A Guide to Bathroom Chandeliers for a Quick and Easy Way to Dress up Any Bathroom, is introduced by HomeThangs.com Home Improvement Super Store

(PRWEB) September 27, 2012

HomeThangs.com the Home Improvement Super Store has prefabricated their goal to deliver the right product to the consumer, with that in mind, shopping and home design tips, as well as special product selections are being introduced.

As more and more emphasis is put on huge bathroom remodels, bathroom lighting is increasingly starting to become a topic of conversation in design circles. Gone are the days of sparse, utilitarian lighting fixtures and poorly lit bathrooms. Lots of light, beautiful fixtures and complex layers of lighting are starting to become the new norm.

HomeThangs introduced a tip sheet to help the homeowners find ideal way to apply the lighting principles to their own bathroom space. Chandeliers might seem too fancy for some settings, but in fact they are a great way to dress up nearly any bathroom, whether it is a very ornate design, or a country style.


Online Web Design: The Quick and Easy Guide to Creating Great Web Sites

Online Web Design: The Swift and Simple Guide to Creating Great Web Sites

Used – Designed for anyone who wants to swiftly design their own website by using powerful online resources, from dictionaries of coding definitions to free graphics.

Price: $ 0.99
Sold by Alibris

Joomla! Accessibility: A quick guide to creating accessible websites with Joomla!

Joomla! Accessibility: A swift guide to creating accessible websites with Joomla!

This book provides a short, practical guide to ensure that your Joomla! web site is accessible and usable by the widest audience. This book is a guide to any Joomla! individual who wants to make their sites more accessible and the author does adopt that you have a basic working knowledge of Joomla!. You don’t need to know anything about accessibility — the author tells you all that you need to know to make your Joomla! sites accessible to the widest audience. While some design skills and technical k

List Price: $ 29.99

Price: $ 7.91

I need a CSS Quick Start?

Question by Dan: I need a CSS Swift Start?
I know basic HTML pretty well. I know Perl-CGI pretty well. I don’t know CSS. I want to place together a CSS demo before the hour is up. I need to get something demonstrable and working within an hour. Where can I find some swift CSS how-to instructions?

I know about http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_intro.asp but that’s too detailed and full with orientation that doesn’t get me to a result right now.

Best answer:

Answer by Puraz
You need some of the details because CSS is about extrapolation the detail from HTML and putting into a stylesheet.. maybe these will help.




Good luck

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A Quick and Simple Way to Create CSS Compliant Templates

(PRWEB) Might 4, 2006

Beginners and expert will both benefit from the power and speed of Engineering Adventures’ new CSS design wizard.

Let’s grappling it, no matter how much experience you have, when you begin to design a new website you will probably look for the closest example and simply adapt that. The unsympathetic nature of CSS means that most beginners will probably not be healthy to deviate far from the first example they find while even experts will tend to stay close to the limited range of layouts they already have. And there is good reason for this. It makes sense even before you think about the difficulties of building external CSS sites using WYSIWYG editors or hand coding them the long way in a typical CSS editor.

Understanding how people create new websites set the basic structure for our one-of-a-kind template design tool. At its heart, CSS Wizard collates and organizes a library of resources. It grants beginners to easily select the exact layout or structure they require then simply colour or add images, without the need for any coding. By restricting some of the commands acquirable beginners are unlikely to corrupt the code and should not spend too long working out how to create a professional looking design. In fact most beginners tend to just select a design from the many options acquirable and then simply add their own corporate colour or logo.

At first glance the restricted coding acquirable might make experience CSS designers think the wizard is not for them. However, all of the component files can be edited or added to as required. By breaking the code into lots of small segments apiece part can be used over and over again in many different situations and saving significant time compared to duplicating and pasting into an existing page. And it’s the time this well structured and automated procedure can save that is critical. CSS Wizard’s sophisticated procedure draws on the standardisation provided with the new web standards and grants users to create the complete main structure of any new website within minutes, compared to the hours it might take by hand coding. The basic designs are more than sufficient for the majority of websites, however, because many clients require something a tiny bit special it is still doable to hand tune the finished pages. The benefit CSS Wizard provides is that there is more time to do this because it did not take long to get to this stage in the first place.

Increasingly these days’ clients will benefit from running several websites, apiece focused on different parts of their business. Often the same template is not suitable for both but because CSS Wizard is so fast it is quite doable to offer the client two designs instead of one. Also, CSS Wizard can re-use any designs it has already produced, making the production of future sites even quicker.

CSS Wizard also integrates with Superblogging, the first in a new generation of client side content management systems. Working together the two programs together grant high calibre websites to be finished very quickly, making it doable for far more people to be healthy to create instant online information, rather than just paying for small, static websites.

