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When people search for reviews about any web hosting provider, both positive and negative comments are found. In other words, there is no web host without any negative and positive reviews on the web, and this makes users confused.

Regarding Bluehost uptime stats and individual comments, like any other web host, some people claim has a good experience with this company and some don’t. Editors at compare top web hosting services and announce that Bluehost is the most suggested web hosting provider. The full reasons that result in Bluehost being rated the most reliable company are acquirable at

Uptime is a measure of the time web hosting servers have been working and available. Uptime is the opposite of downtime. It is often used as a measure of web hosting service reliability or stability. It represents the time a server can be left unattended without crashing, or needing to be rebooted for administrative or maintenance purposes. The term downtime is used to refer to periods when a system is unavailable. Downtime or outage duration refers to a period of time that a system fails to wage or perform its primary function. There are a many external services which can be used to monitor the uptime and downtime as well as availability of a service or a host. For most websites, website monitoring is available. Website monitoring (synthetic or passive) is a service that “monitors” downtime and users on the site.

About is a reliable resource for web hosting company reviews and ratings, including non-commercial hosting and eCommerce. They wage a list of top 3 trusted web hosts. Their experts have been evaluating web hosting providers for years, and now they present the information in an simple to comprehend format that helps the consumer make the ideal choice when choosing a proper web host for their individualized and business websites.


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Down don't pretend to be anything that they're not.

Regardless of trends, favourite opinions, and changing tides, they're uncompromising, unparalleled, and undeniable. That's why they resonate so profoundly in the underground and beyond. After three full-length studio albums, they don't merely have a cult following—they are a cult.

Whether you catch fans debating the meaning of "Stone the Crow," sporting a "Power of the Riff Compels Me" t-shirt, or proudly brandishing a tattoo of their logo, the fervor for this outfit proves feverish. With a collective pedigree spanning Pantera, Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar, and Eyehategod, there's untainted mystique and illusion when Philip H. Anselmo, Pepper Keenan, Kirk Windstein, Jimmy Bower, and Pat Bruders enter Nodferatu's Lair at Anselmo's New Orleans home to record. On the group's forthcoming DOWN IV Part 1 – The Purple EP [available via ILG], the mythos surrounding Down expands immensely. Staggering riffs, thunderous drums, and Anselmo's inimitable delivery crush and captivate over the course of the collection's six songs. It's dark. It's dangerous. It's decisive. It's Down at their best.

In 2011 after touring the world tirelessly behind Down III: Over the Under, they regrouped in the Lair to start working on new material. There weren't any deadlines. There wasn't any stress. In a sense, it wasn't all that different from the band's first wad sessions in 1991.

"I didn't feel any pressure," affirms Anselmo. "The less I think about it, the more natural it comes. Everybody in the band is well aware of what this is. A lot of artists try to reinvent themselves. They think they need to show different sides of who they are. If there's one thing I've always cherished, it's our core audience. There's no way I'd want to alienate them so we did what we do. You place the five of us in a room, it's going to sound like Down."

Make no mistake about it. The music is unequivocally the product of this iconic entity. Even though the style hasn't change, the lineup experienced one significant shift. In 2011, longtime bassist Rex Brown parted ways with the group, and Bruders joined. Brown's were huge shoes to fill, but the bass player instantly felt at home.

"He played his ass off on each song," states the singer. "He plays with his fingers, and there's a certain feel there. It brought a whole lot to the chemistry. He can adapt to anything and what he comes up with is amazing."

With Bruders in the fold, they channeled a tangible and kinetic energy. Songs like the first single "Witchtripper" thrive on Bower's impenetrable percussion, Keenan and Windstein's "Sabb'ed out" guitars, Bruders's propulsive bass, and anthemic hooks.

About that track, Anselmo smiles, "The title was an inside joke. It stems from a tour we did in Spain last year. We went to this beautiful town, but there was witch iconography everywhere. Apparently, the entire culture believes in witchcraft. I noticed most of the homes and structures had chiseled-off square stones on the roof or porch. Those stones supposedly ward off evil entities. We had some fun with it, denotive them 'Witchtrippers'. That study stuck"

Across the entire opus, the vocalist conjured some truly vivid and vibrant lyrics. Rather than only focusing on individualized experiences, he ventured into some more foreboding territory this time around.

"There had to be a touch of darkness on this record," he reveals. "Down gives me the platform to be poetic and paint imagery with lyrics. That's the approach I took. They complement the music and create an ominous feeling. Ultimately, when people consume the words, it's always their interpretation that matters. I could be image-conscious though when I wrote. It's not so gut level or street. The darker shit is some of my favorite."

The EP's final track "Misfortune Teller" ebbs and flows for over nine minutes with epic intensity and towering distortion. Culled from a poem of the same title that the singer penned post-Katrina, it's quintessential Down.

"We place too much emphasis on the hand of God, demons, bad luck, karma, Satan, or whatever you want to call it," continues Anselmo. "We try to blame anything besides the fact that shit fucking happens. You can't plan things, and your time here is precious. It's based on that idea. When you're dealt a bad hand of cards, it's about how you deal with life after you get those cards."

Then, there's "This Work Is Timeless" which pays homage to the classic nature of the group's collective inspirations over as Anselmo puts it, "My Witchfinder General riff." At the same time, "Open Coffins" raises a mirror to society via a pummeling groove. "It's about a demand of establishment in mankind," he goes on. "I'm not going to trust your ass until I'm in the coffin. My coffin is still open. In other words, my eyes are still wide open. It goes for all of us. In the right or wrong position, you don't know how you're going to react. That's the imperfection of mankind. God knows, I'm not fucking perfect, and I'd be the first to admit that. I talk from the heart though."

