How do I keep my css from showing up in my source code?

Question by dcpumpfake: How do I keep my css from showing up in my source code?
My website has all of my css styles listed towards the top of my code. I never see css in anyone else’s sites. Do you set the css styles up in a separate document and reference them in your code? if so how? or am I way off here?


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Answer by mdigitale

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Q&A: My website is not showing up in Google/Yahoo searches after I placed meta-tags with Dreamweaver CS3?

Question by David K: My website is not showing up in Google/Yahoo searches after I place meta-tags with Dreamweaver CS3?
Im a novice Dreamweaver individual and I place meta-tags on my website. I went to go search for it on Google/Yahoo and it does not come up? Is there something else I need to do have me website come up in searches? It does not even come up when I do a search for the exact URL?

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Do you have a newly set-up site and would you like to get indexed by Google as soon as possible? In this post, you’ll be learning how to get indexed by Google in LESS THAN 24 hours — guaranteed!

I know that there have been tons of articles regarding this topic, but I have been researching and experimenting on this subject for some time now, so I can state that I know how to get indexed by “The Huge G” quickly. I assure you that this article is worth the read since there are some tips which can’t be seen in other articles.

Submit your URL to Google. Some people do not know this, but Google grants you to add your site to their “list of new URLs to crawl”. By doing this, you are notifying Google that there is a new site on the web that needs to be added on their large collection of indexed websites. Add your URL to Google now.

Start your link building works right away. Right after submitting to Google, begin building some good backlinks. This will help your site get indexed because the sites that you get links from are already indexed by Google and thus, they’re being crawled by the search engine. Don’t overdo the link development though, as this might seem suspicious to the search engines. Around 15-30 links are fine, even if they’re just from web directories or forum signatures.

Use social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon can help your site get noticed by search engines. Not only will they help in indexing, they will also give you some visitors. The visitors might or might not be interested in your website, but at least your site got some exposure already! Here’s a list of social bookmarking sites for you.

Have a couple of one-of-a-kind content. Your site, even if it’s new, must have some content so that Google will give importance to it. What will be there to index if you have nothing in your site but a “404 page not found”? Another reason to make sure that you have some good content on your site before you even publicize it is to give something to your visitors when they visit your site. What would they do on a page where it states “Under construction, check back soon!”? I bet that they’ll be disappointed and never visit your site again. Make the search engines happy, make your visitors happier.

Let your site be reviewed by others. There are sites and forums which offer free reviews for newly built sites; post a link to your site and ask for some reviews. By doing so, you get a link from the site where you posted your review request and other people get to know (and hopefully like) your site.

Leave a comment on related blogs. When you leave a comment on other blogs, a link to your site can usually be added to your post (with your study as the anchor text). Visit related blogs and add your website so that a link to your site is obtained. This will help a lot especially if the blog where you commented is getting frequently crawled by Google. Just remember, DO NOT SPAM! Leave useful comments, don’t just state “nice blog”, try to post what you think about the article or something like that.

Use viral images to your advantage. Funny, weird and/or puzzling images spread like a virus, so use them wisely. Host some of these images on your site, send the pictures’ URLs to your friends and surely, they’ll pass it on to others. The more people know about the image, the more they’ll be intrigued on the “host” of the picture. They will wonder… “What exactly is on the homepage of [your URL here]?” When they find out, there are high chances that they’ll place a link from their blog/site to yours.

This might not work as fast as the other methods, but it can get you indexed in less than 24 hours if a lot of people know about the images at a fast rate. Remember that most people who enjoy these types of photos are teenagers, and most of them have at least one social networking site account. If their profile on one SNS site is indexed by Google, then your site will also get indexed.

you should also check our site, it has some very usefull information on SEO etc, or we can do this for you!

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Website graphics not showing up for some users?

Question by sneddy3: Website graphics not showing up for some users?
A individual at my website/board can see all graphics – background, emoticons, room photos, etc. without any problems. However for some reason they are unable to see any banners. All the banners are in jpg and are static. She has tried all of the browsers and still can’t see them. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with either her personal or server as everybody else can see the banners. So has anybody else come crossways this problem before?

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Answer by Pelucid
Yes and the answer is usually as easy as your friend clearing her history and cache. Tell her to go to World wide web Tools, and erase all. Lastly, make sure that she does not have her security settings so high that HTML images are not granted (under security settings also under world wide web tools)

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