Read more at http://www.csswizard.net


Marketing Made Easy for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners with Award-Winning Graphic Designer’s Quick Tips

Aurora, CO (PRWEB) December 4, 2007

For small business owners, marketing has never been so easy. Karenic Saunders, herself an award-winning graphic designer and owner of MacGraphics Services, has a whole library of free design-it-yourself articles on her website. And she’s just released the latest article, entitled 5 Swift Tips for Marketing Masterpieces.

Saunders cuts through all the designer-speak and gives real advice to make marketing pieces more appealing. It’s like having a professional designer on your team, only it’s free. The article can be seen at http://buyappealmarketing.blogspot.com .

Saunders describes how to find and use calibre stock photos, how to add dramatic contrast, how to keep your ad visually consistent, how to use space wisely, and how and when to use serif or sans serif fonts.

“Most ads that aren’t quite working could improve drastically with just a tiny tweaking,” states Saunders. “Good ads don’t have to be expensive. The 5 tips in this article are simple trade secrets that anyone can use and get great results.”

All the techniques in this article can be applied to a variety of media, such as print ads, business cards, flyers, and postcards. Saunders’ goal is to help small business owners create their own brand. Many of the articles on her web site are geared toward making and maintaining a constant and calibre presence in the marketplace.

Upcoming articles will continue to take the mystery out of marketing. Readers will learn:

One-of-a-kind twists on the most favourite marketing essentials.
How to create visual branding that will turn potential customers into paying ones.
Tips on creating the right advertising mood that will attract your perfect customers without saying a word
To view the complete series, go to http://buyappealmarketing.blogspot.com/

Saunders has won awards for her book cover designs, and is recognized as an expert in the field of graphic design. She founded MacGraphics Services in 1990 and is a leading designer of marketing materials such as ads, logos, one-sheets, audio and video packaging, and book covers and interiors. Saunders’ award-winning covers can be viewed at http://www.macgraphics.net/

Learn the Top 5 Mistakes that can cost entrepreneurs’ money by signing up for her FREE e-course, acquirable for a limited time. To take advantage of this e-course and find out how simple it can be to attract more clients go to http://www.macgraphics.net/FreeStuff.php


Photoshop CS5 Web Design, Pro! Book 1: Quick Start Guide (Volume 4)

Photoshop CS5 Web Design, Pro! Book 1: Swift Begin Guide (Volume 4)

Buy this book, get a job! Full Color, 8×10 inch format book, with 24 Professional, step-by-step tutorials. Photoshop CS5 Web Design, Pro ! is a series of 4 books that work together, and build a knowledge from newbie to advanced level. This is the 1st book of the series. Each book contains 24 easy, step by step tutorials, so alltogether there are 96 tutorials in these 4 books. These 4 books based on a individualized working experience in editorial offices and graphic design studios,

List Price: $ 11.99

Price: $ 6.80

More Website Photoshop Tutorials Products

Helpful Tips On How To Build A Website Quick

If you go about it the right way it is doable to build a website quick. In this article I will recommend some useful ideas and steps you can follow to get your website built and running quickly.

1. Purchase a keyword rich domain name. Not all of the good domain obloquy have been taken.

Try and use your primary keyword in your domain study if at all possible. Search engines love keyword rich domain obloquy and so do people when they are doing World wide web searches.

2. Use calibre hosting. Website hosting has come down in price, but you need to refrain free or very cheap hosting.

Look for hosting companies that have a proven track record. This is extremely important because you can't make money if your website is not online where people can find it.

3. Think about installing it as a WordPress Blog. This is one of the easiest ways to build a website quickly.

There are so many excellent WordPress themes acquirable to select from that you really can come up with a dynamic looking website. Plus when you blog it is very simple to build the pages and to continue to add content in the future.

4. Plan out the content you will begin with. Put some thought into what your website will be about.

If you do go the blog way select your categories carefully, but comprehend that you can always make changes to it later. Develop a keyword list that you will be building your web pages around.

5. Use basic search engine optimization. Go to your keyword list and add those in the Meta tags of your site and web pages.

Search engines read words and not pictures, so add your keywords to your graphics as well. Be nice to the search engines and they will reward you with higher rankings and more traffic if you follow basic SEO principles.

6. Comprehend you have just begun. Having a calibre website will do you no good if you don’t get traffic to it. Don’t waste all of your time developing an excellent website and then not market it properly.

You can have a website and monetized it with affiliate products and still not make money if you’re not using good traffic generation strategies. A good strategy is to leave your website alone for a while once you develop it and spend 90% or more of your time on marketing.

These are several tips on how to build a website quick. Building a website swiftly this day is not hard to do, and you can and get about the business of promoting and making money.

Suzanne Morrison is on the staff of the Affiliate Power Group where they help people with their own money making website. Check out their affiliate marketing help if you need help making money as an affiliate marketer. It offers helpful tips on doing affiliate marketing the right way to make money online. http://www.MyAffiliatePowerSite.com

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