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Question by ♥☮:): Advice from someone in the publishing industry?
I am a freshman communications major in college,and am starting to plan my classes for the next couple years. I am planning to get into the publishing industry and am unsure of which classes would benefit me most in that pursuit. Below are the list of classes I might select from as a communications major:
Public Relations

Copywriting/Storyboarding in Broadcast Advertising

Copyediting, Layout and Design

Website Design and Publishing

Principles of Marketing

Principles of Advertising

Sports-Related Marketing

Advertising Campaigns

Event Planning and Management

Advanced Public Relations

Survey of Broadcasting and New Media

TV Production I

Beginning Cinema Production

Radio Industry

Politics in Cinema

Advanced Cinema Production

Broadcast Sports Production

Freedom of Communication

Legal Issues & the New Media

Broadcast News Production

Argumentation & Advocacy

Persuasive Communication Campaigns

Business and Professional Communication

Small Group Communication


Working on the Echo


Film Theory (capstone, Film and TV Production Concentration)

Can someone in the publishing industry advise me on which classes would be ideal to take for the field? thanks !

Best answer:

Answer by Andrew J.
If you plan to oppose a career in the publishing industry, its ideal to stick to the basics. Begin with writing, once that’s cleared you can branch out to other forms of media like video and film. Public relations is also necessary since publishing needs strong networks. Its like what they always say, “its about the people you know”.

Here are a few classes I selected from your board:

Copywriting/Storyboarding in Broadcast Advertising


Film Theory (capstone, Film and TV Production Concentration)

Broadcast News Production

Persuasive Communication Campaigns

Advertising Campaigns

Principles of Marketing

Public Relations

Freedom of Communication

Legal Issues & the New Media

Business and Professional Communication

I hope this helps!

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Coming Soon: The NAICS Association Will Soon Offer a Real-Time Industry Code Identification Tool for all Established Companies to Easily Determine their NAICS & SIC Codes

Rockaway, NJ (PRWEB) April 04, 2013

With over 73,000,000 page views a year, NAICS Association provides the web’s most favourite private resource for NAICS & SIC industry Codes & Descriptions. The Business Data Experts at the NAICS Association have prefabricated it easier for businesses to find their Census Assigned NAICS & SIC Codes and Descriptions since 1997.

Today, the NAICS Association has announced it will be rolling out a new, real-time company look-up tool. This tool will service the NAICS Associations 22,000+ regular visitors who come to the NAICS Association seeking to refer the official Census-assigned NAICS Codes for their business. No longer will companies need to struggle to determine which code most accurately represents their primary revenue-producing line of business. The new search tool will grant companies to input a company study and fix code and choose their company from several options. The business marketing report including the NAICS & SIC codes will be acquirable at a small fee.

Earlier this year NAICS Association announced it had employed Netwave Interactive, Lattice Marketing & Lattice Design to bring their data customers an intuitive, individual friendly design to complement the new, more concise NAICS logo. This, coupled with more robust NAICS & SIC search tools, real-time company lookup capabilities, and extensive new market research functionality, will make NAICS Associations website a powerful tool to satisfy the business data needs of a much wider audience seeking business firmagraphic information, B-to-B marketing lists and database enhancements.

With access to the most trusted database of businesses in the country, The NAICS Association will offer small, medium and massive businesses as well as universities, libraries, and market research firms unparalleled capability to size up potential target markets swiftly and easily without paying massive subscription fees for the privilege of accessing this powerful information.

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Insurance Industry: Bancassurance Foresight, Solvency II Assessment in New Research Reports

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) March 22, 2013

Bancassurance the understanding of retail insurance products to a commercial banks client base, also known as the Bank Insurance Model (BIM) has evolved different models since its origins in the European Union (EU) in the mid-1980s. The classic European model is an integrated one, with common ownership or some form of exclusive commitment between the insurance bourgeois and bank distributor. In the US, the model involves nearly total separation between the two, while in many emerging markets in Asia-Pacific, where foreign insurers compete for shelf space on the limited number of domestic bank distribution platforms, a third structure is evolving.

Bancassurance growth differs significantly between geographical regions states the report @

In the US, despite primeval indications that bancassurance might achieve market penetration levels in life insurance comparable to the one-third share it has in Europe, US banks have struggled to achieve a market share of 2% and essentially offer a range of third-party insurance products to wage choice to their clients. In contrast, in the booming markets of Asia-Pacific and Latin America, the market shares of the bancassurance channel are rapidly approaching European levels. In Latin America, the demand for pension products and easy savings oriented life insurance products are the main drivers, whereas in APAC, growth is fostered by life insurance, protection, endowment, health and pension products.

