Web Design Jobs Program For Students Created By DjO Design Group

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

DjO Design Group, a Chicago web design company, this day announced a program that gives students the opportunity to learn web design in a real world scenario. The program focuses on primary website design skills including content writing, graphic design, HTML, CSS and JavaScript development. More advanced subject matter like project management, marketing, search engine optimization, and server administration are also available.

Website design is constantly evolving and requires you to continuously educate yourself to compete in this industry, states Alex Delhaven, a senior member of the group. He added, What children learn this day is already mostly outdated by the time they enter the workforce. Thats why weve decided to help change that for a few lucky candidates.

The program will choose a handful of students who are interested and team them up with members of DjO Design Group. Students will engage in activities that instruct them the skills necessary to get a job after they graduate from school. An example of the activities include:

Boyles Furniture Bringing Jobs Back to North Carolina and Beyond

Hickory, NC (PRWEB) April 04, 2013

Boyles Furniture & Rugs is creating jobs in North Carolina once again with a new retail concept opening near Charlotte this spring. A Grand Re-Opening of the longtime Boyles location at 182 Farmington Rd. in Mocksville, NC, which is centrally located in North Carolina directly off of Interstate 40, is scheduled for Might 23.

Mark Bannon, President of the new Boyles Brand Holdings company says, Were hiring back the very people who lost their jobs when this industry faltered, we are helping to place North Carolina back to work.

After winding down their 13-store chain in primeval 2011, the 60-year old brand has been revived through the formation of a joint venture between the Boyles Furniture & Rugs brand owners and a group of furniture industry veterans including Gene Rosenberg, co-founder of Bobs Discount Furniture, one of the largest furniture retail chains in the United States.

Driving the jobs in this story are millions of dollars in private money currently being invested in the region by the new Boyles owners. Mr. Bannon states, We believe the economy in this area is poised for rapid growth and there is a need to satisfy the unmet demand for calibre mid- to high-end furniture offered at a value. Our team has worked hard to develop a new retail business model that we feel will be very well received by our loyal Boyles customers. Following the Mocksville, NC store launch, plans are in place for opening of another newly-purchased store in Connecticut, with additional retail locations being actively explored.

Along with the lease and renovation of 50,000 square feet of retail space in Mocksville, NC and the buy of a retail artefact in central Connecticut, weve opened two new corporate offices, hired over 25 former and new employees, and were in the process of hiring many additional employees ahead of the Grand Openings of the Mocksville and Connecticut stores, says Bannon, who continued to remark on the warm reception Boyles has received since his groups investment, Weve been overwhelmed by the positive response from our customers, employees, and the industry as a whole. We encourage our customers to check our website, http://www.Boyles.com, on a regular basis or like us on Facebook to keep up to date on all that we have going on.

The new Boyles retail concept, being rolled out in Mocksville,NC is centered around three main ingredients; a 5,000 square foot, high-end Boutique shopping experience; an additional 35,000 square feet of mid- to high-end special order product and in stock goods acquirable for immediate delivery; and 10,000 square feet of opportunity purchases and closeouts of calibre furniture at up to 80% off of recommended retail price, which changes on a regular basis.

Chad Hendricks, Executive Vice-President of Sales, explains, This new layout is truly a win for the customer because in the past we only offered one shopping experience in our stores. Now we are healthy to offer income on a regular basis, with truckloads of amazingly discounted furniture, while still serving our design clients through a broad selection of special order and showroom furniture along with the largest rug and mattress galleries weve ever had. We invite everyone in North Carolina and the surrounding says to come and celebrate this great American comeback story with us on Might 23.

The Boyles Furniture & Rugs brand is wholly owned and operated by Boyles Brand Holdings, LLC a holding company owned by furniture industry veterans Gene Rosenberg, Paul Cohen, Chad Hendricks, Mark Bannon, Alex Hendricks, Burt Homonoff, Rob Rosenberg, Roy Hester, and Tom Liddell.

I am a content writer with a website. How can my website bring in writing jobs for me?

Question by Mithi C: I am a content writer with a website. How can my website bring in writing jobs for me?

Best answer:

Answer by tosin o
You have to work seriously on making your website visible to the public.

