How do I import a transparent background image from CS3 Photoshop into CS3 Dreamweaver?

Question by Trevor: How do I import a transparent background image from CS3 Photoshop into CS3 Dreamweaver?
Okay, I am designing a website for a shop I used to work at, and I created a logo with a transparent background. I am trying to figure out how to import it (while still retaining the transparent background) into a Dreamweaver site. Each time I try to do it, it shows a white background for the 250×250 logo on the site, but I want the background to be absolutely transparent. How can I do this? Thanks in advance!

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Answer by look-up
the easiest way.
my background

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what is the best way to change my blog into a professional website?

Question by Iñigo: what is the ideal way to change my blog into a professional website?
Hi, I have a blog at blogger that’s been having very good traffic. I would like to upgrade it to a professional online magazine. What is the ideal way to do so without having to give up the blogger comfort and accessibility for me to have a complete control over the site since I’m not a web designer (just know the basics)?

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Answer by sankarmail2004
Best Web Hosting plans, on discount discount Rates Try this web site

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Understanding Google Analytics: Turning Data into Insight

Understanding Google Analytics: Turning Data into Insight
Event on 2013-03-26 18:00:00

Undertanding Google Analytics: Turning Data into Insight

Suranga Priyashantha, Senior Online Marketing Consultant, Netstarter
Tuesday, March 26th from 6:00 – 7.30 pm

When it comes to understanding how well your website is working for you as a marketing tool, Google Analytics provides in-depth information about customers. However, most agencies, brands and businesses are not using the data acquirable to its full potential because of a demand of understanding, knowledge and the skills needed to analyse the reports to generate actionable insights from the acquirable metrics.

This class will take students through several practical examples and some processes to learn how to generate actionable insights from your reports to; improve key pages, focus on search terms or keywords that send you visitors and finally increase the conversion of visitors into customers.

In this class, students will learn: 

  • Guidelines and Tips for Google Analytics Implementation Process 
  • Following the "3A Framework" to obtain a "3D View" of your Website Data 
  • How to set up goals and KPIs that define your online marketing success 
  • Why you should stop looking at aggregates and how to segment data to make superior insights 
  • Understanding the key metrics that show the success/failure of your Website Structure, Design and Content

Suranga Priyashantha is a Senior Online Marketing Consultant at Netstarter, a leading eCommerce and Digital Bureau in Sydney. He is also an eMarketing Strategist and Trainer at eBusiness Academy. Suranga has nearly a decade of industry experience in different roles in the digital marketing field. He holds a B.Sc Degree in Marketing Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing from CIM-UK. Suranga is a Chartered Marketer, Certified eMarketer and Google Certified Adwords and Analytics Professional.

Can't make it? Sign up at General Assembly Sydney to stay in the loop on future events and classes.

at General Assembly
608 Harris St
Sydney, Australia

How can I get my website into top positions on search engines?

Question by Cherokee Billie: How can I get my website into top positions on search engines?
I have just finished my website

it’s an exciting story and I know that it would sell. What do I do to get into the top positions on search engines?

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Answer by Barkley Hound
Either pay a lot of money or try to get it listed on as many other web sites as possible. Search engines base position partly on popularity.

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The Right Ingredients: How to Turn Your Love of Food and Drink into a Successful Business

The Right Ingredients: How to Turn Your Love of Food and Drink into a Successful Business
Event on 2011-10-01 15:00:00

Saturday, October 1, 3-6 p.m.

Presented by Speak Simple Series and DIY Business Association at Dekalb Market

Dekalb Market, 332 Flatbush Avenue Extension, Brooklyn, New York

3-3:15 p.m.

Siggi Hilmarsson (Founder and CEO, The Nordic Milk & Skyr Corp.) Tells His Story

Dissatisfied in his corporate job, homesick, and hungry for skyr (the thick, not-too-sugary, protein-packed yogurt of his native Iceland), Siggi Hilmarsson decided to make it himself. Through trial and error, he developed the recipe at home and started giving away samples in 2005. Siggi's Skyr yogurt has since developed a cult following at Whole Foods and other retailers, and the company now employs 10 people. Hilmarsson will begin The Right Ingredients by sharing his inspiring story of his company's growth, fueled by passion, focus, and a knack for creating the right product for the time and place. Read more about Siggi Hilmarsson in "The Sugar Made Him Do It" on

3:15-4 p.m.

Panel 1: How to Build a Strong and Sustainable Brand


• Melissa Clark, New York Times food columnist and cookbook author

• Steve Hindy, President and Co-Founder of Brooklyn Brewery

• Cathy Erway, Blogger, Author, and Radio Personality, Not Eating Out in New York

• Moderator: Cara Cannella, Talk Simple Series Founder

Join us for an intimate conversation about how to build your brand from begin to success. Our panelists will share their experiences and give you the tools you need to build a sustainable career in a demanding and competitive field. We'll cover these questions and more:

· How do I find and focus on a niche?