Order / Purchase a copy of this report @

The current financial crisis of 2007-9 has had a traumatic impact on global bancassurance in terms of income as well as long-term durability of bancassurance links has also been affected. While the overall durability of joint ventures and ownership links has historically been quite positive, the crisis has not only seriously dilapidated leading bancassurance competitors such as Fortis, KBC and ING, who have been forced to retrench by big quality losses, but has also driven many to divest themselves of banking or insurance affiliates because of a need for capital in the downturn. The current EU decision to order the divestiture of INGs insurance businesses is a good example of this.

Assessing Solvency II: Challenges and Opportunities for the Insurance Industry (

The Solvency II Directive can be considered the gold standard in insurance regulation and is also being looked upon as a global benchmark in insurance regulation due to its comprehensive scope and structure. The short-term impact on life and general insurance business is likely to be negative. Significant capital charges for risky and volatile assets with high yields are expected to drive changes in investment policies. Sovereign bonds will acquire more exposure and replace high capital charge assets, rendering some of the products noncurrent and unviable.

Solvency II stipulations pose significant challenges

The complex nature of calculating solvency capital requirements, marketing consistent treatment of equilibrise sheet items and integrating risk management in central business processes will exert immense pressure on the current structure and will increase the cost of specialists required to handle business models efficiently and in compliance with the new norms. It will also require reliable data and IT infrastructure, adding further pressure on company resources and budgets.


Despite the cost shock to insurers in the short run, if carefully designed and implemented, it will enable firms to examine product profitability on a consistent and continuous basis. Eventually, it will also uncover many opportunities for cross-selling and expose loopholes in an insurers portfolio that can be replaced by new feasible products. Insurers can turn the tide in their favor by indulging in product innovation, re-pricing of current products, diversifying their portfolio, tapping into tax benefits and utilizing the harmonization feature of Solvency II, and changing their business strategies to carefully include mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and other cost optimization activities.

Order / Purchase a copy of this report @

Europe to Show Implementation Path as Key Regions Move Towards Equivalency but Refrain from Complete Adoption

Most European countries are not prepared to adopt the project fully and the current deadline of 1 Jan 2014 is expected to be breached again. Major countries in the American and Asia-Pacific regions are also going through structural changes in their regulations and are perceptive developments in Europe carefully. Most of the companies operating in these regions will be directly or indirectly affected by the regulation changes in Europe. Even though none of the countries have indicated full adoption of the Solvency II regime, most Asia-Pacific countries are moving in the same direction with norms similar to Solvency II already in place or proposals to do so.

Explore more regional as well as global reports on the Insurance Industry @

About Us: ( is an online market research reports library of 200,000+ in-depth studies of over 5000 micro markets. We wage 24/7 online and offline support service to our customers.

Screw Piles win FLI Structures new Industry Approval Certificate

Screw Piles

(PRWEB) September 9, 2010

FLI Structures are the leaders in the design, manufactures, supply and installation of steel structures and their foundations including screwpiles and steel grillages.

From their experience in screwpile design and manufacturing; which is displayed on their website, FLI Structures have recently been awarded the prestigious certificate for the ‘Register of Qualified Steelwork Contractors Scheme for Bridgeworks’.

FLI Structures were presented with this certificate as they wage exceptional services and calibre products, these products can be viewed on the FLI Structures website. More bridge site contractors are now using these innovative products such as steel grillages anchored down by screwpiles/Helical screwpiles as these new foundation solutions enable bridges to be built faster, reducing delays from engineering work.

Screw Piles

FLI screwpiles will support structures in both tension and compression providing an saint solution where overturning moments are significant. The screwpiles are individually designed by FLI’s engineers to suit the separate ground conditions on the site. The torques are recorded during installation to confirm that adequate capacity has been achieved. Testing can be done simply if required.

Screwpiles have only recently been discovered as a cost effect, and proven replacement for original methods for foundations, the main benefits that screwpiles contain compared to other foundations include –

    Screwpiles are swift to install – saving time & money
     No excavations or spoil to cart away – saving money, particularly if there is contaminated ground
     No concrete or curing time – enables speedier commissioning of sites
     Small footprint – enables smaller bases in restricted areas
     Screwpiles have a flexible design – frames can be designed to bridge services allowing area congested services to be built negating the need for re-routing cables.
    Sustainable solution – screwpiles are extractable & re-useable.
     Installation in low temperatures – no down time, unlike concrete
    Screwpiles are a cost effective solution in soft ground, where traditional piling is more costly and concrete is technically unsuitable

Helical Screw Piles

Helical screwpiles, with their easy elegance and their sophisticated design, are the latest form of foundation technology to be designed. A helical pile consists of a galvanised steel shaft onto which is welded a series of low-pitched circular steel plates.

