Beware of scammy shopping websites

Beware of scammy shopping websites
Meanwhile,, which tracks IP addresses linked to phishers, content spammers and other untrustworthy World wide web characters, listed as one of many addresses connected to a content-spamming IP. It's unlike …
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Testing the Security of Your Website – Part 2
You should not publish email addresses on your website, as spammers run programs that sweep the web looking for email addresses to build a database to send spam or sell stated database to other spammers. This kind of program looks specifically for the …
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Can Switching to Cloud Hosting Improve SEO Ranking?
Link Spamming bots are also ones to watch out for, and almost all cloud solutions offer some sort of endorsement against them. If you've ever happened upon a discussion forum on a massive site or came crossways a news story with lots of comments, odds are …
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Gradual exodus of young people towards WhatsApp, WeChat and KakaoTalk is
The road to gaining almost 1.2 billion monthly active users has seen the mums, dads, aunts and uncles of the generation who pioneered Facebook join it too, spamming their walls with inspirational quotes and images of adorable animals, and (shock, horror …
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