· How do I craft and communicate a clear, concise, and recognizable message to my audience?

· How do I build a reputation through advertising, media, and word-of-mouth?

· How do I sustain growth while maintaining calibre and authenticity?

4-4:45 p.m.

Panel 2: Low-Cost and Attention-Grabbing Ways to Get Your Business Off the Ground


• Bryan Petroff and Doug Quint, Founders of Huge Gay Ice Cream Truck and Huge Gay Ice Cream shop

• David Carrell, Cofounder of People's Pops

• Rich Awn, Founder of Market Share, a shared-use commercial kitchen and market coming soon to Dekalb Market and Greenpoint, Brooklyn

• Moderator: Cara Cannella, Founder of Talk Simple Series

This panel will explore how the New York City food and beverage market has changed in current years and how entrepreneurs can adapt in order to capitalize on new opportunities. Specifically, we'll answer these questions:

· How to reach customers without investing in a traditional storefront?

· What are the benefits and challenges of various alternatives-from food trucks and flea markets to pop-up shops to retail shipping containers?

· How to manage logistics, from permits to insurance to meeting health and country requirements? Where to find, park, and store a food truck?

· How to lower begin costs through use of collaborative commercial kitchens?

· How much financing do you need to get started, and how do you obtain it?

· How to cultivate a loyal customer base through social media?

· How to expand your business and build a profit through events and catering?

4:45-5:15 p.m.

Shipping Containers Come to Life: A Walking Tour

The proprietors of two Dekalb Market vendors, Cuzin's Duzins and Mazie's Bites, will speak briefly about how their businesses operate, followed by a travel tour of the market.

• Chef Shana Silas, Founder of Mazie's Bites, international soul-food container at Dekalb Market

• Todd Jones, Founder of Cuzin's Duzins

5:15-6 p.m.

Networking Reception


SIGGI HILMARSSON is the founder of Siggi's Yogurt. He grew up in Reykjavík, Iceland, but in his mid-twenties got restless and moved to New York for graduate school. After reluctantly flirting with a corporate career, he set out to produce some skyr, the thick, strained yogurt that was a staple of his diet in Iceland. Having found the yogurt selection in American grocery much too sweet for his tastes, he resolved to make his own skyr yogurt low in sugar. Despite this handicap, the skyr found some followers at first in New York, but has since gained a slight following nationwide. Recently Hilmarsson also started making filmjolk, a Swedish style drinkable yogurt. Aside from his understandable enthusiasm for coagulation and understated typography, Hilmarsson enjoys reading and avoiding traffic. The entrepreneur will share his inspirational story in an opening speak at "The Right Ingredients." Click here to read an Inc. interview called "The Sugar Made Him Do It." Siggi's on Facebook

Throughout their years living in New York City, DOUGLAS QUINT and BRYAN PETROFF had always focused on their respective careers-until they got themselves a Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, which debuted in June 2009 at Brooklyn Pride. With a playful attitude, they spin a new take on old-school soft-serve by creating fun and one-of-a-kind cover cream toppings and frozen treats. The pair have been featured on The Rachel Ray Show and programs on the Cooking Channel, Sundance Channel, and Food Network. Currently, the truck is on the streets of New York for its third season, and in summer 2011, the Huge Gay Ice Cream Shop opened in the heart of the East Village, bringing rainbow sprinkles and caramelized bacon cover cream sandwiches to cover cream lovers year-round. With this expansion, Quint and Petroff have rechristened the company Huge Gay Ice Cream to encompass all of its ventures. @BigGayIceCream

STEPHEN HINDY is Founder, Chairman, and President of The Brooklyn Brewery, one of America's top 25 breweries. A former journalist, he became interested in home-brewing while serving as a Beirut-based Middle East Correspondent for The Associated Press. Back in the says as Newsday's assistant foreign editor in 1988, he began brewing his own beer and persuaded his neighbor, banker Tom Potter, they should quit their jobs and begin a brewery. Hindy is a member of the Board of Directors of the Beer Institute and The Brewers Association. He is a director of Brooklyn's Prospect Park Alliance, chairman of the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn, former chair of Brooklyn's Tourism Consortium, and a former member of Community Board 1. Hindy also serves on the Board of Transportation Alternatives. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Ellen, principal of Intermediate School 89 in Manhattan. With Potter, Hindy co-authored BEER SCHOOL: Bottling Success at the Brooklyn Brewery, Foreword by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, published by John Wiley & Sons. @BrooklynBrewery

