what application do professionals use to create a design layout for a website ?

Question by Peter 123: what application do professionals use to create a design layout for a website ?
to create complex and beautiful websites what applications should I use? what professionals actually use to create a design layout for a website ? thank you very much!

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Answer by Tudor Donca
You do not need any fancy application to create great websites. You could just use Notepad. All you need is to know the programming languages used to make web sites and how to use them correctly, HTML CSS JavaScript, PHP, etc…

you could use Adobe Dreamweaver, it helps with basic repetitive stuff and can speed up some tasks, but it is not needed.

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Rocks to Riches: Practical Geoscience Literacy for Financial Professionals

Rocks to Riches: Practical Geoscience Literacy for Financial Professionals
Event on 2014-01-18 09:00:00


Rocks to Riches:

Practical GeoscienceLiteracy for Investors & Finance Professionals

 Innovative Experiential Learning with Practical Outcomes

A New Educational Offering From Cambridge Home & Kingfisher Consortium / drkurtgrimm.com


Synopsis: You comprehend the value of learning more about Earth sciences and economic geology: effective communication, business success and enhanced recreational experiences with your family and friends. Why sit in the dark all day, listening to a monologue of technical slides, when you can learn more while enjoying yourself and meeting new colleagues via hands-on learning in small learning groups? Rocks to Riches links one-of-a-kind conceptual art with beautiful specimens and more, and will launch in Jan 2014 at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. Our one-day, hands-on short course will engage practical concerns and equip the learner for clearer communication, risk management, and business success, while providing an adaptable Earth literacy and enhanced recreational experiences.



1) A typical short course equals a day of lecture and perhaps some scribbles in the technical manual:  Ho hum. This conventional approach fills seats, but does not build highly effective, multidimensional learning that sticks.

2) A hands-on approach  is the ideal way to build a strong foundation or extend an existing one.

3)  Rocks to Riches is part of a larger set of one-of-a-kind learning tools, being developed and exercised by a prize-winning innovator in geoscience  and sustain-ability teaching & learning at the University of British Columbia.

4) Earth is Water’s Planet. Magmas are wet: when rocks and hot fluids interact, mineral deposits might form. When these deposits are properly characterized and effective communication occurs, successful projects yielding wealth, employment and sustain-able success can result. 

5) Risk management: The Bre-X debacle demonstrated the consequences of investors operating without a sound geoscience foundation.

6) In a volatile economy with elevated metal prices, now is a very good time for investors to expand geoscience competence.


Summary of Course: At the outset, Rocks to Riches is a one-day experience, where short survey speaks from recognized experts will alternate with hands-on laboratory-style sessions, using minerals, rocks, satellite imagery, maps and technical reports. Participants will be clustered in groups of eight and will move from station to station during three 90 learning-laboratory sessions.  Rocks to Riches will equip engaged geoscience novices with a clear and expandable foundation; more experienced professionals will learn even more, AND get many of their tough questions answered.


Unique-features: 1) Experiential Learning: Hands-on with rocks, maps and reports. 2) Picture-driven synthesis 3) Brief expert introduction to geosciences and mineral deposits geology using one-of-a-kind graphics 4) Course participants will be clustered into groups of eight and move between different learning stations. Three 1.5 hours work periods will occupy most of the active learning. 4) Engaged learners will also develop practical experience that will enrich their leisure and family time (“Hey dad, what’s this rock with the bubbles in it?”). 5) Furthermore hands-on learning will make future visits to investment properties more useful and meaningful, by advancing your professional competence and credibility. 6) Superb course materials, including a couple of small surprises, will far-exceed your typical “short-course manual”.

Instructional Team: The instructional team unites award-winning geoscience educators with experts in mineral deposits geology. The course developer and lead teacher is Dr. Kurt Andrew Grimm (drkurtgrimm.com), an associate professor in Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences at the University of British Columbia, where he was awarded received UBC’s highest honor for excellence in teaching and learning. His pioneering emphasis is on effective learning outcomes, using innovative approaches that have been well-tested in the field, laboratory, classroom and well-beyond. Kurt’s entreprenurial and consulting activities deliver expert knowledge and superb presentational and engagement skills to applied geoscience, and transformative sustain-ability learning.  /// Additional power include university power and recognized experts in business-based geosciences, and will be acquirable on the course website (see drkurtgrimm.com). The calibre of the learning materials is unprecedented.

