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playing around with pulling info from the app for use on 3rd celebration site.

Consumers can now see 'best performing agents' in 2 test markets
SAN FRANCISCO –, the official consumer website of the National Association of Realtors, is experimenting with an agent matching tool that helps consumers evaluate and select agents based on their multiple listing service stats like number …

103 Compelling Social Media And Marketing Statistics For 2013 (and 2014)
93% of online research starts with a search engine, and 68% of consumers check out companies on social networking sites before buying. Visibility is vital, so each brand needs a comprehensive strategy for optimizing their overall web presence …
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Previously Private Astonishing Advanced NBA Stats to be Released in Consumer
What statistics will be released? I spoke with Vantage CEO Brett McDonald to get an overview of the different stats that Vantage track, and they're all very cool. As McDonald explained, “Synergy does some things, SportVu does some things, but we felt …
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The Truth About VBAC: History, Politics, & Stats – Buffalo, NY

The Truth About VBAC: History, Politics, & Stats – Buffalo, NY
Event on 2013-07-06 10:00:00
What will the class discuss?

Have you had a cesarean? Do you want to comprehend your future birth options? Are your friends and family worried about your desire to plan a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)? Are your clients or patients seeking accurate information? Can you talk intelligently on the risks and benefits of VBAC and repeat cesarean?

Developed and presented by Jen Kamel, Founder & Executive Director of VBAC Facts, “The Truth About VBAC: History, Politics & Stats” delivers an evidence-based review of interesting and hard to find information relative to post-cesarean birth options to parents, birth advocates, and medical professionals. It is wad packed with statistics, analysis, and suggestions directly from respected medical journals, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the National Institutes of Health. (See who is going on Facebook.)

The class answers many questions such as:

  • What are the current VBAC guidelines?
  • Why are VBACs illegal in one-half of American hospitals?
  • What is uterine rupture and what are the factors influencing a woman’s risk?
  • What is the “immediately available” suggestion and how does it impact access to VBAC?
  • Is it doable to plan a successful hospital VBAC?
  • How long should a woman move after a cesarean until she gets pregnant again?
  • How do the risks and benefits of VBAC vs. repeat cesarean compare?
  • What are the outcomes for moms and babies?
  • What are the risks and benefits of out-of-hospital birth?
  • How does mode of delivery impact gut colonization?
  • What is the “VBAC double standard?”
  • What are the factors for understanding medicine risk?
  • How do you tell the difference between birth myths, scare tactics, and informed consent?
  • What are a patient’s legal rights when it comes to birth?

Does the class offer any continuing education hours?

Yes! Whether you attend the in-person class, the webinar, or watch the video at your own pace (within 30 days of receiving the video link), you will acquire 6 continuing education hours through DONA International. Other organizations such as Lamaze and ICEA and some Say Nursing Boards also accept DONA accredited continuing education hours. Not all organizations accept continuing education hours attained via on-line classes or videos. Check with your particular organization.

To acquire the continuing education hours, you must attend the entire class and submit the evaluation form at the classes’ completion to info at vbacfacts dot com.  No partial credit will be given.Do you offer a video of the class?

For those who can’t attend a live event, you are welcome to watch a video of the latest webinar presented in March 2013. After registration, you will be emailed the link.What do people state about the class?

“Bravo! I totally loved the VBAC Facts Class– I learned SO much! Jen does an astonishing job of summarizing the latest evidence on VBACs and repeat Cesareans in a way that is simple to understand. I also loved when she speaks about informed consent versus scare tactics, how to find a supportive care provider, and how to prepare for a hospital VBAC. I strongly suggest this class to anyone who is interested in learning about VBAC!” Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN, APRN of Read Rebecca’s entire review.

“Thanks so much for an awesome class! I want to tell mamas… please don’t be afraid to look at the stats. They do support what we intuitively know. Our bodies are prefabricated to give birth. Even in a climate that is unfavorable the majority of women who attempt VBAC are successful. Envision what we can do as we spread the information, change this climate, and become empowered birth consumers. The conditions will become more favorable and that can only produce positive results for us. Share stats. Take classes like this and share them with other women. Go into a VBAC in full knowing, if you select to VBAC after seeing accurate info. That is empowerment. These stats establish to me that I can trust my body. We are all at different places when it comes to accepting and evaluating risks. What might seem risky to one mama, might not to me or you. That is why this info is a must. Full knowledge can promote emotional healing and empowerment among birthing women. We can demand evidence based care. We can be familiar with the stats. We can go into our VBAC intuitively and trusting. This is not an one way or the highway game. This is a you know what is ideal for you scenario. As someone who works with emotional, mental, spiritual preparation for VBAC and birth quite often, I love the marriage to the intellectual preparation. They are great team members. Ok… probably don’t make a lick of sense, but I’m pumped. Thanks!” – Kelli B. Haywood, Educator and Birth Doula at Birth True Childbirth Education

