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PhotoBiz Now Offers Two Website Solutions for Small Businesses

Greensboro, NC (PRWEB) April 17, 2013

PhotoBiz has always provided high calibre website solutions for its customers. The majority of these customers are wedding and portrait photographers. Over time many photographers began to advocate PhotoBiz to others to promote their own businesses. Florists, hair stylists, dress makers, block decorators, caterers, event planners, event locations, and more have all discovered that PhotoBizs website solutions are a good choice to present their business online.

Every business needs a web expert to lean on so that they can focus on their craft or expertise. At PhotoBiz, we are chesty to be that expert for all our clients, stated Jennifer Roeder, Marketing Manager for PhotoBiz. We look forward to working with even more small businesses as we evolve our products and services to fit their needs, much like we have done with photographers for the past almost nine years.

To start with, small businesses adapted PhotoBiz products as it fit their needs. This day PhotoBiz offers two website solutions specifically targeted for small businesses: Core Business Solution and E-Commerce Solution.

Core Business Solutions are content rich websites that give small to medium sized businesses a first-class web presence as distinctive and one-of-a-kind as they are. While the look might be familiar, the structure represents a revolutionary expansion of PhotoBiz development.

With unlimited content pages and a variety of interchangeable HTML5 designs to select from, and a Blog to tell their story, Core Business Solutions are built with endless possibilities for personalization and are responsive so they can be seen on all world wide web devices computers, tablets, and phones.

The E-Commerce Solution offers a way for businesses to sell their products and services online. They are a comprehensive and sophisticated selling tool that has no commission fees and features user-friendly check out process. Using the E-Commerce Solution businesses can run specials and coupons, sell gift cards, have flexible shipping options, send invoices via email, and much more. In fact when they were first released as Store Sites they won a Hot Ones Award from the Professional Photographers of America.

As a wedding and events florist, my husband and I wanted a very cutting-edge website that would showcase our flowers and our passion. PhotoBiz has taken the guesswork out of building your own website and have transformed the experience into an exciting opportunity for our business, stated Sabrina de Man of Blossoms of Elegance. We now have the tools to compete with confidence in our industry.

For more information about all of PhotoBizs website solutions, visit

About PhotoBiz

PhotoBiz is a managed website solutions company for photographers, creative professionals, and other small businesses powered by Passionate Support

GraFX Software Solutions Releases Mini Open CMS, a New, Small Content Management System

(PRWEB) November 16, 2006

GraFX ltd. has released this day a minimized version of his favourite Company Website Builder solution. MiniCWB is a small Content Management Software and is meant to satisfy the needs of those who do not have access to a database, but want a dynamic website, editable through admin area and most of all, based on a free solution. The most important aspect about this software is that it is search engine optimized, and thus very popular.

“With this version, we have tried to come with an easy-to-use solution for those clients who do not have such a vast experience with database usage and sophisticated customization. We have had a few customers who have found difficult to use the complex admin area based on categories, products, news etc. as the one provided by the current version of Company Website Builder. Thus, we have simply reduced it to a single content page, but more important, with unlimited number of pages that you might add afterwards. Any content you like, add it and the page links are automatically generated, without individual interference. In the same time, we have tried to eliminate the MySQL database usage, for the most important reason that most of our customers have already contracted hosting services, but without database support. All they had needed were a few presentation pages. This is why they have no the MiniCWB to create their website.” – has declared Lehel Valics, CEO at GraFX ltd.

Why you should select miniCBW:

Totally Free – Yes, it is hard to believe, but it is free, easy to use and works on any environment.

Search Engine Optimized – miniCWB is SE optimized, meta keywords, title tags are inserted and the source code is 100% prepared to be preferred by Search Engines

Template Based – If you decide to change the design, it is very easy to maintain the content and change only the template layout.

Easy-To-Use Admin Area – You are granted to update your pages using the ADMIN area, which is extremely easy to use, provided with a small, but powerful WYSWYG editor. It’s just like using a WORD editor.

