Cooking the Turkey Dinner, With a Little Help From My Phone

Cooking the Turkey Dinner, With a Tiny Help From My Phone
Its calm, clean graphics might make you feel calm yourself as you juggle gravy, dessert, drinks and more. … Though it's more straightforward than Bon Appétit's app, it still has handy extras like hints and tips videos, and ideas on what to do with the …
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Making the Cut: Career Advice from Film Graphic Designer Annie Atkins
I design graphic props and set-pieces for filmmaking. Depending on the period, these can be telegrams, newspapers, love letters, shop signs, stained glass, posters, cigarette boxes, imitation social media sites. … Then I'll go down to the workshops to …
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Q&A: HTML/JavaScript Image Map Help

Question by Raptor753: HTML/JavaScript Image Map Help
I prefabricated this image as the opening page for a website I’m making. I place the image in JavaScript so that it would adjust itself according to the screen resolution. But, when I tried to create an image map for the bar at the bottom it would not make an image map. Could anyone solve this problem? Is it because the image is in JavaScript?

Here is the link to the page:

Thank You for any help.

Best answer:

Answer by DaveE
The problem seems to be (for me anyway) that your coordinates are wrong. I tried your page, and got a height of 824 pixels, despite the fact that your Y coordinates aren’t scaled appropriately and begin at 878 to 992, which was off the screen!

You need some additional logic in there– something like:

var x1,y1,x2,y2;
x1 = scale_coord(47,1800,correctwidth);
x2 = scale_coord(206,1800,correctwidth);
y1 = scale_coord(878,1005,correctheight);
y2 = scale_coord(992,1005,correctheight);


function scale_coord(val,norm,max) {
return int(max*(val/norm));

But really, I wouldn’t do it that way– Your image is going to suffer from JPEG compression and expansion on the user’s screen, so it’s going to look a tiny ugly. Probably superior to create buttons as separate div styles (text on a gradient background), or text on an image background (a gradient background image won’t look as bad when compressed, but text will).


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I need a good article writing service to help with content on my website. It must not be expensive.?

Question by gman4u: I need a good article writing service to help with content on my website. It must not be expensive.?
My website is new, and focus on the “internet and online marketing” niche. The freelance service that I’m seeking must show examples of articles finished for clients marketing within this area.

Best answer:

Answer by coolstuff
Hello there,
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the average cost per article $ 5 us for a 500 words article and the service comes with a monthly fee of around 9 us dollars. So I hope that falls into the range of cheap article service you were looking for.

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Three Pillars Customer Support Help Desk Software

Three Pillars Customer Support Help Desk Software
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CSS browser compatibility… HELP!?

Question by rto0288: CSS browser compatibility… HELP!?
I have IE7 which supports everything I do, I’ve been writing IE compatible code for years, for fun. I never saw the need to write for any other browser until now, since I’m making a website professionally. What I’ve done looks beautiful on my browser but when tested in mozilla and older versions of IE I get all kinds of issues. For example I use a UL to do my left-side nav bar. CSS controls everything, ul li:hover a {switches image to indicate it the mouse is over it}… doesn’t work in any other browser. I have no clue how to attack this problem, where do I begin? what questions should I be asking? where should I ask them? are there any good resources devoted to this issue? any help will be much appreciated as I’m absolutely overwhelmed by this.
mm I’m sure you’re all correct about IE so it sounds like I probably have a ton of bad habits to unlearn, I’ll post some code in a bit and you can tell me what sucks about it :).
okay I confused my new navigation menu with the old one. the new one uses UL but the old one is a plateau format. also I used a transparent png as the background of a div and used the div to add some gradient to the background of the page, this is kinda screwy too. here’s the webpage, it’s my family’s business: it’s not going to look like much with firefox but in IE7 it’s perfect so if you have both browsers you can see what I was trying to do by using IE7 and what went horribly wrong by using any other browser…

Best answer:

Answer by Jake Cigar
I bet you are doing some IE only tricks in your css! standard css works crossways all browsers! hover rocks!

Perhaps if you post a image of the site use firefoxers will take a look!

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Ok, I need help with getting these JS codes to work?

Question by Artic Heat: Ok, I need help with getting these JS codes to work?
I can't get these 2 codes below to work or execute. It is driving me insane, I have place the {} on the operations, I have tried var, but nothing. If someone can direct me, or show me what I am doing wrong it would be awesome:

if (TestTaken == “chem”){
if (score > 80)
window.alert(“You did great!”);
else if (score > 60)
window.alert(“You passed.”);
window.alert(“Try again.”);
}else if (TestTaken == “math”){
if (score > 70)
window.alert(“Try again.”);
window.alert(“Please take your test.”);

Then this code:

switch (rating){
case “AAA” :
window.alert(“Highest Quality”);
case “AA” :
window.alert(“High Quality”);
case “A” :
window.alert(“Upper Medium”);
case “BBB” :
window.alert(“Medium “);
case “BB” :
case “B”, “CCC”, “C” :
window.alert(“Highly Speculative “);
default :
window.alert(“You did not enter a valid bond rating!”);

I am using notepad++l which is what I have always used, I decided to get Dreamweaver started up and I still can't get the code to execute. Are the spacings wrong? Am I not using the correct brackets or operations?

Best answer:

Answer by Ratchetr
Whoa…how did we get from math and chemistry to bond ratings?

Anyway…1 issues I see:

case “B”, “CCC”, “C” :

I think VB is the only language that lets you string together cases with commas like that.

case “B”:
case “CCC”:
case “C” :
window.alert(“Put the money under the mattress “);

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Help me get started: How do you create myspace layouts and websites?

Question by Elizabella: Help me get started: How do you create myspace layouts and websites?
I’ve really been wanting to begin my own myspace layout website. However, I need a lot of help getting started. For example, where is the ideal place to learn about html/css? Also, photoshop help. I would really appreciate the help!

Best answer:

Answer by
Make a Webpage

Beginner’s HTML Tutorial:
How to Create a Webpage:
Web Site Blog:

Free Editors:

PageBreeze (both a visual and html source editor):


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Unique Tools to Help Executives get ?Unstuck? in Their Careers Discussed in Free Teleclass

Mountainside, NJ (PRWEB) Jan 23, 2010

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Amanda Mitchell, who has worked with hundreds of senior level executives in Fortune 500 companies, has a one-of-a-kind method to refer exactly what is keeping executives stuck—and the tools to resolve it. Using a practical, results-driven process, executives are healthy to change their appearance to see both how they are getting in their own way as well as refer new opportunities for themselves. Mitchell has done so successfully over the past nine years as an ICF certified professional coach.

“More than ever, Corporate Executives are feeling a demand of control over their careers and fear about the future. Each day, I talk with people who feel like they don’t have options, that they’ve lost control of their working lives. I want to help them learn how to get back that sense of control using practical tools.”

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Q&A: Help -What software to get for website graphics?

Question by h nitrogen: Help -What software to get for website graphics?
I just want to get easy software to make good lucking website graphics like banners and buttons. I would hate to pay $ 150 bucks to get Photoshop just to do such a easy tasks. Anything cheaper? Or is there a good website that has free webgraphics with no strings attached?

Best answer:

Answer by Kickflip Life
Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9. Simple, Simple and can make good graphics.

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