MELISSA CLARK is a saint Beard Foundation honor winner, writes about cuisine, wine, and travel for numerous publications, including the New York Times (for which she writes the enormously favourite "A Good Appetite" Dining Section column), Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, Martha Stewart, and the website Gilt Taste. Her work has also appeared in Best Food Writing 2007, and she's a regular guest on The Cooking Channel's hit show Foodography. Clark has written 32 cookbooks, including Braise with justice Boulud; The Last Course with former Gramercy Tavern pastry chef Claudia Fleming; The Deen Family Cookbook with Paula Deen; and The Skinny: How to Fit into Your Tiny Black Dress Forever. Clark was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, where she now lives with her husband and daughter. @goodappetite

CATHY ERWAY has written about food, farming, and green living at The Huffington Post, Saveur, and Edible Brooklyn. Begun in 2006, her blog Not Eating Out in New York has received numerous honors, including being chosen in the "Top 50 Food Blogs in the World" by the Times UK in 2009. Erway has been featured in Newsweek, Glamour, Shape, and Martha Stewart Living magazines, and Erway has prefabricated numerous TV and broadcasting appearances, including Good Day New York and WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show ("Crowdsourcing: Lunch"). Erway hosts the weekly speak broadcasting show podcast, "Let's Eat In," on Heritage Radio Network, where she has interviewed guests such as Julie & Julia author Julie Powell and How to Cook Everything writer Mark Bittman on all things home-cooked. Erway is a co-founder and curator of the Hungry Filmmakers food documentary screening and discussion series, and has co-hosted numerous fundraisers for the local nonprofits Just Food and Slow Food NYC. She lives, writes, cooks, and grows in Brooklyn. @cathyerway

Moderator: CARA CANNELLA, founder of Speak Easy: Conversations with Artists & Entrepreneurs, is an endlessly curious interviewer who brings her journalistic talents to the stage for the moderated live series. She has written for The Huffington Post, The Boston Globe, Inc., AOL Small Business,, The L Magazine, and Edible Communities and has worked with Vanity Fair, The Atlantic Monthly, LIVE from the NYPL (New York Public Library), and BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). @speakeasyseries

SHANA SILAS is chef and owner of, a food enterprise offering international soul dishes. Mazie's mission is to revive the wholesome veggie-centric culinary traditions of soul food while taking your palate on an international journey through Africa, all crossways the Americas, and the has three arms: catering and events, mobile meals, and Mazie's Bites at Dekalb Marketin Brooklyn, New York. Mazie's Bites is one of a number of "food shipping containers" at Dekalb Market that's open seven days a week. With a background in information technology, Silas previously worked for IBM, Kellogg's, and Hewlett-Packard. As a passionate foodie, Chef Shana got her begin cooking for family and friends, which led to invitations to host and cook for social gatherings. She took her hobby to the next level and studied professionally at Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago. In 2009, after winning various cook-offs, Chef Shana prefabricated a career change from IT to chef. To help spread the news and excitement for her career change, Chef Shana launched, a regular dinner blog with more than 1,300 Facebook fans in its first month of launching. Chef Shana also founded, a project that combined her passion for food and her years of experience in IT in one concept-it's an online social network giving foodies the power to connect, share, and host underground supper clubs.

TODD L. JONES is the founder of Cuzin's Duzin, selling his famous mini doughnuts in a Dekalb Market shipping container. Cuzin's Duzin has been featured in Bakers Digest, Franchise Times, The Daily News, and The New York Times. Cuzin's Duzin is affiliated with the National Association of Concessionaires and the Retail Bakery Association. Cuzin's Duzin on Facebook

at Dekalb Market
138 Willoughby Street
Brooklyn, United States

Learn the Secret of Turning Internet Browsers into Buyers with Attraction Writing

Learn the Secret of Turning World wide web Browsers into Buyers with Attraction Writing

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) March 27, 2007

World wide web writing expert Michelle Howe’s new book, “Turn Browsers into Buyers,” offers an substitute to website income writing that she calls “attraction writing.” The book is a step-by-step guide of how to ethically present a marketing message in a way that grants the writer to tap into a target audience’s individualized value system. The secret is a technique of writing that instructs readers how to talk to that inner voice that guides them in making all the right decisions.

“Attraction writing generates sales; it’s that simple. People do business with people they like and trust,” explained Howe. “Turn Browsers into Buyers shows you how to instantly build rapport with your audience and how to express your marketing message without being pushy. It shows you how to make apiece page on your website interesting and engaging.”

According to Howe, “Poorly written website content is the number one reason a website fails as a marketing tool. Too much content confuses a visitor and too tiny content frustrates a visitor. But even more important, unless a website’s content has attraction writing, it will not immediately connect with your visitor.”

