PhotoBiz Now Offers Two Website Solutions for Small Businesses

Greensboro, NC (PRWEB) April 17, 2013

PhotoBiz has always provided high calibre website solutions for its customers. The majority of these customers are wedding and portrait photographers. Over time many photographers began to advocate PhotoBiz to others to promote their own businesses. Florists, hair stylists, dress makers, block decorators, caterers, event planners, event locations, and more have all discovered that PhotoBizs website solutions are a good choice to present their business online.

Every business needs a web expert to lean on so that they can focus on their craft or expertise. At PhotoBiz, we are chesty to be that expert for all our clients, stated Jennifer Roeder, Marketing Manager for PhotoBiz. We look forward to working with even more small businesses as we evolve our products and services to fit their needs, much like we have done with photographers for the past almost nine years.

To start with, small businesses adapted PhotoBiz products as it fit their needs. This day PhotoBiz offers two website solutions specifically targeted for small businesses: Core Business Solution and E-Commerce Solution.

Core Business Solutions are content rich websites that give small to medium sized businesses a first-class web presence as distinctive and one-of-a-kind as they are. While the look might be familiar, the structure represents a revolutionary expansion of PhotoBiz development.

With unlimited content pages and a variety of interchangeable HTML5 designs to select from, and a Blog to tell their story, Core Business Solutions are built with endless possibilities for personalization and are responsive so they can be seen on all world wide web devices computers, tablets, and phones.

The E-Commerce Solution offers a way for businesses to sell their products and services online. They are a comprehensive and sophisticated selling tool that has no commission fees and features user-friendly check out process. Using the E-Commerce Solution businesses can run specials and coupons, sell gift cards, have flexible shipping options, send invoices via email, and much more. In fact when they were first released as Store Sites they won a Hot Ones Award from the Professional Photographers of America.

As a wedding and events florist, my husband and I wanted a very cutting-edge website that would showcase our flowers and our passion. PhotoBiz has taken the guesswork out of building your own website and have transformed the experience into an exciting opportunity for our business, stated Sabrina de Man of Blossoms of Elegance. We now have the tools to compete with confidence in our industry.

For more information about all of PhotoBizs website solutions, visit

About PhotoBiz

PhotoBiz is a managed website solutions company for photographers, creative professionals, and other small businesses powered by Passionate Support

Chatwing Offers Effective Global Communication with Its Newly-Released Free Chat Widget

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 13, 2012

Global connectivity is the study of the game in the World Wide Web. Website owners and bloggers must actively maintain their sites to ensure the steady increase of traffic. Also, they must ensure that their sites are highly accessible. Interesting sites are websites and blogs containing valuable contents and captivating visuals. The more value people get from checking a site, the more certain they will pay it another visit. Famous websites are known because of the high level of interactivity they offer to web surfers. Most of these websites have a free chat widget installed in their sites.

There are numerous chat boxes acquirable online but only few can be considered efficient and dependable when it comes to calibre and usefulness. Chatwing team has devoted four years to develop a free chat box that integrates social media functions and has a wide array of customization options. Chatwing team is committed to wage web users with a simple yet powerful communication tool that can aid website owners and bloggers improve their web performance.

Chatwing free shoutbox can easily be installed. Normally, installation only requires a few seconds to a minute with simple steps to follow. Customization can be as simple as changing the border design, font colors and size or can be as advanced as using CSS modification option. Users can now upload images to serve as the widgets background and MP3 links.

Chatwing free chatbox can aid a thousand chatters simultaneously with its regular chat widget and pop-up window form. The improved web chat application can also be as flexible as to grant private or group chats with its vanity URL configuration. Vanity URL provides individual with shortlinks which he can send to friends or target customers to begin a more intimate or focused interaction.

With Chatwings new chat widget, getting ones website and social media statement active at the same time can be easily achieved. The social media integration feature makes it simple for a individual to share important chat discussions to his Facebook or Twitter account. Social media network expansion is easily accomplished.

