What is the difference between different search engines? What should I use?

Question by charles g: What is the difference between different search engines? What should I use?
There are many favourite search engines in the internet. What is the difference between them? Example Ask Jeeves, AOL, Google, Infospace, MSN and Yahoo! Can anyone expalin to me what are they for, this different search engine?

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Answer by Dangerous Pete
There isn’t much difference besides quality. Some work superior than others. I like Google (as do the majority of world wide web users), but if you can’t find what you want there you could try a different search engine.

Don’t forget about Microsoft’s answer to Google, http://www.bing.com/

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Best way to transfer songs between itunes library?

Question by J F: Ideal way to transfer songs between itunes library?
I would like to take songs from an itunes library and place it into another. How should I conduct this? Should I use a flash drive or cds? Is there another method? Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Stewey C
No need for CDs or Flash drives, just make sure all the files you want are in your iPod and use iDump.

You can copy the files on the iPod by downloading iDump, and then select what you want copied on the iPod, and press begin copy. iDump is absolutely free and does its job well.

iDump will grant you to take whatever it is on your iPod onto a new computer, a friend’s computer, or if you deleted your music by mistake. I use it myself as a individualized iPod recovery program and it works great. I find this process much easier than taking all the songs from the iPod manually because iDump will preserve the obloquy of the files which save you a lot of time.

You can select where you want the copied files saved to, then just place them into iTunes as you regularly would.

Download iDump from this source:

There is also a list of other iPod file duplicating applications, however I find that iDump works the best, and is absolutely free. Some of these require you to buy them for the full features. Some are MAC and Windows compatible, some are only one.

1. iRepo
Download iRepo from this source:
2. iGadget
Download iGadget from this source:
3. iPod2Pc
Download iPod2PC from this source:
Download YamiPod from this source:
5. TuneJack
Download TuneJack from this source:
6. iPod->Folder
Download iPod->Folder from this source:

However, out of the CDs and Flash drives, the Flash drives will be a much superior choice.

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Q&A: What is the difference between accessing an external css file in php vs html?

Question by Some G: What is the difference between accessing an external css file in php vs html?
I mean like what are the differences is one a superior less cluttered way to do it or more efficient or something?

being the html way

being the php way

Best answer:

Answer by Scott C
With the PHP approach above, you’re actually inserting the contents of the CSS Stylesheet into your HTML document. With the HTML link approach, you’re simply making the CSS elements accessible to your HTML document.

It’s a matter of individualized view and style, but I like to simply link to the CSS using the HTML link tagset. It’s less cumbersome upon the browser, as it does not add to the page weight, and the page could download and render quicker.

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On Your Website, Give Your Customers a Choice Between Yes, and Yes

New York, NY (PRWEB) Might 19, 2005

Instead of giving your potential customers a choice between yes and no, have your website give a choice between yes and yes – and your income will soar.

Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg’s new book, “Call to Action,” which is romping up the bestsellers lists, states that websites have a one-of-a-kind capability to frame a yes, yes choice, and that doing so can have surprising results.

“By trial and error,” states Bryan Eisenberg, “we found that our clients’ income dramatically improved when we disposed of a “no” option on a page. Replacing that choice with another “yes” option nearly always improves conversion rates.”

What’s even more exciting, according to the Eisenberg’s, is the fact that given the choice between two yes options, customers in many situations select the higher priced option.

The fact is,” states Jeffrey Eisenberg. “your customers very often knows exactly what they’re looking for. They’re looking for value for themselves, and that is very often in a higher-priced, yes option.”

But according to the Eisenberg’s, too much choice can be a bad thing, and too many “yes” options can run your customers screaming from your site.

“A yes-yes-yes option is probably one yes too many,” states Bryan Eisenberg. “Remember, a choice connotes two things, and more options than that can be confusing and counterproductive.”

Bryan Eisenberg and Jeffrey Eisenberg are co-founders of Future Now, Inc., a marketing boutique focused on helping clients convert their website’s traffic into leads, customers and income by applying Persuasion Architecture, copywriting, usability and web analytics to design, redesign and optimize websites and other online marketing efforts. Future Now, Inc. has helped clients such as Dell, GE Volvo, Overstock & Disney.


Bryan Eisenberg or Jeffrey Eisenberg





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