Text Based Database – No database required, all the content is written in text files. In many cases the hosting package does not contain MySQL database.

“I have been working with GraFX Software Solutions for quite a few years, and I know it based on my experience that clients want something simple, without a complicated admin area. It seems that these guys have finally come up with such a solution, launching the lite version of their CWB software, which proves to be excellent on first testing. Especially because it does not require a database. Well done.” Clid – computer Tech Ireland

“In less than an hour I have built the website of a client! Moreover, it took more to assemble the content of the pages than setting the software up and running. I am a designer with tiny HTML knowledge, and this is what I needed.” – Mircea Dragoi – Epix

PRICING AND AVAILABILITY: This is a free version, but we offer commercial versions as well. Find out more about the commercial version on

ABOUT GRAFX LTD GraFX ltd is a Web development company that specializes in innovative online applications. We deliver high-quality solutions based on the latest technologies to help our clients enhance their presence on the Web, starting from CMS applications to shopping carts, Adobe Dreamweaver extensions and other web tools. For more information, please visit


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Steve Smith – Technology Questions Answered Weekly – Small Video(MP4@400P)

Steve Smith – Technology Questions Answered Weekly – Small Video(MP4@400P)
from Technology Questions Answered Weekly – Small Video(MP4@400P)
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Matt Law – SEO Internet Marketing for Small Business

Matt Law – SEO World wide web Marketing for Small Business
from SEO World wide web Marketing for Small Business
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What is the best website to use to build a website for a small new business?

Question by leeshi53: What is the ideal website to use to build a website for a small new business?
Since there are so many out there, I am just wondering which you think is the best. Simplicity and cost are factors. Thank you in advance!

Best answer:

Answer by Colin
I would advocate building your own site using Adobe Dreamweaver or some other editor. Online website builders always seem to have a cheapy look to them.

What do you think? Answer below!

Small Business Marketing Happy Hour & Networking Session

Small Business Marketing Happy Hour & Networking Session
Event on 2011-06-29 18:00:00
Yodle, the largest bourgeois of online marketing services to small businesses and co-author of Local Online Advertising for Dummies, is hosting a special event for Philadelphia area businesses to learn how they can succeed in promoting themselves online.

Join us from 6:00 – 8:00 PM on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 at Del Frisco's Steakhouse* to learn:"The Top 5 Ways to Outrank Your Competitors Online."

We'll cover a variety of tactics – from paid search to search engine optimization and more – to assure that you have the necessary online presence to effectively grow your business today.

After the discussion, join us for a Networking Happy Hour… yes the drinks are on us! The first 30 guests will apiece receive a free copy of Local Online Advertising for Dummies.

at Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House
1426 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, United States

Small Business Discount Advertising Network Launches

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 16, 2007, a small business discount marketing and advertising network, has been launched online.

Through a new type of promotion technique called “error marketing”, grants small businesses to acquire more attentive visitors to their web properties by preparing the visitor to stay longer prior to their arrival. was designed to solve the problem small businesses grappling attempting to get noticed online. To help small businesses succeed, this online marketing network grants the small businesses to advertise while eliminating the errors and credibility stealing mistakes that turn off potential customers.

By keeping the pricing low, places a powerful advertising tool in the hand of small business owners when they can benefit from it the most. Advertisers acquire thousands of dollars worth of additional services while advertising their products, services and business for a fraction of the usual costs associated with marketing.

Unlike other advertising mediums where ads disturb readers, visitors referred by actually come looking for the advertiser’s ad and arrive with an urgency to read as much of the small business’ web content as possible.

Through, small businesses acquire customers that are willing to help them succeed by reporting errors found on the advertiser’s web properties.

Often, opting for pay per click advertising proves to be unfruitful for smaller businesses without the funding to compete for highly sought after keywords.

High volume keywords are gobbled up by massive corporations and mid size businesses. Small businesses are left to dicker over what is left. Many pay per click campaigns are ineffective as they result in massive numbers of two-second click-throughs. These cost money, but don’t wage sufficient time to convince the consumer to buy. Massive corporations can absorb such unfortunate events, but this can be detrimental to small businesses due to their limited budgets.

