search Engine Optimization Tools to Drive Customers to Your Web Site

Used – This title provides swift and simple ways to take full advantage of all Google has to offer. Anyone can create a website, but only those who know how to optimize search engines – especially Google – will maintain a successful website. “Be #1 on Google” helps readers build a business presence on the Internet’s top search engine that will instantly attract more customers, outshine the competitors, and generate greater profitability. Aspiring web moguls will learn the importance of coming up w

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The Online Tools To Grow Your Online Business: Learn World wide web Marketing Tips On Writing Content, Increasing Page Ranking, Increasing Website Traffic … Superior And Sell More For Larger Profits

Building and running an world wide web marketing business is very hard work. Actually, it is tricky and never-ending work. There are several components that need to be place together to get your bottom line. There has to be a working strategy for: 1. Getting found and noticed 2. Building your online presence 3. Getting people to actually visit your website 4. Converting site visitors to buyers, and 5. Retaining loyal followers for repeat income Getting noticed is always the first step in a

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In Tough Times Webmasters Need the Tools Offered in New Book Entitled WebContent Rx

In Tough Times Webmasters Need the Tools Offered in New Book Entitled WebContent Rx

Franklin Lakes, New Jersey (PRWEB) June 1, 2009

In this economy having a website that grants users swift information is the study of the game. Getting them information in a fast manner means the difference between them staying to look around or moving on. Making Web pages readable, understandable, and useful is real and spells the difference between the success and failure, between embarrassment and disaster. Based on the latest research on how people read the Web, it includes numerous tips, tricks, and techniques on writing a blog, training, and creating an audio or video podcast.

This new book is a must-have reference for anyone working on the Web. Webmasters can refrain losing projects for demand of content. Business people can now create effective, readily understood Web content about their services or products. eBay sellers can create powerful online advertisements and photograph your products to maximize their appeal. Technical writers, and those who write for industry, will appreciate the extensive safety-related material.

Whether you need to write easy text or technical material, Web Content Rx is the solution for you. Specifically, you will find:

Examples of good and bad content.
Real-world techniques to create content that people will read.
Eleven appendices with the technical and esthetic material you need to produce the high calibre content that your customers demand.
“Web Content Rx is a ‘must read’ for anyone who writes for the web, be they web designers, writers, or business owners. It covers everything from Podcasts to HTML characters and their use. Wayne explains how to write for both laymen and highly technical readers. He has included tips and tools, even how to estimate for a job and a sample contract. It’s an excellent resource I will keep forever.” — Joyce Boncal, owner of Advertise You, http://www.advertiseyoulive.com

Web Content Rx: A Swift and Handy Guide for Writers, Webmasters, eBayers and Business People (EAN 978-1-60163-068-1, pages: 240, price: $ 17.99) was published by Career Press. The book is acquirable at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon.com, and many other booksellers.

About the Author:

Wayne English writes Web content, media releases, and articles; critiques Web sites; is a Web developer; writes e-mail marketing campaigns; and markets Websites. Wayne has local, national, and international publications in print and online. Further he was a Contributing Editor for a photography magazine, a professional photographer, and a photography instructor.

Wayne had also taught Software Quality Assurance, First Aid, Radiation Protection, and Health Physics. He lives in Coventry, Connecticut with his wife, daughter, two parakeets, a sun conure, a cockatiel, and a fish titled Luther.

# # #

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Web Graphics Tools & Techniques

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GraFX Software Solutions Announces Search Engine Optimization Tools for PLESK

GraFX Software Solutions Announces Search Engine Optimization Tools for PLESK

(PRWEB) September 19, 2005

Tg-Mures, Romania GraFX ltd. this day announced Search Engine Tools for PLESK, 8 tools that enhance the favourite PLESK Control Panel providing new possibilities for those who own a domain on the hosting servers.

SEO Tools for PLESK covers now the stipulations of a reserved domain – such as the preparation to be launched on the market and its optimization in order to attract as many visitors as doable from its domain. SEO Tools for PLESK offers webserver owners 8 tools that help them verify their site in order to be error free, to analyse the keywords and to generate the meta-tags, to promote the domain in search engines (site submit), to learn about the competitors and many more. For more information, please visit


“We have had cotinuously customers requesting the verification of their website before being launched and its optimization in different search

engines like Google, MSN or Yahoo. In order to fulfill their requirements, we had to search for different tools on the World wide web and we had to work a few days in order to do the optimization job. That was when we realised that these tools are a must have in the hosting statement Control Panel, as they are simple to use for anyone who has access to them. But our customers had no intent about their existence. This is how we came to the intent to add them in PLESK. We have chosen this control panel as we use it on regular basis, but we are already working on transferring it to Direct Admin, Ensim and cPanel,” declared Lehel Valics, CEO at GraFX ltd.