About specializes in the new field of website chat. Over years, the Chatwing team has introduced live chat widget for hundreds and thousands of blogs. The Chatwing application bridges people from many parts of the world, creating global synergy through the Internet. The shout box can be installed in just seconds, and it can be used for varying purposes such as leisure and World wide web marketing. It also grants a individual to customize the size, color, and study of the widget. Chatwing is 100% free for everyone.

ATLWeb Now Offers Reduced Rate for Its Five-Hour Website Development Pack

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) February 16, 2013

ATLWeb, the professional web design company founded by saint Schramko of Super Fast Business, announces a price change for its favourite Five-Hour Service Pack. Initially costing $ 499 for specific designing or coding services, the hourly custom website development pack can now be ordered for just $ 399.

The lowered rate is meant to give business and website owners greater access to ATLWeb’s top-quality WordPress services.

“If you’re exhausted of time blowouts, non-delivery or poor calibre supply from cheap designers, then ATLWeb is for you,” states the company’s design experts. “With us you, can get consistent supply from our many team members. We check for cross-browser operation, use the minimum number of plugins and use SEO-friendly permalink structure to make sure you get the most value from your investment.”

The Five-Hour Pack is specifically geared towards clients who only require extra tweaks to their websites this can include customizing plugins, widgets or shopping cart software. Because the pack enables clients to use ATLWeb’s services by the hour, they can be sure to receive the exact solutions they need without paying for costly packages that come with unnecessary add-ons. The five hours are also valid for use within 12 months of buy and can be used for multiple projects, further assuring clients of true value for their money.

Here are examples of web development services that clients can request for their Five-Hour Pack:

1. On-page SEO – Clients will be required to wage website logins and webhost logins and refer the type of content management system being used

2. RSS feed submissions – Requires the RSS feed URL and a list of feed aggregators to submit to (with their respective login details)

3. Nanacast setup – Requires Nanacast logins and a detailed description of what the client anticipates to accomplish using the software

4. Website troubleshooting – Requires a list of any errors encountered, the times they took place and what measures were taken to solve them

5. Custom website or iTunes logo creation – Requires a description of how the client would like the logo to look

6. Content population – Requires website login details along with pictures, articles, videos, or any content the client would like to publish on the site

7. Website migration – Requires cPanel logins of both the source domain and the destination domain along with WordPress logins of the source site

Aside from the Five-Hour Pack, ATLWeb also continues to offer other highly requested web design offerings: the Custom WordPress Design pack provides clients with a powerful, easy-to-use and search engine-friendly website that can effectively build their authority; the team’s Inexpensive WordPress Blog Themes can be used to help clients build a new site from scratch or dress up an existing one; and the specialized Pre-Done Responsive Themes are ideal for building mobile-responsive websites in just a few easy steps.

In addition, ATLWeb offers Reseller Themes that serve as the easiest solutions yet for business owners seeking to resell Super Fast Business services for profit. The designs for these reseller templates were based on proven results from successful resellers and they work on favourite portable devices used by millions of consumers today.

To order ATLWeb’s Five-Hour Pack or to get more information about other business web design services available, visit the ATLWeb website today.

Chatwing Offers Innovative Website Chat Tool for Application Developers and Marketers

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) February 07, 2013 creates a steady strategy to introduce its newest chat widget to application communities. App developers can now rely on the chat tool in order to gather important information. App marketers, on the other hand, can use Chatwings social media function to reach more groups of people. The chatroom can also be embedded to any website in order to generate traffic frequently.

The innovation of the chat box is mirrored by its versatility. The platform has three active form factors that can be used. The first form bourgeois or style is the shoutbox. In this mode, the chatroom takes the small space in the sidebar. This is the generic style preferred by thousands of visitors. The second form bourgeois is the pop-up window mode. This is the minimalistic approach because it consumes very tiny space. Visitors can just see a chat button. Once clicked, it will launch a separate window where visitors can communicate with apiece other.

