Html Template Master Cd Rom, Third Edition

Html Template Master Cd Rom, Third Edition

New – Learn HTML and create exciting Web pages with point and click tutorials, clip art, and templates.

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lazy days – Free Design Template

Check out these website graphics images:

lazy days – Free Design Template
website graphics
Image by karindalziel

The header really attracted me to this template, but I like that it is pretty clean and simple to read, too.

website graphics
Image by SoWa Sundays
Please steal this image for use on your website, blog, in an e-mail or in print!

SoWa Sundays banner
website graphics
Image by SoWa Sundays
Please steal this image for use on your website, blog, in an e-mail or in print!

‘Website White Electric Layout Template’ Wall Decal – 23″W x 24″H Removable Graphic

‘Website White Electric Layout Template’ Wall Decal – 23″W x 24″H Removable Graphic

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Easy Site Structure Using ssi, css and Dreamweaver Template

When your website design was created using Dreamweaver template, and you want to make an update to a template, you will have to upload all the pages on the server even after making a small change to a template. However when you use ‘ssi’ or ‘php’ include files to built a website your maintenance work is greatly shortened to a minimum and maintenance process simple and easy. At one click you can update the navigation, footer or side bar of the whole website.

At first you need to set your website to Server Site with the appropriate extension in a control panel (shortcut: Ctl+U or Cmd+U). Once there click the “New Document” tab. Selcet the extension of your web pages, in this case .shtml or .php. From now all new pages wil have these extensions. Next create a template in Adobe  Dreamweaver. This technique was tested on Dreamwaver 8 but for the ideal result you need to use at Dreamveaver CS3 and up.)

Once you create a template, replace any parts of the website that show consistently throughout the pages and need frequent updates or future expansion, using ssi or php files to be included. This will give superior control over updating your website design

How to create a ssi / php included file.

Highlight and copy the element you want to replace on the Dreamweaver template, for instance menu/navigation.
Create new html document
Remove all coding from it so you end up having empty page when you see it in code preview
Paste the whole element you copied from Dreamweaver template you want to replace
Save the file with extension ‘ssi’.
Same can be done for ‘.php’ files.

When you have created duplicates of the website elements as ssi or php files, replace them with appropriate elements ssi or php depending on what is the technology of your website (shtml or php).*Note: php can include .ssi files as well as .php files with no problem.

The whole html / php element will show up on the page preview. Once the included files are included in Dreamweaver Template you need to upload updated included files without uploading the whole website since your DW Template will be unchanged. When pages are connected with the template the root file url will change to wherever the page is located. So no worries. You can also insert the ssi / php files by going to Insert>Server-Site Include.

This easy and powerful technique will save time for your future website maintenance as you will need to upload and change on single ssi / php file being included. You can include the whole page content or a single navigation file. It is very useful in designing a website that requires future expansion of the navigation, header or footer. You can use this technique to even a higher level website structure based on Server-Site technology.

Good luck.

Walter Matyas is a web designer specializing in web branding and marketing. He is a founder of, the Vancouver website tutorials company.

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Dreamweaver Template Tutorial how to set up a template for a site in dreamweaver. Made by Josh at for BC_2005 at http and anyone else that is interested in knowing how to do this. Its not really that difficult once you do it a few times and it can be a real time saver if you have a larger site like one over 10 pages or more. That way when you make a change to a menu or whatever, you dont have to manually go through to apiece of your pages and make the change, you can just do the change once in the template, his save and viola its done on each page of your site! Great for mini sites! I’m still learning how to use camtasia and dreamweaver so I probably learned as much or more from the experience of making this video than you will get from watching it. So its a win win for everyone. ……. and we like that. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Using templates in Dreamweaver provides an simple way to build new pages, make sitewide changes and hand off updates to the customer.

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