He and his cohorts have respectively been talking from the heart for the entire careers and from the day Down was born. Since then, their legendary 1995 debut Nola was certified platinum, while Down II: A Bustle In Your Hedgerow [2002] and Down III [2007] remain fan and critical successes. They've crossed the globe numerous times from storied performances on OZZfest and Download to jaunts with Metallica.

In the end, one thing remains paramount with The Purple EP and the future ahead. "The only thing that makes a difference is that collective of fans," he concludes. "I do believe that we have delivered a record that will be accepted and hopefully enjoyed by the Down horde—if you will. If you're looking for a Down record, it's very pure and real."

Get ready to join the cult.

— Rick Florino, July 2012

at Marathon Music Works
1402 Clinton St
Nashville, United States

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how to create a drop down menu in frontpage 2003 without no codes from a interactive button?

Question by singh50027: how to create a drop down menu in frontpage 2003 without no codes from a interactive button?
i want a drop down menu in frontpage 2003 how can i do that without using javascript dhtml and all that rubbish like go to insert etc please my grade depends on it

Best answer:

Answer by bustin98
Insert -> Form -> Drop Down Box

Give your answer to this question below!

Flash Drop Down Menu: Give Life to Your Site

Drop down menus have become an integral part of website design acting as an effective navigation tool. Since many sites have too many sections, a drop down menu cleans up a scattered layout and gives it a structured and organized look.

A drop down menu can be created using JavaScripting and DHTML. However, these have certain limitation when it comes to graphic and animation. As such, a Flash graphic design can give the appearance of your menu an animated and appealing look. You can also greatly customize your menu through a Flash design.

So, in what ways a Flash web development gives your drop down menu a customized look? Well, such a design can customize your drop down menu’s font size, button size and color, rollover keys’ color as well as the speed at which the menu drop down. However, if one is creating such a menu, he or she should take care that the integrating features should be user-friendly and that the menu is compatible with other Flash application such as the several versions of Flash player, ActionScript, Macromedia MX2004, Macromedia Flash 8, and Adobe Flash CS3 etc. Apart from the compatibility and technicality involved, the layout of the submenu buttons should also be simple.
Drop down menus are now a part of nearly all interactive websites especially the online gaming sites. Such sites are designed in such a manner that the visitor, i.e., the player feels that he is completely involved in the game. As such, the highest level of interactive and lively design is required in Flash game design. Animated drop down menus are specially created by using Flash scripting to give the players a feel of the game.

Creating drop down menus through a Flash makes surfing much faster, easier, and interactive. So why not create one for your site?

I am the webmaster at – a Flash web development company offering numerous services, such as content management, offshore software development, online marketing, search engine optimization, search marketing, and website maintenance services.

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This is a video of how you can use AllWebMenus, a user-friendly tool, to create DHTML menus / JavaScript menus. No need to be an expert.

How to Make Drop Down Menu for iPad Website?

iPad is being hot income of millions of iPad in weeks since its release, iPad time is overwhelming arrival. As we forecast, iPad will be warm up in the future, are you ready to do something to make your website become iPad website, and satisfy with your iPad visitors? Totally need, the sooner the better.


Let’s change the traditional website to iPad website from now. First, we begin with iPad drop down menu. As we know, the iPad has the characteristic of landscape and portrait mode, your iPad drop down menu must works well in both modes. For iPad web design, keep two things in your mind, you should set the width in percent instead of the fixed in iPad web page; re-sizing browser window is unavailable in iPad website.

Take this iPad drop down menu for example, we will learn making drop down menu for iPad website. Meanwhile give you some tips in iPad web development to refrain mistaking. Follow us to go ahead:


1. Start With Built-in Templates from DHTML Menu Builder

Launch Sothink DHTML Menu, template windows opens; and choose iPad drop down menu “Clean” under the category “Business”.

Set iPad drop down menu for iPad website

After the iPad drop down menu display in the preview window, you can set the menu width in percent for iPad website of landscape and portrait mode.

Check “Global > General”, and set the width in percent in below property


2. Modify the text and link for iPad drop down menu

Modify the text and link to be your own website. Click the text on menu panel, choose the option “Menu Item > General”, and edit the text and link in below property panel.


3. Set resource folder to make iPad drop down menu work well in local and Internet


Set resource folder to save JavaScript and image files to the defined directory, which make sure the drop down menu display correctly. You can enter the “Global > Resource Folder” to set.


4.      Publish the iPad drop down menu to make it display on iPad web page

Publish the resource files, menu code or JavaScript menu code to the specific folder, and insert two pieces of code to the attach “head” and “body” within iPad web page. You can preview menu locally; upload all the resource files to web server, you can preview menu on Internet.

Check the button  on the toolbar to publish your iPad drop down menu.


Finish the above steps, your drop down menu has been shown on the iPad website. For iPad drop down menu, you should pay attention to step 2, it is vital setting to make the iPad drop down menu perfectly displayed on iPad web page.


About Sothink DHTML Menu


The top-rank DHTML Menu creates perfectly iPad drop down menu, JavaScript menu for iPad website of landscape and portrait mode. With the built-in templates and rich preset styles, you can create SE friendly JavaScript menu in minutes. Fully customize iPad drop down menu to match with iPad web page. Free integrate with web editors as add-ons to build iPad drop down menus directly.



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Excellent web designer

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