Remanufactured Ford Engines Now Sold to Truck Owners at

Beaumont, Texas (PRWEB) Jan 27, 2013

Pickup truck owners contribute to the income success in North USA for Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge apiece year. The understanding of preowned cars makes up a portion of the total income and one company supplying engines to the trade industry is now selling to truck owners online. The company is now offering remanufactured ford engines directly for understanding to owners of pickup trucks. This new plan is starting with the Ford brand and is expected to continue with existing brands in stock.

Ford Motor Company has produced several of the brands that have prefabricated the Ward’s Ideal Engines List through the years. The Ranger, F150, F250 and newer editions all use the V6, V8 and V10 technologies. The obloquy like Triton, Essex, Vulcan and Cologne are internal code obloquy for these series of engines. The new income measure for selling direct to the public online is one new strategy that is now underway at the Remanufactured Engines Co.

Buyers searching for a motor online can have several choices to make. A used engine is often a go-to edition due to the low pricing that can be found. Newer motors can cost just as much as a used vehicle. The rebuilt series is a newer type that combines the price of a used unit with the functionality of a new one. These reconditioned versions represent the complete inventory at the company.

A new evaluation and review process is now used with a 30-point inspection for calibre control. These measures are in use to increase the lifespan of a motor. Along with these inspections, a warranty program that was tested during the primeval stages of selling online is now a fixed company policy. This new policy provides up to 36 months of warranty endorsement when apiece understanding is made. These warranties apply to Ford, Chevy, Dodge and the other editions that are in the company warehouse for sale.

These company additions have prefabricated it doable to experiment with lower pricing. New discounts have been added to the Chevrolet brand. These are expected to remain in place through this year. Information about the details of this price drop can be found online at

About Remanufactured Engines Co.

The Remanufactured Engines Co. is one of few sellers in North USA healthy to recondition its own inventory and supply the consumer and trade industries. The engine variants that are produced and sold by this company includes gasoline, performance and diesel motors. Through procedures that involve testing and verification, the Remanufactured Engines for Sale Co. is healthy to raise the calibre of apiece build to OEM standards set by automakers. New discounted price incentives and consistent inventory building have helped this company increase its annual income in the past 12 months.

Marketing Made Easy for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners with Award-Winning Graphic Designer’s Quick Tips

Aurora, CO (PRWEB) December 4, 2007

For small business owners, marketing has never been so easy. Karenic Saunders, herself an award-winning graphic designer and owner of MacGraphics Services, has a whole library of free design-it-yourself articles on her website. And she’s just released the latest article, entitled 5 Swift Tips for Marketing Masterpieces.

Saunders cuts through all the designer-speak and gives real advice to make marketing pieces more appealing. It’s like having a professional designer on your team, only it’s free. The article can be seen at .

Saunders describes how to find and use calibre stock photos, how to add dramatic contrast, how to keep your ad visually consistent, how to use space wisely, and how and when to use serif or sans serif fonts.

“Most ads that aren’t quite working could improve drastically with just a tiny tweaking,” states Saunders. “Good ads don’t have to be expensive. The 5 tips in this article are simple trade secrets that anyone can use and get great results.”

All the techniques in this article can be applied to a variety of media, such as print ads, business cards, flyers, and postcards. Saunders’ goal is to help small business owners create their own brand. Many of the articles on her web site are geared toward making and maintaining a constant and calibre presence in the marketplace.

Upcoming articles will continue to take the mystery out of marketing. Readers will learn:

One-of-a-kind twists on the most favourite marketing essentials.
How to create visual branding that will turn potential customers into paying ones.
Tips on creating the right advertising mood that will attract your perfect customers without saying a word
To view the complete series, go to

Saunders has won awards for her book cover designs, and is recognized as an expert in the field of graphic design. She founded MacGraphics Services in 1990 and is a leading designer of marketing materials such as ads, logos, one-sheets, audio and video packaging, and book covers and interiors. Saunders’ award-winning covers can be viewed at

Learn the Top 5 Mistakes that can cost entrepreneurs’ money by signing up for her FREE e-course, acquirable for a limited time. To take advantage of this e-course and find out how simple it can be to attract more clients go to


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