NetOnlineSolutions Updates Site with Latest Carbonite Offer Codes

NetOnlineSolutions Updates Site with Latest Carbonite Offer Codes
NetOnlineSolutions is now offering the latest offer codes on Carbonite software, which will enable website visitors to get special deals on this software solution for the automatic back up of files. The site offers these codes … to back up files from …
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Zen monastery marks 11 years of clearing minds, opening hearts – The Daily News
The Great Vow website explains the purpose of twice-a-year ceremonies: “The loss of a loved one often opens a well of profound grief. No matter how the loved one dies, suddenly or slowly, whether through illness, accident, miscarriage, abortion or …
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Coming Soon: The NAICS Association Will Soon Offer a Real-Time Industry Code Identification Tool for all Established Companies to Easily Determine their NAICS & SIC Codes

Rockaway, NJ (PRWEB) April 04, 2013

With over 73,000,000 page views a year, NAICS Association provides the web’s most favourite private resource for NAICS & SIC industry Codes & Descriptions. The Business Data Experts at the NAICS Association have prefabricated it easier for businesses to find their Census Assigned NAICS & SIC Codes and Descriptions since 1997.

Today, the NAICS Association has announced it will be rolling out a new, real-time company look-up tool. This tool will service the NAICS Associations 22,000+ regular visitors who come to the NAICS Association seeking to refer the official Census-assigned NAICS Codes for their business. No longer will companies need to struggle to determine which code most accurately represents their primary revenue-producing line of business. The new search tool will grant companies to input a company study and fix code and choose their company from several options. The business marketing report including the NAICS & SIC codes will be acquirable at a small fee.

Earlier this year NAICS Association announced it had employed Netwave Interactive, Lattice Marketing & Lattice Design to bring their data customers an intuitive, individual friendly design to complement the new, more concise NAICS logo. This, coupled with more robust NAICS & SIC search tools, real-time company lookup capabilities, and extensive new market research functionality, will make NAICS Associations website a powerful tool to satisfy the business data needs of a much wider audience seeking business firmagraphic information, B-to-B marketing lists and database enhancements.

With access to the most trusted database of businesses in the country, The NAICS Association will offer small, medium and massive businesses as well as universities, libraries, and market research firms unparalleled capability to size up potential target markets swiftly and easily without paying massive subscription fees for the privilege of accessing this powerful information.

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Ok, I need help with getting these JS codes to work?

Question by Artic Heat: Ok, I need help with getting these JS codes to work?
I can't get these 2 codes below to work or execute. It is driving me insane, I have place the {} on the operations, I have tried var, but nothing. If someone can direct me, or show me what I am doing wrong it would be awesome:

if (TestTaken == “chem”){
if (score > 80)
window.alert(“You did great!”);
else if (score > 60)
window.alert(“You passed.”);
window.alert(“Try again.”);
}else if (TestTaken == “math”){
if (score > 70)
window.alert(“Try again.”);
window.alert(“Please take your test.”);

Then this code:

switch (rating){
case “AAA” :
window.alert(“Highest Quality”);
case “AA” :
window.alert(“High Quality”);
case “A” :
window.alert(“Upper Medium”);
case “BBB” :
window.alert(“Medium “);
case “BB” :
case “B”, “CCC”, “C” :
window.alert(“Highly Speculative “);
default :
window.alert(“You did not enter a valid bond rating!”);

I am using notepad++l which is what I have always used, I decided to get Dreamweaver started up and I still can't get the code to execute. Are the spacings wrong? Am I not using the correct brackets or operations?

Best answer:

Answer by Ratchetr
Whoa…how did we get from math and chemistry to bond ratings?

Anyway…1 issues I see:

case “B”, “CCC”, “C” :

I think VB is the only language that lets you string together cases with commas like that.

case “B”:
case “CCC”:
case “C” :
window.alert(“Put the money under the mattress “);

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how to create a drop down menu in frontpage 2003 without no codes from a interactive button?

Question by singh50027: how to create a drop down menu in frontpage 2003 without no codes from a interactive button?
i want a drop down menu in frontpage 2003 how can i do that without using javascript dhtml and all that rubbish like go to insert etc please my grade depends on it

Best answer:

Answer by bustin98
Insert -> Form -> Drop Down Box

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Q&A: How do you find out color hex codes for colors in a picture?

Question by live at e’s: How do you find out color hex codes for colors in a picture?
I need to find out certain colors in a background so that I can match certain text to it. How do I do so? I used to have a program that would do so way back in the day but I forget what it’s called and it was for windows (I have a Mac). Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by Lynette ☼
Google “color hex codes”

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