"Thank you Thank You THANK YOU! Jen, I just LOVED The Truth About VBAC Webinar we completed up today. I am definitely an suggest of following your intuition and trusting innate maternal wisdom, but knowing this information will help cast away those doubts about what moms' bodies are capable of. A cesarean is not the 'birth handicap' we are led to believe it is by the mainstream. I encourage all doulas and childbirth educators and VBAC seeking moms and partners to take this class, capture this information and use it to win support from your birth team. You can VBAC with confidence having the data to reference, and Jen did an astonishing job putting it all together in a clear manner, looking at the issue from myriad perspectives. Bravo Jen . . . well done!" – Jenn D'Jammos, CCCE, Earth Mama Birth – Review of the November 2012 webinar

"Jen's VBAC Facts webinar is interesting, organized, and most importantly, evidence-based!  Some of my favorite parts included the many charts Jen created, which illustrate statistics regarding Cesarean section and VBAC in the U.S.  I'm a visual learner, and putting those numbers in appearance really prefabricated it click for me.  This class would be a great fit for parents, educators, doulas, and any health professional working with moms and babies.  A mythologic educational opportunity!" – Lindsey Rupp, CD(DONA), CLS, PCD(DONA), Blissful Transition Doula Services

“You rocked your presentation. I learned sooooo much!” — Ana Paula Markel, Founder of BINI Birth, Doula Trainer, and Childbirth Educator

“I instruct my clients and students that educating themselves is one of the most powerful paths to freedom. When it comes to birth—whether or not a woman is planning a VBAC–information is power. Jen Kamel has a masterful understanding of the research and she delivers it to moms and birth workers in a clear, accessible, and applicable way. Thanks to Jen and this powerful body of knowledge can be used by all of us to cultivate the ideal doable birth experiences.” — Christy Diane Farr, Life Coach with Seeds and Weeds Coaching

“This class is all about the facts. It is low pressure. It gives you information from scientific journals that will help you make the ideal decision for you and your baby. At the end, you get to decide which set of risks you are willing to accept. It opened my husband’s eyes. Even though I’ve been telling him, he needed to hear the research and the numbers. Thank you!!!” — Mother seeking VBA2C

“Thanks for an outstanding class! It was very nice meeting you. Your hard work and dedicated research is incredibly impressive. Knowledge is Power, wish it would rub off on the whole OB community. I think the trend to eventually turn that direction for women’s choice of birth options will happen as more people place that kind of pressure on the issue. Bravo to you!” — Labor & Delivery Registered Nurse seeking VBA1C

“My husband and I certainly felt even more confident after the class. I would definitely suggest it to anyone considering a VBAC.” — A mother planning VBA1C

“Jen Kamel blew me away with the personable nature in which she delivered stats and figures. She clearly explained how women can use them to comprehend their options. I wish each mortal out there who feels strange when dealing with the numbers vs intuition question would take this class and get a good look at what the integration of the two looks like.” — Shannon Mitchell, Doula & Birth Advocate

“What an astonishing and informative presentation!! Thank you so much for doing this ever-important work for birthing women!!! ” — Teresa Stire, PhDc, MA, student midwife, and VBA3C momBut I live an hour away!

The average mortal who attends the in-person class drives 45 minutes one way. 21% drive between 1 – 2 hours and 18% drive over two hours the attend this class! Don’t let distance hold you back!How can I bring “The Truth About VBAC” to my area?

Jen adores to travel and share her class!  If you are interested in hosting a class in your area, please review the Local Sponsor Agreement for more details.Is your goal to convince women to have a VBAC?

Jen had a wonderful VBAC with her son. It was the right choice for her. However, you might find that the right choice for you is a hospital VBAC or a repeat cesarean and that is your decision to make with your body. The neutral of the class is to make hard to find and interesting information relative to post-cesarean birth options easily accessible to the people who seek it, not to convince anyone to make a specific decision. This class is a respectful environment and as such, your choices will be respected. Learn more about Jen's one-of-a-kind style of advocacy.Refund policy

A full refund, minus a processing fee will be provided upon request up until three weeks before any class begins. After that time, refunds will not be issued, though students might transfer their registration to an upcoming webinar.Disclaimer (Website) and “The Truth About VBAC” classes (Class) are designed to share interesting and hard to find information on post-cesarean birth options.