Thus the new solution includes useful SEO tools such as:

HTML/XHTML compatibility check, verifies the pages in order to detect errors, recommends correction

Spider Check (verifies the pages just like a spider, in hidden special headers, recommends correction

Meta Tag Generator – meta keywords and meta description, generator and all that is necessary for a correct header

Site Submit – subscription in search engines, Submit Check verifies the submitted domain to see whether it is listed

Position Check verifies a certain keyword or more keywords in order to see the positioning of the website

Link popularity verifies the number of links on other websites to the website in discussion

Competitor Analisys based on certain keywords to learn more about the competitors and their positioning.

“It was a challenge for us to develop this software, but it was worthed each minute. We are confident that this solution will become a must have for webserver administrators, as using it they will be healthy to optimize a website at minimal costs,” stated Kinga Laura Ambrus,

marketing manager at GraFX ltd.


SEO Tools for PLESK pricing is based on configuration and number of licenses. Prices begin at $ 99 for a 30 domains license and up to $ 399 for unlimited server licenses. Expected to ship in October, SEO Tools for PLESK is revolutionary software in Control Panel business.


GraFX ltd is a Web development company that specializes in innovative online applications. We deliver high-quality solutions based on the

latest technologies to help our clients enhance their presence on the Web, starting from CMS applications to shopping carts, Macromedia Dreamweaver extensions and other web tools. For more information, please visit http://www.grafxsoftware.com .

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eye9 Design LLC – Website Design & Development, SEO Optimization – eye on Design Blog & Video Podcast: Trends & Tools from a leading Colorado Den
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GreenEarth® Makes Each Day Earth Day with New Online Tools to Live a Greener Life

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) April 14, 2010 –-

The world’s largest brand of environmentally friendly dry cleaning, GreenEarth Cleaning, LLC announced this day the launch of a new feature on its website to help make each day Earth Day. Each day, the GreenEarth website, greenearthcleaning.com, will highlight a new “tip of the day” with relevant information and recommendations on living a greener life. The tips are also acquirable in a supporting online brochure, GreenEarth’s Guide to Living Green that features a year’s worth of easy steps people can take to make a green difference. The company also plans to make versions of its website widget acquirable free, through downloadable code, for websites and bloggers wishing to advance the cause of taking individual positive actions to reduce our collective environmental impact.

“Our study means a lot,” says Tim Maxwell, GreenEarth Cleaning President. “GreenEarth has always stood for green cleaning. Customers seek out dry cleaners using our process because environmental impact matters to them. But dry cleaning is just a small part of that equation, there is so much more we can all do to make a greener earth.” The regular green living tips at greenearthcleaning.com cover a broad range of topics—from painless ways to reduce energy and water usage, to specific steps to eliminate junk mail, to creative ways to be greener in the kitchen, the laundry room or in the car. Most of them save money while helping the planet, and include online links to resources and references for people wanting to learn more. “Living a greener life doesn’t have to be hard, take a lot of time or cost a lot of money,” stated Mr. Maxwell. “That’s why we did this, to spread the word about the really huge impact that small changes can have.”

GreenEarth is the brand study for a patented dry cleaning process that replaces petrochemical solvents with pure liquid silicone, eliminating the decades-old problem of environmental contamination. Silicone is essentially liquified sand; when released to the environment it breaks down in to three elements it is prefabricated from: sand (SiO2) and trace amounts of water and CO2. The GreenEarth process utilizes a shut loop system that grants the silicone to be continuously recycled within the machine, where its one-of-a-kind properties also wage excellent artifact care benefits. Approximately eighty percent of dry cleaners this day use perchloroethylene, or perc, a 1940’s era cleaning solvent considered by the EPA to be an air and water contaminant. According to the EPA, exposure to perc can also lead to increased risk of cancer, eye, nose, throat and skin irritation and reduced fertility. Contamination from spills and leaks can mean millions in clean up costs. California has recently illegal perc and many other says are considering similar legislation.

GreenEarth, which licenses its patented silicone-based dry cleaning technology around the world, represents the industry’s most promising substitute to perc because it solves the problem of environmental country without burdening the dry cleaning operator with significantly increased capital equipment and/or fag costs. Less than one-third of one percent of dry cleaners utilize either of the other two substitute green cleaning methods, CO2 dry cleaning or professional wetcleaning, because their higher operating and capital costs make it difficult to acquire a living.