Summary: We are NOT aiming to cram a lifetime of specific expert knowledge into a blizzard of powerpoint slides. Our teachers and the course materials are specifically prepared to equip non-scientist, finance professionals with a valuable and enjoyable day of experiential learning! Subsequent offerings to permit deeper learning, will be adapted to conference-based and field-based formats.

Logistics: Rocks to Riches will launch in January 2014, on days that immediately bracket the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (January 19-20, 2014;  http://www.cambridgehouse.com ). Sharing a venue with VRIC (Vancouver Convention Centre West), will make your travel logistics simple. With offerings on Jan 18 and Jan 21, the course will run from 9AM to 5pm. Local participants know this beautiful venue in and spectacular coastline setting overlooking Burrard Inlet and the North Shore Mountains. Out-of-town participants can arrive a day primeval and/or stay an additional day, and have a life and career boosting experience.

Registration Information: Registration and course materials 5. (includes catered breaks and lunch). For enrollment visit the course website (under development; links to drkurtgrimm.com. Early bird registration, for participants in the World Resource Investment Conference (Vancouver, Might 2013) includes a 0. discount.

Additional expertise: Course registrants requiring detailed consultation with geoscience experts might be further assisted during their stay in Vancouver. Please describe your specific needs in your course registration, and our team will work to assist you.

Course Certificates: All participants who complete the course will be provided a certificate of course completion. For those participants requiring or desiring more, a written and practical examination might be provided at modest additional cost.

Additional Field Trip: If interest permit, we are planning a one day field trip on Jan 22, 2014, where course participants might exercise their work based learnings in spectacular settings near Vancouver. 5. includes transportation, food and a digital archive of our field based learnings for future presentations 

Future Courses: This course is foundational to a broader family of practical learning experiences, including field courses in other spectacular settings. Course website (under development) will link to drkurtgrimm.com.

at Vancouver Convention Centre – West
1055 Canada Place
Vancouver, Canada

Insurance Professionals to Better Compete for Business with AAIS Programs Available in Vertafore ReferenceConnect

Bothell, WA (PRWEB) October 31, 2013

Vertafore (http://www.vertafore.com), the leading bourgeois of software that transforms the business of insurance, this day announced that content from national insurance advisory and statistical organization, American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS), is now acquirable in the Vertafore ReferenceConnect

New SEO eBook Developed by Dynamic Page Solutions for Real Estate Professionals

Mesa, AZ (PRWEB) February 28, 2013

A new SEO eBook has been published by Dynamic Page Solutions to empower real estate agents in their online marketing efforts. A special focus of the eBook is the finding of practices that now negatively impact rankings. Many of the tried and true methods used to rank for keywords on the web now trigger algorithmic or manually applied penalties on Google and other search engines. An simple to comprehend explanation of these changes is part of the book.

New content guidelines are detailed stressing the need for original, calibre content to be added to pages that agents are looking to rank on. An in-depth look at long-tail keywords is presented and the advantage of using them as an overall marketing strategy to acquire the easiest traffic quickly.

A secondary feature of the eBook is the finding of industry relevant social networks to augment the chances for World wide web visibility. Furthermore, the eBook details some of the most widely recognized social media channels and provides actionable recommendations on how to implement them in a marketing campaign.

Mark Toppenberg, owner of Dynamic Page Solutions states, Weve always place high importance on the education of our clients. We wage the ideal technology on the market for real estate professionals and our educational tools, webinars and our new eBook are meant to enhance their online success.

A bonus chapter explains the difference between working real estate World wide web leads and the traditional referral lead. A stress is place on getting back to World wide web leads swiftly to place a stop to the homebuyers need to reach out to other agents and lead incubation.

Dynamic Page Solutions currently provides services in 82 MLS markets crossways the nation and is growing to include new markets apiece month. Agents and brokers who are serious about growing their real estate businesses select Dynamic Page Solutions as their real estate website and IDX bourgeois because of the capability to win real estate traffic.

For more information on IDX solutions and the patent-pending real estate website technology visit http://www.leadperformer.com/ and http://www.dynamicpagesolutions.com/ or telephone 888-782-8184.

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Archiving Websites: A Practical Guide for Information Management Professionals

Archiving Websites: A Practical Guide for Information Management Professionals

The world wide web is arguably the most important, and certainly the largest and most ubiquitous, cultural and commercial information resource in existence. The stipulations to actively preserve selected parts of it, and the meeter problems of archiving such a vast and ephemeral entity, are only now beginning to be fully appreciated. This important book is the first to offer practical guidance to information-management professionals seeking to implement web archiving programmes of their own.

List Price: $ 99.95

Price: $ 84.97

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Webmaster Video Course for Professionals
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