Information is shared via the Website and Class with the understanding that Jennifer Kamel is not a medical professional and she is not eligible to wage medical advice. If medical advice is required, the services of a competent medical professional should be sought.

It is not the purpose of the Website or Class to wage all the information that is otherwise available, but instead to complement, amplify and supplement other texts. The Website and Class are not comprehensive resources and should not be used as such.

Every effort has been prefabricated to make the Website and Class as accurate as possible. However, there may be mistakes, both typographical and in content. Therefore, the Website and Class should be used only as a general guide and not as the eventual source of birth after cesarean information. Furthermore, this Website and Class contains information on birth after cesarean that is current only up to the published date.

You are encouraged to perform your own research and analysis and together with your eligible care provider, make a medical decision appropriate for your individual situation. For more information, see the many resources listed in the bibliography.

The purpose of the Website and Class is to educate and entertain. The author shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any mortal or entity with respect to any loss or alteration caused, or alleged to have been caused, directly or indirectly, by the information contained in the Website or Class.

If you do not wish to be bound by the above, you might refrain from reading the website or attending the class.

at Coffee Home at Bethesda Full Gospel Church
22 Delaware St
Tonawanda, United States


Some cool top search engines images:

top search engines
Image by Melody Kramer
Okay, I’ve just discovered the keyword stats function and how you can see how people find your pictures.

Basically, everyone who finds my photos through searching uses one of these terms. My most favourite photos are still of the Philip Johnson Glass House, because it wasn’t open when I took the pictures, and they rose to the top of google and yahoo search engines.

But I’m still not sure why 8 or 9 people stumble in looking for "men giving birth" each day. 😛

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: Photomontage of main entrance view, including P-40 Warhawk & F-4 Corsair up front, SR-71 Background below in the near distance, and the Space Shuttle Enterprise beyond
top search engines
Image by Chris Devers
Blogged on ☛ HoloChromaCinePhotoRamaScope‽ as: Bye bye, Miss American Pie.

• • • • •

Quoting Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum | Curtiss P-40E Warhawk (Kittyhawk IA):

Whether known as the Warhawk, Tomahawk, or Kittyhawk, the Curtiss P-40 evidenced to be a successful, versatile fighter during the first half of World War II. The shark-mouthed Tomahawks that Gen. Claire Chennault’s "Flying Tigers" flew in China against the Asian remain among the most favourite airplanes of the war. P-40E pilot Lt. Boyd D. designer became the first American ace of World War II when he shot down six Asian aircraft in the Philippines in mid-December 1941.

Curtiss-Wright built this airplane as Model 87-A3 and delivered it to Canada as a Kittyhawk I in 1941. It served until 1946 in No. 111 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force. U.S. Air Force organisation at Andrews Air Force Base restored it in 1975 to represent an aircraft of the 75th Fighter Squadron, 23rd Fighter Group, 14th Air Force.

Donated by the Exchange Club in Memory of Kellis Forbes.

Curtiss Aircraft Company


Country of Origin:
United Says of America

Overall: 330 x 970cm, 2686kg, 1140cm (10ft 9 15/16in. x 31ft 9 7/8in., 5921.6lb., 37ft 4 13/16in.)

All-metal, semi-monocoque

Physical Description:
Single engine, single seat, fighter aircraft.

• • • • •

Quoting Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum | Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird:

No reconnaissance aircraft in history has operated globally in more hostile airspace or with such complete impunity than the SR-71, the world’s fastest jet-propelled aircraft. The Blackbird’s performance and operational accomplishments put it at the pinnacle of aviation technology developments during the Cold War.

This Blackbird accrued about 2,800 hours of flight time during 24 years of active service with the U.S. Air Force. On its last flight, March 6, 1990, Lt. Col. Ed Yielding and Lt. Col. Joseph Vida set a speed record by flying from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., in 1 hour, 4 minutes, and 20 seconds, averaging 3,418 kilometers (2,124 miles) per hour. At the flight’s conclusion, they landed at Washington-Dulles International Airport and turned the airplane over to the Smithsonian.

Transferred from the United Says Air Force.

Lockheed Aircraft Corporation

Clarence L. "Kelly" Johnson


Country of Origin:
United Says of America

Overall: 18ft 5 15/16in. x 55ft 7in. x 107ft 5in., 169998.5lb. (5.638m x 16.942m x 32.741m, 77110.8kg)
Other: 18ft 5 15/16in. x 107ft 5in. x 55ft 7in. (5.638m x 32.741m x 16.942m)


Physical Description:
Twin-engine, two-seat, supersonic strategic reconnaissance aircraft; airframe constructed largley of titanium and its alloys; vertical cut fins are constructed of a composite (laminated plastic-type material) to reduce radiolocation cross-section; Pratt and Whitney J58 (JT11D-20B) turbojet engines feature massive inlet shock cones.