About GreenEarth® Cleaning

GreenEarth Cleaning, LLC is the world’s largest branded solution bourgeois for environmentally friendly dry cleaning. Their patented dry cleaning technology is licensed by more than 1500 dry cleaners worldwide. The study GreenEarth, the GreenEarth logo, the slogan “You’ve never worn anything like it” and the slogan, “It’s Good for Everybody” are registered service marks of GreenEarth Cleaning, LLC. For more information, visit greenearthcleaning.com.

For more information, contact:

Tim Maxwell



tmaxwell (at) greenearthcleaning (dot) com


Vocus©Copyright 1997-

, Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.
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Unique Tools to Help Executives get ?Unstuck? in Their Careers Discussed in Free Teleclass

Mountainside, NJ (PRWEB) Jan 23, 2010

Most high-achieving Corporate Executives reach a point in their career when the strategies that have helped them achieve their success no longer work for them leaving them feeling stuck in their career or trapped in their jobs. In fact, their “go to” strategies actually begin working against them. Virtually all of them learn “the hard way” how to get through this experience. Seasoned Executive and Certified Professional Coach Amanda Mitchell recognizes that it doesn’t have to be so difficult, and has a one-of-a-kind approach to easily get these high achievers unstuck and healthy to move forward – and it doesn’t always mean that they have to change jobs.

Amanda Mitchell, who has worked with hundreds of senior level executives in Fortune 500 companies, has a one-of-a-kind method to refer exactly what is keeping executives stuck—and the tools to resolve it. Using a practical, results-driven process, executives are healthy to change their appearance to see both how they are getting in their own way as well as refer new opportunities for themselves. Mitchell has done so successfully over the past nine years as an ICF certified professional coach.

“More than ever, Corporate Executives are feeling a demand of control over their careers and fear about the future. Each day, I talk with people who feel like they don’t have options, that they’ve lost control of their working lives. I want to help them learn how to get back that sense of control using practical tools.”

Her teleclass, Taking Control of Your Career: 5 Keys to Getting Unstuck and Back on Track, is free with limited availability. When participants sign up, they’ll learn the dynamics around what is keeping them stuck and achievement away with actual techniques they can immediately implement.

“I created this process based on my own experience as a SVP in my ‘dream job’ within a major advertising network and have applied it over and over again with Corporate Executives. My approach is effective, does not require a large investment of time, and will help you stay on strategy as you move forward toward your saint situation. I’m going to instruct my process to you so you can swiftly learn from my mistakes.”

Clients who have worked with Amanda express deep conviction in her process.    

Advertising executive, Kate Dooley, was healthy to change her appearance on her situation allowing for individualized and professional growth. Less than 2 months after working with Amanda in the start of 2009, she is starting a new job that superior meets her needs.

Jennifer Ryan, a senior executive at Schering-Plough Corporation, found new insight into her individualized values and standards and how they impacted her view of her world. One of the biggest benefits she reported was that her work with Amanda “helped me assess the reasons I start into the same traps with apiece new job as well as providing tools to help me analyze my core values, how I set boundaries, how to refer the appropriate tasks to take responsibility for in my work as well as how to evaluate my circle of influencers. [This work] has impacted me and my interactions with others well beyond my career. I found it provided really important ‘life lessons’ and tools that you might otherwise never have the opportunity to come across, allowing you to evaluate and improve each aspect of your life.”

Check out Taking Control of Your Career: 5 Keys to Getting Unstuck and Back on Track, Thursday, February 4th, 8pm EST. Don’t worry if you can’t make the call, you can still sign up to receive a free recording, http://www.takingcontrolofyourcareer.com/5keys.php.

About Us:

The O’Keefe Group (www.theokeefegroupusa.com), a division of Corporate Suffering Solutions LLC (CSS), is a company that offers a new system for reducing unnecessary workplace suffering caused by the organizational, interpersonal, and ethical issues of our time. It is founded on the belief that adhering to core human values and achieving business success are always compatible. Working with both companies and individuals, CSS helps create solutions that enable corporate employees at each level to optimize profits while enabling them to thrive in the corporate environment. CSS was founded by Amanda Mitchell to help meet the needs of people working in corporate USA during this transformative moment in our nation’s history. The CSS system reflects her experience and insight gained from a 20-year corporate career working with Fortune 500 companies and as an executive coach to senior-level corporate executives.


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How To Pump Traffic To Your Blog Using Free Google Tools
How To Pump Traffic To Your Blog Using Free Google Tools
How To Pump Traffic To Your Blog Using Free Google Tools

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