There are different benefits with Helical screwpiles compared to conventional piles, these include –

    Helical screwpiles are fast in install
    Vibration free, quiet and virtually fume-free
    No excavations or spoil to remove from site
    No concrete or curing time
    Small footprint – helical screw piles are saint for restricted sites
    Helical screwpiles have a design flexibility
    Sustainability (removable and re-useable)

Steel Grillage specialists

FLI Structures also manufacturer steel grillages. A steel grillage is a rigid construction that’s put at adequate depth below ground that the weight of soil removed to place it equals the weight of the supported structure. Steel grillages can hold many types of diverse structures such as railway OLE gantries and highway signage. Steel Grillages are the interface structures that often link underlying piles to overlying structures.

FLI Structures are also manufactures of many other relevant products for the Bridgeworks industry. The two main other sources of foundations that wage good foundations solutions in difficult ground include:-

Driven Piles

For situations where piling foundations can't be used, FLI Structures have come up with the solution of using Driven Piles. Driven Piles are evenhandedly new to the industry and are used when the ground is very solid and only sheer force is what is required to install a Pile.

New Mini Piles

Another substitute to Driven Piles is the relatively new Mini Piles (also referred to as Micro piles). Mini piles are another version of FLI Structures core product screwpiles, however they again can be used for different soil situations. FLI Structures have just created a new page on their website to show the benefits of mini piling.

This revised site is a valuable online Screw Piling resource

FLI Structures are chesty to be a part of the Register of Qualified Steelwork Contractors Scheme for Bridgeworks. Screwpiles offer captivating time and money saving advantages for many construction projects. Their newly extended web site offers an easy-to-use resource for anyone specifying screwpiles or needing to comprehend the diverse uses of screwpiling. All these new products mentioned above have recently been created as new web pages on the FLI Structures website where further information is available.

For more information on this or any of our products please visit our website or contact us on 44-(0)1452-722200


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QA Graphics Expands System Graphic Solutions for the Building Controls Industry

QA Graphics Expands System Graphic Solutions for the Building Controls Industry

3D Control System Graphic

Ankeny, IA (Vocus) April 20, 2010

QA Graphics, an industry leader in the design of control system graphics, is pleased to announce the expansion of their graphic outsourcing abilities to wage the building controls industry with a range of custom 3D graphic solutions that can be utilized by most building automation systems (BASs).

One of QA Graphics’ core competencies is providing comprehensive graphic outsourcing services for the building automation industry, allowing the customer to spend less time assembling BAS graphics and HVAC graphics, and further distinguish themselves in the market. The company works with a number of control system providers and designs custom graphics for several of the industry’s largest control system manufactures. QA Graphics creates system graphics for nearly each type of building automation system, providing building automation graphics that are more appealing and realistic than can be created with BAS software. Users look to QA Graphics to continually access high-end system graphics that accurately represent mechanical control drawings and wage a competitive advantage in the industry. QA Graphics is experienced with most building automation systems, including:

Johnson Controls, Inc.
KMC Controls
Reliable Controls
Siemens Building Technologies

QA Graphics’ outsourcing solutions are developed by their in-house design team of trained mechanical engineers to ensure the graphics are accurate and fit the user’s needs. The company offers four levels of graphic solutions, with or without animations, to wage a solution for any graphic requirement. The graphics abilities include:

Created with Existing Graphics:

Graphics can be developed using a customer’s existing symbols, allowing the customer to utilize their time elsewhere and receive custom graphics that can easily be integrated with their existing graphics.

3D Orthographic (Schematic):

Graphics are represented in a schematic view, similar to control drawings, so that parts of the system graphic (such as an air handling unit or remote terminal unit) can be moved to other locations without the image looking distorted. These graphics are developed using images from QA Graphics’ 3D BAS Symbol Library, which is a set of static and animated symbols that many control system providers buy to consistently create their own high-end graphics.

3D Perspective (Schematic):

Graphics are represented in a schematic view, similar to control drawings, so that the systems show a vanishing point. These high-end graphics wage a competitive advantage in the controls industry.

3D Photo-Realistic

Graphics are custom developed so that the system is represented as if it were being viewed in real life. The photo-realistic system graphics include a great amount of detail and offer users a high-end position in the controls industry.    

Samples of system graphics can be viewed at: QA Graphics also provides the building industry with a number of services, including floor plan development, drafting services and 3D development.

About QA Graphics:

QA Graphics is an innovative graphic development company specializing in control system graphics for the building automation industry. The company is a leader in the design of custom graphical individual interfaces (GUI), energy dashboards, 3D design/animation and drafting services. QA Graphics also offers website development and multimedia solutions.Visit to learn more.



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