Since small business owners are often struggling to meet financial responsibilities at home and in the small business at the same time, was built to be the low cost innovator. Many small business owners have day jobs that prevent their focusing heavily enough to make everything perfect. They don’t have the benefit of an editorial staff to ensure that documents of their website are top notch in apiece way. This is why many small business web properties are riddled with errors, mistakes, and inaccuracies. All of which, destroy credibility. Massive corporations comprehend that credibility is the life’s blood of business and many small businesses change because they can never attain that credibility.’s patent pending system grants small business owners to acquire that elusive credibility, while drawing massive numbers of visitors to their web properties by asking for help. They offer visitors a small bounty/cash reward for locating and reporting errors located on their web properties. Then errors and mistakes on the web owner’s properties such as misspelled words, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, missing graphics, broken links, bugs, demand of clarity etc are eliminated and the small business gets noticed. Via the marketing network, the small business owner can choose:

1. the types of errors visitors should look for,

2. the amount they are willing to pay for apiece error reported

3. and the total amount they will pay per month. This completely customizable solution prevents the web owner from being over run with reports.

As small business owners fix the problems found, they acquire individuals with extensive knowledge of their products, services and company, and treat their future potential customers with a perfected sells pitch that is more likely to generate sells.

The opportunity to acquire money for helping the small businesses is what draws the attentive traffic, causes them to stay on websites longer, read more content and help eliminate flaws. All while catching the full impact of the website’s sells pitch. Marketing Network comprehends that consumers that know more about a particular product are more likely to buy it. They know more about it when they read apiece word businesses have to state about their products.

Getting the word out is often a difficult and costly task. If a small business has boring products like “wrenches”, it is difficult to get web surfers to slow down and read all of the material that is meant to educate them on why they should buy wrenches from the small business rather than a larger more established corporation.

The “Error Marketing” technique though can turn the most boring subject into an saint read for massive numbers of web surfers by giving them a reason to pay close attention while reading sells offers.

Small business owners can learn more at


Marketing Made Easy for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners with Award-Winning Graphic Designer’s Quick Tips

Aurora, CO (PRWEB) December 4, 2007

For small business owners, marketing has never been so easy. Karenic Saunders, herself an award-winning graphic designer and owner of MacGraphics Services, has a whole library of free design-it-yourself articles on her website. And she’s just released the latest article, entitled 5 Swift Tips for Marketing Masterpieces.

Saunders cuts through all the designer-speak and gives real advice to make marketing pieces more appealing. It’s like having a professional designer on your team, only it’s free. The article can be seen at .

Saunders describes how to find and use calibre stock photos, how to add dramatic contrast, how to keep your ad visually consistent, how to use space wisely, and how and when to use serif or sans serif fonts.

“Most ads that aren’t quite working could improve drastically with just a tiny tweaking,” states Saunders. “Good ads don’t have to be expensive. The 5 tips in this article are simple trade secrets that anyone can use and get great results.”

All the techniques in this article can be applied to a variety of media, such as print ads, business cards, flyers, and postcards. Saunders’ goal is to help small business owners create their own brand. Many of the articles on her web site are geared toward making and maintaining a constant and calibre presence in the marketplace.

Upcoming articles will continue to take the mystery out of marketing. Readers will learn:

One-of-a-kind twists on the most favourite marketing essentials.
How to create visual branding that will turn potential customers into paying ones.
Tips on creating the right advertising mood that will attract your perfect customers without saying a word
To view the complete series, go to

Saunders has won awards for her book cover designs, and is recognized as an expert in the field of graphic design. She founded MacGraphics Services in 1990 and is a leading designer of marketing materials such as ads, logos, one-sheets, audio and video packaging, and book covers and interiors. Saunders’ award-winning covers can be viewed at

Learn the Top 5 Mistakes that can cost entrepreneurs’ money by signing up for her FREE e-course, acquirable for a limited time. To take advantage of this e-course and find out how simple it can be to attract more clients go to


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