The newest style is the vanity URL. This is useful for administrators who want to have private group chat sessions. They can also make their custom usernames and shortlinks. App developers can use this style to reach specific people groups and explain their apps more. Chatwing also has a wide-scale customization rate, allowing users to select from many color combinations, sizes, and admin functions.

With the help of the Chatwing chatbox, many app makers will acquire proper communication leverage. Now, they can market their creations with ease, and they can even learn many things that can help them develop new apps in the long run.

About specializes in the new field of website chat. Over years, the development team has introduced live chat widget for hundreds and thousands of blogs. The application bridges people from many parts of the world, creating global synergy through the Internet. The shout box can be installed in just seconds, and it can be used for varying purposes such as leisure and World wide web marketing. It also grants a individual to customize the size, color, and study of the widget.

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Real Estate Websites Increase Search Engine Rankings: New Real Estate Marketing Forum Offers Internet Marketing Options

Real Estate Websites Increase Search Engine Rankings: New Real Estate Marketing Forum Offers World wide web Marketing Options

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) July 25, 2006 –

Responding to new search engine rules requiring more content and calibre incoming links, a new online forum is being used to exchange articles for real estate websites.

Getting It Write, Inc, a real estate marketing consulting firm, recently launched an online forum to assist article exchanges among owners of real estate websites. The forum,, is a tool that real estate professionals can use to expand their World wide web marketing strategy and improve search engine placement.

Internet-savvy real estate professionals know how important a strong World wide web presence is. Industry experts have compiled statistics indicating that a majority of home buyers begin their search on the Internet. Home sellers are also using the World wide web to find real estate agents who use the World wide web to market listings.

While real estate websites are notorious for being poorly optimized for the search engines, Internet-savvy professionals find that effective World wide web marketing produces a substantial number of leads, clients and shut home sales.

Recently, the major search engines started placing increased importance on original content and calibre incoming links. Many real estate websites use standard content provided by website vendors. In order to rank well, that standard content must be replaced with original content that is captivating to the search engines, and to the site’s visitors.

In addition, many real estate websites have relied on traditional link exchanges to wage relocation information for their visitors, and to improve their search engine ranking. Traditional link exchanges are no longer effective as a webmaster’s only linking strategy.

Real estate professionals are finding that exchanging content with other webmasters results in both adding original content, and calibre incoming links. Each webmaster receives original content for their real estate website. And, the content added to their exchange partner’s website provides them with incoming links from content pages, rather than link pages.

Sam Chapman, an agent with Keller Williams in Austin, Texas, found that adding articles to his website,, prefabricated a difference in his search engine ranking. “I have really jumped in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) lately, and have many more pages indexed”, Sam said.

An ASP Home Stager in Los Angeles, California, Nickie Rothwell, was one of the first people to use the forum for exchanging content for her website, Nickie had this to state about her experience, “I was inspired to create a new page on my website just for articles. I’ll be looking forward to more exchanges.”

For additional information about real estate marketing, SEO and linking strategies for real estate websites, visit, Real estate professionals can find content exchange partners by visiting the forum at

About Getting It Write, Inc.

Getting It Write, Inc. provides real estate marketing tools that increase sales. The firm works with agents, brokers, and other industry professionals to create brands and effective marketing messages, design logos, establish lead-generating real estate websites, and develop marketing plans, and produce marketing materials.

The firm is a Partner with real estate website industry leader Point2 Agent, as a real estate marketing coach, graphic designer, and virtual assistant. Getting It Write, Inc maintains an informational website, and a real estate marketing blog, along with the article exchange forum.


Kathleen Allardyce

Getting It Write, Inc.




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Jux2 Meta Search Engine Offers New Search Enhancements and Functionality

Jux2 Meta Search Engine Offers New Search Enhancements and Functionality

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) June 19, 2006 – Jux2, a leading meta-search engine that grants users to simultaneously compare search results from three major search engines, has launched several new search enhancements to improve functionality and assist of use.

