Q&A: how do you make a rotating carousel navigation in adobe flash cs4?

Question by Joe: how do you make a rotating carousel navigation in adobe flash cs4?
How do you code and adobe flash cs4 rotating carousel to use on a website for navigation. The images need to be healthy to be clicked on to go to other pages in the website.

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Answer by ☪ Ҏєɑɕε ℂѻδε ✌ ≡ ★ كريم رمَضَان ✪
See the guide here: http://tv.adobe.com/search/?q=%20rotate

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How do i optimise search engine results in a Flash website?

Question by nicky: How do i optimise search engine results in a Flash website?
I’m creating a 6page website in Flash and Dreamweaver. To make sure the text is picked up by search engines, would adding the text in Dreamweaver solve this?

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Answer by Mohsin
In daytime job I’m a Flash developer. But when it comes to creating websites I don’t think Flash is the way to go. Not just because Flash has some serious accessibility issues, but mainly because Flash-only websites are very search engine unfriendly
So Solution, add google sitemap-

Google sitemaps-

A Google sitemap is an XML document that you place in your site’s root folder that contains the layout of your site. Google’s indexing mechanism will use this info to index apiece page on your site. You can simply place the “?page=something” links in there, and apiece page will be indexed. Especially for massive websites, this could be an saint way to make sure all your pages are spidered. Without having to link to apiece single one from the placeholder HTML.

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How do I make the graphics on my website “Flash Graphics”?

Question by Walker’s Farm, Home, & Tack: How do I make the graphics on my website “Flash Graphics”?
I am new to the website designing thing, but I’m pretty good about figuring things out on my own, but this one has me stumped. I have graphics and pictures on my site, a staff page in particular, and none of the graphics are “Flash Graphics”, so they load up weird when people log onto the site. How can I make the graphics/photos into flash graphics? Or can’t I make graphics that already exist into flash graphics? I don’t know at all how to do this. Thanks for any help that you can give me!

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Answer by Wei Qi
You can make the graphics flash by using programs like Adobe Flash and putting your images into them. But this needs more advanced knowledge.

What I recommend is that, you brush up on your HTML skills so that you can make the graphics look okay for everyone.

I don’t know how much you know so that is all the advice I can give.

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Is there a way to automatically check Section 508 Accessibility standards for a heavily Flash based software?

Question by Derek L: Is there a way to automatically check Section 508 Accessibility standards for a heavily Flash based software?
There are websites out there like http://wave.webaim.org/ and http://validator.w3.org/ but I’m trying to check accessibility for a website that’s pretty much 100% Flash.

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Answer by c0nfuted
While it’s doable to make Flash accessible, it’s on of those “we wish ya the ideal o’luck!” things – it ain’t easy.

Download NVDA screen reader – it’s free:

If you don’t have admin rights to your PC, download the portable version – just unzip it to a thumb drive or any folder, and run it.

It’s not difficult to learn, shares a lot of the same keystrokes as JAWS, and for the most part, does a superior job of being Standards compliant than JAWS.

Freedom Scientific (the makers of JAWS) works directly with Microsoft Corporation and we all know Microsoft isn’t all that worried about Standards.

NVDA and Mozilla work with apiece other, and Mozilla is a paid supporter of NVDA – I’d go with Firefox and NVDA whenever you’re trying to determine if something is Standard compliant.

Best o’luck! Oh, move – was that an reflexion I heard?

(FYI: before you install JAWS and run it in demo mode, be sure to note that not-so-Freedom Scientific prohibits using JAWS in demo mode for development. They want your $ 1,100!)

EDIT: looks like the NVDA site might be down for maintenance at the moment – try again, later!

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How exactly do I use Meta Tags in Dreamweaver? I am trying to figure out how to get a Flash Site?

Question by ihatechunli: How exactly do I use Meta Tags in Dreamweaver? I am trying to figure out how to get a Flash Site?
noticed by Search Engines. I will embed one flash goal in an html page and the website will basically be inside that. I know I can use Meta Tags to get it searchable. Some state this doesn’t work. Isn’t it doable to type apiece of the keywords into the html and simply make the font color the same as the background color? It wouldn’t be visible but the Search engines would still pick it up, right?

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Answer by Greg S
Most search engines ignore META tags nowadays. The really noticeable keywords have to be contained somewhere in the body. You can use keywords on the image tags for example KEYWORDS GO HERE You can also do what you mentioned about matching the font to the background color, but that might look like sloppy coding, plus it will require extra rework later. If you are going to do the matched font to background, I would advocate making a css document to go along with it.

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