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How do I import a transparent background image from CS3 Photoshop into CS3 Dreamweaver?

Question by Trevor: How do I import a transparent background image from CS3 Photoshop into CS3 Dreamweaver?
Okay, I am designing a website for a shop I used to work at, and I created a logo with a transparent background. I am trying to figure out how to import it (while still retaining the transparent background) into a Dreamweaver site. Each time I try to do it, it shows a white background for the 250×250 logo on the site, but I want the background to be absolutely transparent. How can I do this? Thanks in advance!

Best answer:

Answer by look-up
the easiest way.
my background

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Q&A: What is a decent, but cheap to free software to make website graphics with that allows transparent background?

Question by Harold Sink: What is a decent, but cheap to free software to make website graphics with that grants transparent background?
I have tried doing this in MS Paint – because its own help states you can – but it never works.

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Answer by staticgear

These both have 30 day trials

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Dade Paper Company Engages Compliance Safety Systems Background Services

Dade Paper Company Engages Compliance Safety Systems Background Services

(PRWEB) February 25, 2011

Compliance Safety Systems announced this day that the Dade Paper Company of Miami, Florida has engaged the services of Compliance Safety Systems for their Employee Screening capabilities. This new relationship will grant Dade Paper to take advantage of the criminal, driving and employment history services that Compliance Safety Systems, (CSS), provides for employers.

Dade Paper has moved their employee screening needs to Compliance Safety Systems as they found that their services provided them with superior information in a more concise and easier to comprehend format. Kenneth Morris, Director of Safety for Dade Paper commented “the information that CSS provides will make their hiring process more effective and efficient”

About Dade Paper Company…..Dade Paper has over 900 associates that service the entire Eastern United States, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean from 8 distribution facilities and 12 income offices. Dade Paper provides their customers with the ideal products and service possible, continuously striving to exceed expectations. Learn more at

About Compliance Safety Systems…. Compliance Safety Systems is a leading third celebration administrator of drug and alcohol testing, employee screening and CSA compliance services. CSS uses a server based process and the leading country technology coupled with world class customer services to help fleets superior manage, document and control their compliance needs. You can learn more about CSS and what they can do to assist your firm at or contact Terry Lewis at 888-472-2010.


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, Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.
Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

Q&A: How do I change the color of my website background in Bravenet?

Question by snowpond: How do I change the color of my website background in Bravenet?
I have my own domain and I’m not using a template, Im using the ‘website wizard’ and i selected my own layout and color scheme. But I dont like the exact colors theyve chosen for me. How do I change it?

Best answer:

Answer by
Are you using their online Visual Editor or wring your own HTML code? Look on the CSS file and change the background: #XXXXXX; to the color you want.

Without a site link, I can’t tell you where you need to change this as it could be styles for the body attach or a DIV container.


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Q&A: Anyone designed a DHTML/CSS cross-browser drop-down menu/nav bar with transparent background support yet?

Question by Ian S: Anyone designed a DHTML/CSS cross-browser drop-down menu/nav bar with transparent background support yet?
I’ve only found ones that work only in Firefox, or ones that work only in IE, or ones that are flash or Java (i.e. SEO-unfriendly). For an example of what I’m looking for, see (flash-based).

I’d like sub-menu support too.
I want one that supports transparent menu background, so I can see the website behind it. That is the key. None of the recommended menus so far do this.

Best answer:

Answer by PogoWolf
Check out ‘’ or ‘’
that’s the ideal bet to find what you are looking for.

and yes, they are out there. =)

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Number 1 Site for Background Checks-
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Animated Video Backgrounds – Standard & High Definition

OLPC XO: Background and Review

Some cool creating a favorites website picture images:

OLPC XO: Background and Review
creating a favorites website icon
Image by robertogreco
As many of you are already aware, we created the Pudú mascot for the One Laptop Per Child campaign in Chile (Un computador por niño). While the Chilean initiative does not call specifically for the OLPC hardware developed by Nicholas Negroponte and his team at MIT, it was inspired by the work done there. So, for a lomg time we have been following news about the OLPC organisation which is titled the XO. Having now lived with an XO for about three weeks, this is our preliminary review of the software and hardware including the story of why we purchased our children a personal and how we decided on the XO over other options. For a shorter version, just skip to the parts about the XO as an e-book reader and Scratch. I must apologize in advance for the poor writing, but I’d rather get this up now than later. More pictures in the OLPC set.

———– Background ———–

A few months ago I posted about our experience with programming. At the time we were staying at my parents home and had access to a total of three computers: ours (a Mac laptop), my father’s laptop (running Vista) and my mother’s desktop (running Windows Me). We actually had our old swing-arm-display iMac with us, but didn’t bother setting it up for demand of space in addition to the fact that the other computerss were acquirable for the children to use.

