How to get immediate Pay per click results?

Question by Shy: How to get immediate Pay per click results?
I started a new ad campaign a week ago. I selected lucrative keywords, but also a small budget ($ 30) I havent seen any results yet. What can I do to get immediate results or superior results?

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Answer by JLMelvin
Research your keyword selection – try to find words that have a high to medium demand with low competition.

Then create a targeted landing page that tells the benefit of your product vice the selling.

One of the ways to see results is to give away something for free, like an ebook or something in exchange for the prospects information like: email, address, phone #, & name.

Then, as it is with marketing & selling, the fortune is in the follow-up. Have their info go directly into your autoresponder and follow-up with a targeted selection of prewritten letters that will eventually win the sale.

Very rarely will a understanding take place immediately – that’s why you capture their information, build a relationship, then make the sale.

Also, think about using free classified advertising to drive traffic to your site

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