“Turn Browsers into Buyers” guides a reader through apiece step in the process of creating compelling content for apiece page of a website. Using attraction writing techniques, readers learn how to build rapport on apiece page they need to write: the Homepage, About Us page, Products page, Contact Us page, and any other page of a website. And everything they write will be exactly what needs to be stated to attract their target audience.

A website is only as good as its content and navigation. When visitors come to a site, they need to swiftly get the answers to their questions and swiftly find the information they need to make a decision.

Anything that interferes with that decision making process is going to cause a website visitor to abruptly leave the site. No business wants to deliberately turn away customers, yet some sites are so poorly designed that they are doomed to unfortunate right from the beginning.

A successful website is one that encourages interaction with the visitor and becomes the first choice for the customer when shopping online. In order to do this, a website needs to be memorable and create a “stickiness” that makes visitors want to come back again and again.

“Turn Browsers into Buyers, shows readers how to write the words that their audience wants and needs to hear,” stated Howe. “Speak to their hearts in a way that is not manipulative or ‘salesy.’ Learn techniques of writing that build a relationship of trust and confidence. Make them feel innocuous and secure.”

For additional information about “Turn Browsers into Buyers,” or to order the book, please visit

About Michelle Howe:

Michelle Howe, MBA, is president of World wide web Word Magic, an World wide web marketing and PR company. She is an expert in online copywriting and has years of experience teaching business writing at the university level. She is the author of “Turn Browsers into Buyers” and “Persuasive Writing Made Easy.”


Michelle Howe, President

Internet Word Magic




Vocus©Copyright 1997-

, Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.
Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

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Web Content Caf

Web Content Café, a Website Focused on Web Content, Helps Writers Get Into The Habit of Creating New Content Pages Daily

Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) Might 7, 2010

Quality content is the lifeblood of nearly any website. The creation of more pages results in increased traffic from the search engines, and through social media. With nearly each online revenue model, a higher volume of visitors translates into a higher income for the site.

While some companies turn to content mills, and fill their sites with hundreds of low-quality pages created offshore, many site owners want to remain focused on high-quality content which they create themselves.

Their challenge is not writing the content – but coming up with fresh ideas and then publishing new pages on a regular basis.

Nick Usborne, author of Net Words (McGraw-Hill), has over a decade of experience as a leading online writer and copywriter for some of the world’s largest companies and organizations. But with he is applying his experience and expertise to help smaller companies and individual site owners.

“Small companies, organizations, groups and individuals can attract an enormous amount of search engine traffic to their websites, but only if they get into the usage of publishing calibre content on a regular basis. And that content had superior be interesting, useful, engaging, and optimized for the search engines.”

Web Content Café is a membership site with the option to select either a monthly or annual subscription.

With a new content intent published daily, five days a week, the site’s purpose is to tap content writers on the shoulder and say, “Hey, don’t forget to write some new content today. And here is an intent to get you started.”

Learn more at

# # #

Vocus©Copyright 1997-

, Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.
Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

Turn Your Words Into Traffic: Finally! the Secret to Non-Stop Free Targeted Website Traffic

Turn Your Words Into Traffic: Finally! the Secret to Non-Stop Free Targeted Website Traffic

Used – Instruct people how to create lasting, steady and dependable flow to their website while positioning themselves in the marketplace as an expert. It’s not a get rich swift scheme, but a very effective way for people with low or no budget to create content that can get you traffic ? ezines, RSS feeds, blog, ezine declaration sites, newsletter, website. Point is that most people can?t write very well and have phobia about writing. Don?t know right way to write to get people to take action with

Price: $ 11.12
Sold by Alibris

Simple Web Sites: Organizing Content-Rich Web Sites Into Simple Structures

Simple Web Sites: Organizing Content-Rich Web Sites Into Easy Structures

Once websites were easy and easy to navigate, but didn’t contain much useful information. Today, they are packed with information and oftentimes are equally packed with complex navigational systems that confuse more than they help. Many top Web designers have discovered that there’s an art to creating sites that are both vastly informative and simply organized. Their trade secrets are revealed here. This book explores the thinking and methodology behind the creation of 24 easy yet con

List Price: $ 25.00

Price: $ 67.48

Dame Anne: ‘I disolved into giggles’

Dame Anne: ‘I disolved into giggles’
Scottish MP Anne Begg has spoken of her surprise at being prefabricated a chick in the New Year Honours List for her services to disabled people.
Read more on BBC News

Most Popular Firefox Extensions and Posts of 2010 [Video]
# bestof2010 Firefox isn’t the only browser for power users anymore, but that didn’t stop it from having a great year of updates, extensions, and tweaks in 2010. Here’s a look back at the most favourite Firefox extensions and posts. More »
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