Play Pumps Interior Page Layout

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Play Pumps Interior Page Layout
website design layout
Image by mattblasi
This was the interior layout for the Play Pumps site. The home page design was actually done by Joint Concepts a great design company in DC.

Joyful Noise Music Festival Web Site
website design layout
Image by dailyinvention
I’m currently working on the music festival’s web site. This is a design I have have created with Cascading Style Sheets and HTML. It’s still rough, but on it’s way. I’m currently sharing it with my friends here until it is ready to go live under it’s intended url. Let me know what everyone thinks. I’ll have more progress on it in the following days.

System for holiday rental house
website design layout
Image by
A website that cateres for the needs to run a single rental villa.

* Simple to use CMS
* Multi-lingual backend that lets the owner handle the site in several languages
* Booking system that controls when the villa is vacant and occupied

The task was to create a website that would express lounge atmosphere, exclusivity and Scandinavian simplicity and show off beautiful photos of the villa and the area where the villa is located.

See the result at St Jeannet Villa

Boris play “Flood” – Deafheaven, Ides Of Gemini

Boris play “Flood” – Deafheaven, Ides Of Gemini
Event on 2013-05-24 20:00:00
This event is 18 and over

Boris has attained its rabid cult following for their capability to expertly harness music as power. Be it psychedelic metal, colossal drone, blistering punk or distortion-ravaged shoegaze, a Boris song is an exploration of sound as physical mass. The Asian trio's classic 2002 album, Heavy Rocks is a landmark of their mastery. So, it's fitting that the group's new album sharing the same title and very similar artwork to that disc, this year's Heavy Rocks seeks to redefine "heavy" music in a culmination of the band's tireless efforts over the past two decades. Heavy Rocks (2011) is beyond heavy, it firmly establishes Boris as the pillar of innovation and integrity in guitar-based music.

Heavy Rocks opens with fitting aplomb as a driving drum beat catapults a thunderous drop-tuned guitar riff headlong into the Sabbath meets Eddie Hazel pummeling of "Riot Sugar" (featuring guest backup vocals by Ian Astbury). Boris' bristling thrash meets ethereal psychedelia ("GALAXIANS", "Window Shopping") and lush, languorous almost 13-minute songs "Missing Pieces" and "Aileron" navigate explosive quiet/loud dynamics with inventive use of song structure and emotionally-wrenching melody. Heavy Rocks is at once both a reinvention of Boris' magical capability to combine elements of myriad genres as much as it is a return to form, expanding and developing on the ideas explored on the original 2002 Heavy Rocks album.

Boris invited some very, uh, heavy friends to contribute to songs the album, including longtime collaborator and Boris' touring second guitarist Michio Kurihara (Ghost), Ian Astbury (The Cult, BXI), Faith Coloccia (Mamiffer) and Aaron Turner (Isis, Mamiffer, et al.) It's worth noting that all of them tracked their parts in Tokyo, not via file transfer.

Some of Heavy Rocks (2011) originated following Boris touring the world in 2008 in support of their last album, Smile. The trio set about recording new material and an album was completed, then abandoned. The band sought to challenge themselves further, and the end results are two new albums of dramatic growth and the most powerful extension to Boris' unparalleled creativity, the all new Heavy Rocks (not to be mistaken for their primeval 2002 release, Heavy Rocks) and Attention Please.

Boris formed in the primeval 90s as a four piece just-for-fun endeavor with the sonic template of influences like Melvins and Earth. By the time of its 1996 debut as a trio Absolutego (later released in the US via Southern Lord in 2000), Boris had already hit its stride in creating one-of-a-kind ground-rattling heavy, melodic music. The group, bassist/vocalist Takeshi, guitarist/vocalist Wata and drummer/vocalist Atsuo went on to release almost 20 studio albums, as well as numerous collaborative albums — including projects with Merzbow, Sunn0))), Ian Astbury and Michio Kurihara of Ghost — EPs and singles on various labels throughout the world. For a further in-depth band history and discography, please see HERE.

Heavy Rocks (and its counterpart, Attention Please) will be acquirable worldwide on LP, CD and digital download via Sergeant Home on Might 24th, 2011. The vinyl edition of Heavy Rocks includes different, extended versions of "Missing Pieces" and "Czechoslovakia".

at Echoplex
1154 Glendale Boulevard
Los Angeles, United States

2 Factors That Should Play A Role When Picking Your Website Graphics

If you’re looking to begin a website soon, then one of the most important things that you must think about is the graphics for your website. The graphics for your website is very important because it can help to make your website more captivating and visually appealing. It can help to make a prospect feel comfortable about being on your website and can help to close more sales.

Your content should be most important but you shouldn’t underestimate the power of a good graphic. Graphics help your prospect to comprehend a point superior and convey messages that words alone can’t.

When pick the graphics for your site, you will want to select them well as the right graphics can make all the difference in terms of sales. You should never randomly pick and select which website graphics to use as this is the fastest way to confuse your readers. Instead, you should carefully pick a team of graphics that fit within the theme of your website.

When picking the graphics for your site, you will want to keep a few things in mind before you do so. In this article, we will discuss a few of those things so that you can pick the right graphics and achieve the ideal results. Here’s the first thing to keep in mind when choosing your graphics.

1) Graphics size

You will want to make sure that your graphics isn’t a size where it’s too large and slows down your page loading speed. You want a fast loading website because visitors won’t move forever for your page to load. When selecting your graphics, it’s ideal to save your images in JPEG format. This is a format where the file size is smaller, but the calibre of your image will slightly suffer.

A file format that you don’t want to save your files in is bitmap – or BMP. This is an uncompressed file format and will make your file size huge. This has the ideal image calibre out of all of the file formats but will make your image load incredibly slow. You should keep that in mind when picking your images.

2) The color of your graphics

Ideally you want to select images that blend in with the color of your website. You also want to pick a color that makes it visually appealing for your visitors too and that is good on the eyes. A color such as yellow or pink is a good color to select since these are considered light colors and can place your prospect in a good mood.

You will also want to select colors that are innocuous for all computers. Some personal don’t recognize all colors so you will want to pick one that is universally accepted. You will also want to keep this in mind when picking the background color for your website. Your background color is something that your reader will see first, so you want to pick a color that is consistent with the flow of your website.

When you think about these 2 factors, you maximize your website’s chances of success because you’ve given thought to how color will play a part in your website design. With the right graphics on your website, you can anticipate recurring visitors who visit your site simply because they like the layout of it. Good luck with selecting the graphics of your website.

Learn graphic designing secrets you can use to place beautiful graphics on your website. To learn more, visit the following website for more details:

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Arctic Playgroundz- lunch & play

Arctic Playgroundz- lunch & play

I’d like to make this a regular occurrence if everyone wants to participate! From their website

Price: Free


99502 Anchorage (Sand Lake), USA

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