Try out repacking your writing stuff to entice your right audience and also work on yahoo search marketing.

better still pay per click from google adword to ensure the visiblity of your website to your right audience

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

New Employment Website Helps Graphic Designers Find Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

New Employment Website Helps Graphic Designers Find Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

Myrtle Beach, SC (PRWEB) Jan 26, 2009

A group of Internet-based graphic designers has launched GraphicDesignFreelanceJobs.com (http://www.graphicdesignfreelancejobs.com), a new website to help graphic designers find their next paying freelance graphic design jobs. GraphicDesignFreelanceJobs.com gives freelancers free access to hundreds of current freelance graphic design jobs.

Graphic designers can find freelance jobs for many favourite and niche-focused design disciplines, such as graphic design, logo design, flag design, website design, and print design. The site’s easy-navigation lets graphic designers click on a specific design discipline to find the best-matched design job; otherwise, users can use the site’s search tool to find specific freelance jobs by keyword or job type.

GraphicDesignFreelanceJobs.com fulfills a demand to review and list freelance graphic design jobs from a variety of online job boards, as well as organize job listings in a way that saves graphic designers precious time researching jobs that closely match their skill-set.

Full-time self-employed freelance graphic designers make up about 25 percent of the entire graphic design industry, but an even larger non-reported percent includes “hobbyists” and recently laid-off creative arts people who freelance as graphic designers in their spare time to acquire extra cash.

Brian Scott, the site’s founder, said, “The majority of users who use our site include not only full-time freelance graphic designers, but also part-timers and aspiring graphic designers who seek short-term projects for extra cash or to build their portfolio.”

GraphicDesignFreelanceJobs.com lists paid graphic design jobs ranging from swift “one-day” assignments to in-depth “month-long” projects, paying from $ 100 to $ 3,000 per project — and much more. On average, the web site lists between 75 and 150 new freelance graphic design jobs apiece day.

Freelancing as a graphic designer is a fast growing niche occupation on the World wide web today, only second to freelance writing. “Even in a recession, the number of freelance graphic design jobs continues to grow,” stated Scott, who attributes the steady growth to downsized companies outsourcing more projects.

The US Department of Labor and the Occupational Outlook Handbook predicts graphic design jobs to grow by 10 percent this year as demand for graphic design continues to increase from advertisers, publishers, and personal design firms. Scott predicts that online freelance jobs for graphic designers will grow by a much larger percent as new technology — video games, mobile applications, cell phones, and online interactive media — thirsts for new graphic design talent from crossways the globe.

GraphicDesignFreelanceJobs.com is part of a network of “how to freelance” websites — all run and maintained by working freelancers — which include Graphic Design Bids, Freelance Photography Jobs, and Freelance Portfolios.

Graphic Designers can view today’s freelance jobs at http://www.GraphicDesignFreelanceJobs.com



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Jobs in Japan

A few nice css getting started images I found:

