Firefox, how to quickly save a page to favorites tool bar?

Question by blackcat2240: Firefox, how to swiftly save a page to favorites tool bar?
In World wide web Explorer there’s an picture in the toolbar that once clicked on immediately saves the current page to the toolbar without hassle. Does Firefox have something like that? Maybe an add-on?

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Answer by Carlos static-x
ctrl+d and then select a study for that website and then jjust click ‘done’

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How do you get your webpages to look the same in both FireFox and Internet Internet Explorer?

Question by Chattron: How do you get your webpages to look the same in both FireFox and World wide web World wide web Explorer?
I recently started learnin how to design websites using XHTML and CSS. I always validate my webpages at the W3C validation site, but I still find it extremely difficult to get my webpages to look the same on FireFox and World wide web Explorer.

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Answer by Matt Flaschen
First of all, neither browser complies with all web standards, so IE is worse. Second, there might be individual CSS differences that cause different appearances, without any error in rendering.

As long as it looks okay in both, I wouldn’t worry. It’s unreasonable to anticipate them to render identically.

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KGen Keyword Generator for FireFox Browser

Check out these choosing keywords images:

KGen Keyword Generator for FireFox Browser
choosing keywords
Image by Maria Reyes-McDavis
KGen Key Generator for Firefox is a great keyword research tool, that let’s you see the keyword data of any website and also other important information to help you select the right keywords.

choosing keywords
Image by FindYourSearch
choose the right keywords

Keyword Selection or Select Your Battles Wisely
choosing keywords
Image by Frederick Md Publicity
I dunno about you but I’d rather get in a fight with 49K than duke it out against 110K.

Is there an easy way to create a desktop shortcut that opens Firefox to a specific link?

Question by ouroboros0427: Is there an simple way to create a desktop shortcut that opens Firefox to a specific link?
So here’s the deal…

I have created a desktop shortcut for my daughter to access her favorite website. The problem is that Windows is not opening Firefox like it is supposed to. Upon double-clicking the shortcut, Windows informs me that there is no program associated with the file. I have gone into “Folder Options -> File Types” and associated .url extensions (subclassed as “internet shortcuts”) with the command line that opens Firefox. Am I missing something or is there another bourgeois that I am not taking into consideration?

All I want to do, ultimately, is to create an picture on my desktop that my daughter can click on to get to her favorite website to play games.

Any help is appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by Gnomon
Create the shortcut as follows:

1. Click on the Begin button and navigate to the place in the Begin menu that has Firefox. But instead of clicking on it, hold down CTRL and drag the firefox onto your desktop. This will make a shortcut.

2. Test the shortcut by double clicking on it. It will bring you to the normal default begin page in Firefox. Close Firefox.

3. Now right click on the shortcut and choose Properties. One of the properties is the “target” which will end with firefox.exe”

4. Add a space after this, then place the URL that you want to go to in Firefox, for example

5. Click OK to end the properties window and test the shortcut.

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Mozilla Firefox Accessibility Extension

Check out these website accessibility images:

Mozilla Firefox Accessibility Extension
website accessibility
Image by cobalt123
Screenshots taken while in flickr, to illustrate the Mozilla Firefox accessibility extension and toolbar. This is one of the ideal resources for people with and without disabilities! It is part of universal design when such open source developments help all kinds of World wide web users. One of the primary objectives is to help web developers, and there is a hope that more developers will make sure their content and code will be accessible by largest variety of users. If nothing else, I completely advocate this tool to make reading online websites far more enjoyable.

Link to Flickr Central topic I started on this issue.

Ann Arbor Government Website Accessibility Features Page
website accessibility
Image by rosefirerising

Braille Terminal / Display
website accessibility
Image by karola riegler photography
Braille Terminal / Display

Foto by Karola Riegler taken at Atag09, Vienna

Seen Online 2010

* Website Accessibility Tips and Testing, 19.01.2010…

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