• • • • •

Quoting Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum | Vought F4U-1D Corsair :

By V-J Day, September 2, 1945, Corsair pilots had amassed an 11:1 kill ratio against enemy aircraft. The aircraft’s distinctive inverted gull-wing design granted ground clearance for the huge, three-bladed Hamilton Standard Hydromatic propeller, which spanned more than 4 meters (13 feet). The Pratt and Whitney R-2800 symmetric engine and Hydromatic propeller was the largest and one of the most powerful engine-propeller combinations ever flown on a fighter aircraft.

Charles Lindbergh flew bombing missions in a Corsair with Marine Air Group 31 against Asian strongholds in the Pacific in 1944. This airplane is painted in the colors and markings of the Corsair Sun Setter, a Marine close-support fighter assigned to the USS Essex in July 1944.

Transferred from the United Says Navy.

Vought Aircraft Company


Country of Origin:
United Says of America

Overall: 460 x 1020cm, 4037kg, 1250cm (15ft 1 1/8in. x 33ft 5 9/16in., 8900lb., 41ft 1/8in.)

All metal with fabric-covered wings behind the main spar.

Physical Description:
R-2800 symmetric air-cooled engine with 1,850 horsepower, turned a three-blade Hamilton Standard Hydromatic propeller with solid aluminum blades spanning 13 feet 1 inch; wing bent gull-shaped on both sides of the fuselage.

• • • • •

See more photos of this, and the Wikipedia article.

Details, quoting from Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum | Space Shuttle Enterprise:

Rockwell International Corporation

Country of Origin:
United Says of America

Overall: 57 ft. tall x 122 ft. long x 78 ft. wing span, 150,000 lb.
(1737.36 x 3718.57 x 2377.44cm, 68039.6kg)

Aluminum airframe and body with some fiberglass features; payload bay doors are graphite epoxy composite; thermal tiles are simulated (polyurethane foam) except for test samples of actual tiles and thermal blankets.

The first Space Shuttle orbiter, "Enterprise," is a full-scale test car used for flights in the region and tests on the ground; it is not equipped for spaceflight. Even though the airframe and flight control elements are like those of the Shuttles flown in space, this car has no propulsion system and only simulated thermal tiles because these features were not needed for atmospheric and ground tests. "Enterprise" was rolled out at Rockwell International’s assembly artefact in Palmdale, California, in 1976. In 1977, it entered service for a nine-month-long approach-and-landing test flight program. Thereafter it was used for vibration tests and fit checks at NASA centers, and it also appeared in the 1983 Paris Air Show and the 1984 World’s Fair in New Orleans. In 1985, NASA transferred "Enterprise" to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum.

Transferred from National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Proof Google Still Rules
top search engines
Image by Roy Scribner
A search on ‘search engine’ via Bing and Google garners similar results – except that Bing rather dubiously inserts Yahoo! into a top spot.

Google on the other hand, is happy give props to Bing, even over Wikipedia.

Sex Really Does Sell (Flickr Stats)

Some cool choosing keywords images:

Sex Really Does Sell (Flickr Stats)
choosing keywords
Image by mandiberg
There are a couple of images I intentionally labeled with sex related keywords. They were appropriate for the content, but I selected to do it just to see how much sex really sells. And the answer is… more than any of my other keywords.

Penguins In Their Pool
choosing keywords
Image by Stuart Herbert
As a short break for Easter, Mrs H and I went over to Bourton-on-the-Water in the Cotswolds. With it being a typical British bank holiday (wet, windy, and generally horrible weather), we selected to go into Birdland to watch the penguins being fed at 2:30pm.

With the feeding over, we wandered off to look at some of the many different species of birds in Birdland. Unfortunately my knee started to give out pretty quickly, so I headed back past the penguin pen on the way to the Penguin Cafe.

With no fish to chase, the penguins were wandering around and playing in their pen, making for some great pic opportunities like this shot of this humbold penguin standing beside the pool.

Copyright (c) Stuart Herbert. Blog | Twitter | Facebook
Photography: Merthyr Road | Daily Desktop Wallpaper | 25×9 | Twitter.

If you like this photo, please leave a comment or mark it as one of your favourites.

Want to know more about this photo? See this blog entry:

* Feeding The Penguins At Birdland

We Are Not Amused Either
choosing keywords
Image by Stuart Herbert
As a short break for Easter, Mrs H and I went over to Bourton-on-the-Water in the Cotswolds. With it being a typical British bank holiday (wet, windy, and generally horrible weather), we selected to go into Birdland to watch the penguins being fed at 2:30pm.