Acquired early this year by Douglas Baker, a successful entrepreneur and frequent Jux2 user, improvements to the features and functionality of Jux2 are anticipated. Baker vows continued improvements to the already robust engine, explaining that the primary goal of Jux2 is to “allow searchers to compare results from the leading search engines, which saves time and ensures that the individual is receiving the most relevant search results.”

Currently, Jux2 has many features that separate it from other meta-search engines. For instance, apiece return of a query shows in what order it was put on the other engines, a feature not employed by other meta-search sites, as well as allowing users to filter results by individual search engine.

To improve jux2 further, Baker has had the following search enhancements implemented thus far:

     MSN results have been added to wage a wider breadth of results

     Toolbar options that will work with both Firefox and World wide web Explorer

     Desktop access using the jux2 Widget for Yahoo Widget Engine (Mac or PC) or Jack of all

     Widgets for Apple’s Dashboard.

In order to continue to wage top-notch search results to jux2 users, Baker invites individual feedback, “I believe that the users are ideal eligible to wage suggestions on how jux2 can become a superior Meta search engine.”

Named the 2005 Ideal Meta-Search Engine by, Jux2 expects further success with the current enhancements and their growing popularity.

To search the Web using jux2, visit

Jux2 is a leading meta-search engine that grants Web users to simultaneously search the leading search engines and compare results. Jux2 saves time and ensures that the individual receives the best, most relevant, search results, and was recently voted Ideal Meta Search Engine by

Hassle Free Dumpster Rentals Anywhere in the US

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New Website Offers Stock Photos-Shutter Shots

New Website Offers Stock Photos-Shutter Shots

Monroe, MI (PRWEB) Jan 3, 2006

Shutter Shots ( was recently created to accommodate web template designers, website designers, as well as photographers. Along with the stock photos, web designers and web template designers can find web graphics, web page backgrounds, digital graphic images and country graphic CD’s, all perfect for many types of world wide web projects.

Shutter Shots has hundreds of stock photos submitted by various photography lovers. Some of Shutter Shots photographers are professionals, others are armature photographers who enjoy taking photos and are good at it, as it shows in the photos they have available.

Shutter Shots stock photos and graphics images are acquirable in JPG format and cost $ 3.00 each. Some custom graphics are priced a tiny higher.

Shutter Shots offers a wide range of photos ranging from animals to technology. Shutter Shots current photographers add new photos and graphics daily.

Shutter Shots goal is to make this a favorite spot where web template designers and website designers can find a variety of stock photos and other images to meet their design requirements.

Shutter Shots offers immediate download to bought images. Shutter Shots photos are great for resizing or applying other effects to using a favorite graphics editor. Shutter Shots is simple to navigate using the website’s main navigation menu or visitors can use Shutter Shots search feature and type in keywords to help them locate a stock image.

Shutter Shots is looking for armature and professional photographers that have good digital cameras and are good at taking pictures? Photographers can signup at Shutter Shots and Shutter Shots will pay photographers 75 cents for apiece pic that sells and belongs to that photographer.

Photos submitted to Shutter Shots should be clear, crisp, have good lighting and usable subjects. The subject should be in focus with good color and be interesting.

For additional information please visit

About Deborah Miller, the founder of Shutter Shots:

Deborah has been a graphic designer and website developer since 1998. Her passion for creativity lead her to designing web templates. Besides graphic design, she also enjoys armature photography.

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Income Access Offers Full Affiliate Marketing Transparency Through New Content Series

Income Access Offers Full Affiliate Marketing Transparency Through New Content Series

Montreal (PRWEB) October 3, 2008

As the affiliate marketing industry matures, transparency within it becomes increasingly important. There are more affiliate networks and programs to select from than ever before, but few of them give affiliates the control and knowledge they need to pilot their businesses effectively. Affiliate network and software bourgeois Income Access is changing this by giving affiliates the full picture of what happens behind the scenes when they refer customers to merchants – and where their commissions are really coming from.