Jobs in Japan
css getting started
Image by Danny Choo
As a Web Manager for Rinkya, you will be working full time in Komae Tokyo where the Rinkya offices are located and will be reporting directly to Heather. This position is open for immediate hire but can move for folks who need to give notice to their current boss (if any) and move over to Tokyo.
Apart from sponsoring your visa, Rinkya will also be your guarantor which you need when looking for an apartment to stay at. The Japanese Housing post contains useful info that you will need when looking for a place to stay.Technical requirementsYou will need to have hands on experience with PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS and JQuery. You will also be seasoned with Photoshop or any other graphic tool to help you produce graphics for the UI.
Your work will involve working with business owners like Heather, customer service and logistics. You are expected to prioritize tasks and execute in order of business priority.
You will be working on all aspects of the website including backend and frontend UI.
You will also be expected to work with packages like OS Commerce (Experience preferred but not necessary).This position does not require any level of Asian fluency but I advocate that you learn the lingo if you are to live here. Learning the language will help you enrich and enjoy your life in Nihon even more.You need to have a previous online profile (not one registered just for the job application) like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. An online profile will help potential employers to make a hiring decision – its helped me in the same way previously and if you don’t have one then I urge you to create one as soon as doable – it *will* help your career.HomeworkYou do not need to have any previous work experience with an employer but need to give examples of your previous projects that you might have worked on in your own time. I’m helping Heather look for the right mortal and when I hire I don’t care about qualifications at all – its about what you can deliver and not about what a piece of paper states you can deliver.
Some of my previous employers hired MBA’s and PHD’s who looked good on paper but turned out to be incredibly poor performers.
To judge whether you are good at what you state you can do, we ask candidates to do tests – its the same method that Nature used when I applied for the job. They provided me with a week worth of tests ranging from translating to subscription forecasts – came through with the results and was handed my one way ticket to Japan. Come up with the results and you will be handed your one way ticket too.Your homework is to redesign the top page of Rinkya. Study the site to comprehend the business needs and proceed to redesign the top page – then create in HTML with separate CSS and JS files. The design task is to have a look at your design and UI capabilities and the HTML coding is to evaluate your coding skills. The design is absolutely up to you. Use CSS3 for any shadows and don’t use tables for layout. You should QA your work in the latest version of IE, Firefox (Windows) and IE, Firefox and Safari (Mac). As a developer you should have access to means to QA on these platforms even if you don’t use both.Your work should be in the following folder structure which should be self explanatory:-
Once you are done, fix everything up and sent it to us via mail. Once we unzip your files, we should be healthy to see your work immediately by clicking on index.html.We need to asses your PHP coding skills too.
Create a text field on the top page that grants users to enter some arbitrary text that will be tweeted to an statement that you set up – call it twitter.com/rinkya-test-or-something. Use JQuery to post the results through a PHP script and move for the response – then display a message to the individual notifying her that the post was successful. There should also be a counter to let the individual know how much of the 140 characters they are using up for the tweet.You also need to be healthy to work with tiny direction – nobody wants to micro manage you. This is why the above information should be enough for you to complete the task. You are expected to fill in any gaps though suggestions and make decisions to get the task completed.Send your work zipped up to [jobs at mirai dot fm] and CC [heather at rinkya dot com]. Your mail should contain a text based resume in the body of the mail (not an attachment) introducing yourself and outlining examples of your previous projects ( need to have links to your work online ).
Also include your Facebook or other online profile. You do not need to include previous work experience or list up previous education but bear in mind that you must have a university degree as that is a stipulation when it comes to sponsoring your visa.
Please include your address and phone number too.Good LuckI think that’s it. While the initial salary range (will depend on your abilities) wont enable you to purchase a Nissan GTR in your first year (neither did mine when I first got to Japan), I think its a great opportunity to work with a dynamic international team in Tokyo. You will learn a lot about running a web business in Nihon and also learn much about the various business areas involved such as logistics, costumer service, fulfillment and so on. Heather is a great Mohammedan who has years of experience at this game and you will learn a lot from her. All you have to do is to show that you can deliver.We will review and think about applications as soon as they arrive. A seasoned developer should be healthy to do this in no more than 3 days. We will move a few weeks however and will announce when we have found the right candidate.
Candidates will be contacted by mail and followed up with interviews through video chat on Skype. If you are already in Nihon and applying for the position then you would be called into the Rinkya offices at Komae for further interviews.Don’t ask when the deadline is – because if you are really interested in the position and want to live and work over here then you will take the initiative to prioritize your time to work on the task and get it in as soon as you can.After I have advised Heather on whether I believe you can do the job, I will hand you over to her and will leave both of you to continue the rest of the interview process – its then up to you ask Heather everything that you want to know and call out any concerns that you might have – I’m sure Heather will do her ideal to help you. An Interview is a two way process – you must evaluate and make the decision on whether to join a company and you must do that through asking questions so that expectations on both sides are set.And a message for those who are interested in this position but feel they don’t have the skills.
Life is very very short indeed. Get out of that comfort regularize that you are in and take the initiative to do something for the future you. I took the initiative to learn HTML in my spare time when I was working at Nihon Airlines back in London – it was that experience with HTML that helped me get through the tests at Nature and without it I would not have been healthy to seize the opportunity when I discovered it.
Don’t move for life changing events to happen – make them happen and make them happen now. The Tokyo Pic Walk 4 article should give you a kick begin if you need one.

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