Best way to learn designing websites?

Question by Jaga: Ideal way to learn designing websites?
What is the ideal way to design websites(XHTML & CSS), to just begin doing it and learn as you go or watch some tutorials and read up on some stuff?

Best answer:

Answer by SteveO
Start as and begin applying what you learn. When you get into scripting, it’s always nice to have a reference even if you’re experienced. You can’t begin formatting the website until you comprehend the basics of the markup language you’re using…and it’s all HTML anyway (there’s tiny difference between HTML and XHTML…one is based on SGML and the other on XML with no changes on how you format the web pages).

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what is the best way to change my blog into a professional website?

Question by Iñigo: what is the ideal way to change my blog into a professional website?
Hi, I have a blog at blogger that’s been having very good traffic. I would like to upgrade it to a professional online magazine. What is the ideal way to do so without having to give up the blogger comfort and accessibility for me to have a complete control over the site since I’m not a web designer (just know the basics)?

Best answer:

Answer by sankarmail2004
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What is the best resource for ADA accessibility design guidelines in Los Angeles?

Question by Charissa S.: What is the ideal resource for ADA accessibility design guidelines in Los Angeles?
At a preliminary plan check at the Disabled Access department, the checker directed us to the LADBS website. The graphic illustrations there seemed to be limited, does anyone know if there’s another book or website that has more information? We’re adding a raised outdoor seating area to a restaurant.
Also, does anyone know how closely LA code follows standard ADA guidelines – can I refer there?

Best answer:

Answer by saaanen
I have no idea. But have you asked another place that has done the same thing? They would probably be glad to tell you where they went.

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Best way to transfer songs between itunes library?

Question by J F: Ideal way to transfer songs between itunes library?
I would like to take songs from an itunes library and place it into another. How should I conduct this? Should I use a flash drive or cds? Is there another method? Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Stewey C
No need for CDs or Flash drives, just make sure all the files you want are in your iPod and use iDump.

You can copy the files on the iPod by downloading iDump, and then select what you want copied on the iPod, and press begin copy. iDump is absolutely free and does its job well.

iDump will grant you to take whatever it is on your iPod onto a new computer, a friend’s computer, or if you deleted your music by mistake. I use it myself as a individualized iPod recovery program and it works great. I find this process much easier than taking all the songs from the iPod manually because iDump will preserve the obloquy of the files which save you a lot of time.

You can select where you want the copied files saved to, then just place them into iTunes as you regularly would.

Download iDump from this source:

There is also a list of other iPod file duplicating applications, however I find that iDump works the best, and is absolutely free. Some of these require you to buy them for the full features. Some are MAC and Windows compatible, some are only one.

1. iRepo
Download iRepo from this source:
2. iGadget
Download iGadget from this source:
3. iPod2Pc
Download iPod2PC from this source:
Download YamiPod from this source:
5. TuneJack
Download TuneJack from this source:
6. iPod->Folder
Download iPod->Folder from this source:

However, out of the CDs and Flash drives, the Flash drives will be a much superior choice.

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Q&A: What is the best website builder software?

Question by M3D01: What is the ideal website builder software?
I want to know what is the most professional website design software that i can make with him a professional website and contain a lot of language.

Best answer:

Answer by Umer
Definitely Dreamweaver.

It offers WYSIWYG software. (What you see is what you get)
It also offers hand coding ability.

Dreamweaver grants you to upload your files directly to your server.

Dreamweaver has so many tools that make it simple for you to make a website.

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What is the best free html editor that has a visual edit option, and easy to use for a newcomer to web design?

Question by wondering: What is the ideal free html editor that has a visual edit option, and simple to use for a newcomer to web design?
I am new to building a website and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the ideal free html editor is. I need one that has a visual option so I can see what i am changing. Like a design view on Microsoft Front Page. Also if anyone has any hints on building websites for a newcomer I would really appreciate it.

Best answer:

Answer by Mercuri
Try Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express (it’s like Frontpage, but newer, better, and free)

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Best software to create website graphics?

Question by ScottyAdam: Ideal software to create website graphics?
I am looking for some piece of software like Corel Draw or PhotoPaint to let me create a top bar for example. I hate these corel products I have them installed and I just don’t like them…any other REALLY good ones out there?

Best answer:

Answer by dubed_you
Man I use Adobe Flash for nearly everything.
Vector editing just doesn’t get any easier.

But if you like millimeter precision, then maybe it’s not your ideal bet.

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