Income Access CEO Nicky Senyard calls the company’s affiliate marketing transparency initiative “a way to show affiliates that we’re happy to be open each step of the way”. Starting with the introduction of a new content series on, Income Access is pleased to offer affiliates “a no-holds-barred statement of how we operate, designed to place affiliates on the inside track.” The just-added pages begin at

The affiliate network or software bourgeois is typically in a position to know much more about the customer referral process than affiliates are, creating an unbalance in a partnership that Income Access believes should be equal. The purpose of Income Access’ new website content series is to help affiliates comprehend the mechanics behind the work they do each day – and to explain the procedures that Income Access has place in place to continually monitor and test affiliate tracking.

“In theory, tracking and reporting for affiliates is a straightforward process. However, there are a lot of intricacies and behind-the-scenes processes that go along with delivering affiliate stats,” states Senyard. “We wanted to take the mystery out of the process, and make this kind of information acquirable to everyone we partner with.”

The new section of the Income Access site features nine pages that outline what happens from the moment a player clicks on an affiliate link to the time when commissions are paid based on referred player activity. This chain of events is broken down technically step by step, allowing affiliates to peek into the inner workings of the network and to comprehend the crux of the Income Access tracking and reporting system.

The new transparency guide also details how Income Access works with the merchants who use their software and whose affiliate programs form part of the Income Access affiliate network (

Income Access believes the new section on the Income Access site will give affiliates the opportunity to explore the tracking process and acquire background and insight on the various merchants they promote. “In business, it’s important to know that you’re in control. Affiliate marketing is no different, and we want to make sure any affiliate who works with a program that uses our software has that same level of control.”

The new content series on the Income Access site, called “Transparency in Affiliate Marketing”, includes the following sections:

1.    Providing Transparent Affiliate Marketing Analytics

2.    Complete Affiliate Marketing Solutions

3.    How Income Access Affiliate Tracking Works

4.    How Affiliate Tracking is Divided Between Income Access and Gaming Operators

5.    How Income Access Receives Data From Operators

6.    Affiliate Tracking: The Testing Process

7.    Income Access’ Monitory Systems for Affiliate Tracking

8.    Troubleshooting Affiliate Tracking

9.    Ask Us About Affiliate Tracking

About Income Access:

Emphasizing long-term, proactive relationships, Income Access has partnered with over 60 gaming operators and over 17,000 affiliates since its inception over seven years ago. Working closely with affiliates and operators alike, Income Access offers them the resources they need to succeed in affiliate marketing for iGaming. A leading bourgeois of affiliate marketing solutions for the online gaming space, Income Access both operates an affiliate network and offers unmatched affiliate marketing software. To date, Income Access has partnered with a variety of Sportsbook, Casino, Poker, Bingo, Mobile, and Softgames operators.


Nicky Senyard

Income Access



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QA Graphics Offers Tridium NiagaraAX Users Free Trial of Graphics Library

QA Graphics Offers Tridium NiagaraAX Users Free Trial of Graphics Library

Sample System Graphic Using BAS Image Module

Ankeny, IA (Vocus) October 28, 2010

QA Graphics, a leader in the design of control system graphics, is providing NiagaraAX users a free trial of the BAS Image Module which can be used to build high-end graphics within the NiagaraAX platform.

QA Graphics has developed an Image Module which grants NiagaraAX users to utilize high-end graphics within their existing BAS software. The Module provides the licensed use of QA Graphics’ BAS Symbol Library v3.0, which offers more appealing and realistic graphics than provided by default with the Niagara AX platform. For a limited time, NiagaraAX users can try the Image Module for free to determine if the graphics library fits their needs.

The Image Module offers an inexpensive solution that provides both high-end graphics as well as the assurance that the final graphics are secure. The library provides access to over 280 static and 85 animated pre-built images of equipment and components needed to assemble most major mechanical systems including boilers, chillers, dampers, filters, piping, fans, cooling towers, generators, valves, ductwork, coils and more.