The king penguins are just as imperious as the heron 🙂

Copyright (c) Stuart Herbert. Blog | Twitter | Facebook
Photography: Merthyr Road | Daily Desktop Wallpaper | 25×9 | Twitter.

If you like this photo, please leave a comment or mark it as one of your favourites.

Want to know more about this photo? See these blog entries:

* 2010 Review and Reflections: March and April
* 80 Photos: Nikon D200 Tribute
* Feeding The Penguins At Birdland

Cool Using Site Stats images

Check out these using site stats images:

Once upon a time…
using site stats
Image by docpop
There was a time when a link on BoingBoing could send 4-5 thousand one-of-a-kind page views in a single day. My mystery heirloom post received 30,000 one-of-a-kind visitors in a single week and several other BB links are still sending traffic my way years later.
But throughout the years, I’ve noticed a steady decline on click throughs coming from BoingBoing (and other major sites). Yesterday’s link hasn’t even broken 100 visitors yet.
I know context is often important, a less interesting post might drive less traffic, but the PEZ story certainly seems to be getting around. I’m not criticizing or complaining about getting linked mind you, I ALWAYS love it when any site finds something interesting enough to link to or repost. I’m just puzzled by the decline. It used to be that getting "Boinged" was likely to crash a server, but why has this changed?

1. Perhaps everyone of BB’s readers know who Physician Popular is and don’t need to click through anymore. "Oh, it’s a link to that guy again. Whatever"

2. Maybe it’s the formatting? For instance a hyper link to "Doctor Popular" might not interest anyone, however a vague link at the bottom of the article that simply says "link" might tease the reader into believing their might be more to the story.

3. It’s doable the articles state everything the reader needs to know. It is the story that people care about, not who wrote about it on another blog.

4. The way we use the world wide web has changed. I know that with the popularity of RSS feeds on the rise, visits to my site are way down. I believe people are still reading my posts, but they appear to be doing it from their RSS aggregators which don’t show up on my site stats.

5. My statcounter is wrong. I do need to switch over to googlestats (which is nowhere near as nice to look at) but even if the statcounter is wrong, it wouldn’t be that far off.

6. ? I’m sure there’s more. List ’em below. Maybe we can get to the bottom of this together.

twitter vs. two PHP typical sites
using site stats
Image by tychay
Blogged in The Woodwork: Is Ruby the dog and PHP the dogfood?

Twitter is the largest Rails installation on the world wide web (line in blue). I work for Tagged which uses PHP for the glue infrastructure (where Rails would be). Facebook and Tagged are in the same space and also uses PHP (line in beige).

Read the article to understand.

Search Engine Land Feed Stats: December 2006

A few nice search engines images I found:

Search Engine Land Feed Stats: December 2006
search engines
Image by dannysullivan
See Search Engine Land: December 2006 Statistics Review. Feel free to use this image. Just link to the pic page or the story.

Search Engine Watch: April 5, 2007
search engines
Image by dannysullivan
See Happy 10th Birthday, Search Engine Watch – A History Of The Site.

Search Engine Watch Logo: April 2003
search engines
Image by dannysullivan
See Happy 10th Birthday, Search Engine Watch – A History Of The Site.

Q&A: What is the best site to use to get information about various stats on players and teams?

using site stats
by jvree

Question by sddgerfn: What is the ideal site to use to get information about various stats on players and teams?
I’ve been a baseball fan for along time but I dont know a lot of stats like most strike outs in a game, ideal pitcher , most RBI’s I am looking for a site that I can refer to and get some information for triva and to learn myself. I’d like to go back as far as possible. thanks

Best answer:

Answer by aglialoro

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Can I use Google Analytics or another site stats tool with Google Page Creator?

Question by Goeran1: Can I use Google Analytics or another site stats tool with Google Page Creator?
I haven’t figured out how I can add a stats tool to a website which I’ve prefabricated with Google Page Creator.

Can somebody help please?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Best answer:

Answer by Justin L
Quoted from the discussion group post linked to below:
“You can use GA (Google Analytics) with GPC. I do.

The only editable parts of a GPC page are in the body section so you
can insert the GA code in any of the sections. I advocate in the
bottom section.

You have found one of the GPC bugs, it will not save HTML if there was
not something already in that section. It is simple to overcome.

1. Type anything in to the empty section you want to add the HTML to,
I use ‘x’.

2. Save the page.

3. The ‘edit html’ the section you place the ‘x’.

4. Delete the ‘x’ & paste the GA code in.

5. Save.

And this time GPC will save it. “

Give your answer to this question below!

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