The BAS Image Module greatly simplifies the process of developing control system graphics. It’s as simple as 1-2-3:

1.    Load the module onto a workstation.

2.    Open it through the palette side bar similar to Niagara AX’s existing graphics.

3.    Drag the static/animated symbols from the palette to the canvas and build the graphics.

This free trial offer is acquirable through November 30, and grants users to try out the graphics at their workstation for 30 days. If users wish to access the graphics after the free trial, licenses can be bought to use the graphics on Tridium’s JACE and AX Supervisor devices which utilize the Niagara AX platform. Free trials can be acquired at:

License Options Include:

ENGINEERING WORKSTATION: (FREE TRIAL) $ 100 per workstation/per year

Create graphics at a local workstation and transfer to a JACE or Supervisor device.*Standard licensing fees apply when moving graphics to JACE or Supervisor.

JACE: $ 245 per device

SUPERVISOR: $ 595 per Supervisor

For users with numerous projects scheduled throughout the year, bulk package rates are available, as well as custom image modules and branding options. The BAS Symbol Library is also compatible with most building automation system (BAS) software, including Alerton, Andover, Reliable Controls, TAC, and Trane. To learn more, contact QA Graphics at 515.965.3403.

About QA Graphics

QA Graphics is an innovative personal graphic development company specializing in control system graphics for the building automation industry. The company is an industry leader in the design of custom graphical individual interfaces (GUI), energy dashboards, 3D design/animation, BIM design and drafting services. QA Graphics also offers creative interactive solutions including website development, virtual tours and multimedia solutions. Visit to learn more.



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WebSite101 Blog Tutorial Offers Online Businesses a Simple How-To on Blogging and RSS Feeds for Ecommerce & Web Marketing

Long Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 18, 2005, a small business ecommerce tutorial established in 1999, has launched a Blog Tutorial to instruct online entrepreneurs how to use blogs and RSS feeds in their web marketing efforts.

According to Merriam Webster online dictionary, the word “Blog” was the number one searched word of 2004 because everyone wants to know what a blog is and how to use blogging to enhance their website sales.

The Merriam Webster definition: “Blog noun [short for Weblog] : a Web site that contains an online individualized journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.”

Bloggers are simply using a web based technology that grants instant online publishing of ongoing view and commentary to a section of their web site. The WebSite101 Blog Tutorial offers over 30 articles by expert Bloggers who have prefabricated business blogs profitable additions to their web marketing arsenals.

Webmasters have gotten into linking frenzies with their standard web sites and now link in entirely unnatural ways because the search engines rank sites based on link popularity. Blogs are loved by the search engines because those links are once again relevant and topical instead of using increasingly common and inflationary link spamming.

WebSite101 began in 1999 as a small business ecommerce tutorial offering world wide web definitions, HTML tutorials and advice on choosing an effective and memorable domain study for small business webmasters. It has since expanded into offering small business webmaster tools to help select web page colors and a text-to-HTML converter for web publishing. WebSite101 now offers webmaster software for business planning through valuable free software to check web site link popularity.

In December of 1999 WebSite101 was honored to be mentioned in both the print and online versions of Entrepreneur Magazine, which continues to link to WebSite101 tutorials from dozens of small business sections. The new Blog Tutorial is added to over 21 other extensive tutorial sections, including Web Analytics, Merchant Accounts, Home Business, Affiliate Marketing, Public Relations, Privacy, search engine positioning and Online Advertising Tutorials.

About WebSite101

Mike Banks Valentine is a search engine optimization specialist who launched WebSite101 in Jan of 1999 to offer free online training for small business entrepreneurs seeking to expand their business to the web. The popularity of the web site grants it to be fully supported by advertising and continues to expand to include new webmaster tools, services and tutorials. Valentine operates two blogs at and


Call 1-562-572-9702


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