Meanwhile we were gearing up for a six month trip overseas. Knowing that we would have limitations with regard to luggage weight and would unlikely have regular access to lending libraries, we decided that it would be a smart decision to find some sort of e-book reader for our travels. This was especially important after a summer and begin reading binge that amounted to having checked out at least five hundred books. Sophia alone was consuming a thousand pages per week. (We know this because in October she was curious about such. So we sat down with the receipts from the library, searched for the lengths of the book on Amazon, and plugged them all into a spreadsheet (including the URLs for apiece book) which spit out a total of 23,507 pages for the previous twenty-two weeks.)

OLPC had recently announced the Give One Get One program in the United Says and Canada during the holiday season and the ASUS Eee PC was becoming acquirable as well. We also looked at some handheld devices that would serve for e-book reading like the iPod Touch, the Nokia N800 or N810.

Considering that the price of the handhelds were either the same or not much lower and that they didn’t offer the same chance to continue dabbling in programming, it seemed like a superior option to get one of the two laptops that would grant them to further explore. We talked it over with Sophia and Enzo and they decided that one laptop for two children would be a great gift. The bonus was being healthy to have one sent to a child somewhere else in the world who wouldn’t likely have a personal otherwise.

At the time we put our order, the estimated delivery date was for mid Jan and that was to their grandparents home in Washington State. Of course, the G1G1 program was only shipping the personal to addresses in the participating countries meaning that my parents would have to send it to us in South USA when it arrived, so the children also had to concur to move until as late as February to receive their XO.

We eventually left Washington, spent two and a half weeks in Argentina and on December 21 having just arrived in Chile, we received an email from OLPC (dated December 21) letting us know that the XO had shipped on the 19th. The message included a FedEx tracking number and when we plugged into the FedEx website it showed that the package had been left at my parents’ front door. The good news was that it arrived much early than the anticipated delivery date. The bad news was that my parents had gone to visit my brother and were not planning to return home until the 27th.

Since they were also unlikely to be checking email, I sent off an email to all of my siblings asking for them to either contact my parents or if they knew anyone in the area to ask them to bring in the XO from the cold and possibly the rain as well. We swiftly heard back from my sister and confirmed after a few days that someone had been healthy to give it shelter.

Eventually, my parents returned home, prefabricated arrangements to pick it up, tested it out, and got it in the mail around mid-January. It arrived here in Chile eleven days later and the children have been loving it ever since.

———– Review ———–

There have been plenty of reviews lauding the hardware. The XO is solidly built and includes a few technologies that are not found in other laptops. Everyone who has seen the kids’ organisation has marveled at what has been packed into it for such a low cost. (Yeah, we know it was supposed to be a 0 laptop, but if you think about inflation since that target was set, the current price of 8 is getting pretty close.) For example, not having a hard drive makes apiece minor and major jolt the organisation takes much more bearable to someone who is used to handing personal with care. Talking of handling, the handle is great for children and the two smaller holes grant for them to add some sort of strap which we haven’t gotten around to doing just yet. Finally, most people are not used to having a built-in webcam (although that is fast becoming standard issue on most laptops).

I have not a single complaint to report about the screen. The low power setting works like a charm for reading outside with strong sunlight as we have been experiencing just that with the clear skies and long summer days here in Viña.The fact that it swivels around and folds flat is another plus that can only be found in paper personal at this time, the Eee personal did not offer this and that too helped make our decision.

This is perhaps the major hardware drawback, but I am really the only one complaining and not much at that. The sealed keyboard is designed for a purpose and meets the goal. The children are hunt-and-peck typists (as am I) with petite fingers (here’s my problem), so they haven’t had much problem as they go about inputing text and keyboard commands.

The wifi reception has been travel all over our Mac and has given us a pretty impressive picture of the wifi penetration here in Viña del Mar. We would love to try the mesh networking features built into the XO software, but will have to move until we find some other XO users to do that.

We added a 16MB SD card (that came with our camera) to it which is primarily used for transferring files from our Mac and for save the most important files that the children create, a sort of backup system.

There are too many activities to touch on apiece one as this review is much longer than it was intended to be, so here I’m mostly mentioning some of the kids’ favorites and giving some more information on those that they’ve used the most.

Sugar Interface (XO’s GUI)
First off, the individual needs to be willing to adjust to a new way of considering the operating system. Sugar has been criticized and laughed at by many, but the children have picked it up without delay and even I have come to appreciate many of its charms. Do note that they had played with the interface previously when I let them run it off a CD on an old Dell laptop from work that was headed for the trash. There is room for Sugar to improve, but when you think about the true target audience is going to work with these personal without much (if any) prior experience on any computer, the readjustment pain is instantly removed from the equation.

Draw and Write (pre-installed)
There are no frills in either of these activities. They serve exactly the purpose that their obloquy imply. When the children want to write a story or other document, Write (which I believe is a version if AbiWord) steps in swiftly and does the job. If they need an illustration for stated story or some other purpose, Draw works more or less just like Paint in Windows.

Browser (pre-installed)
The children have few complaints, especially after upgrading from system 650 to 653 which appeared to deliver considerable speed improvements in the browser, even though that might have been the result of something else – no definitive proof there. I created a little web launch pad we call Soen – Nose for the children (a text-only page so that it loads quickly) that contains links to many of the sites that they frequent on the web. A somewhat clunky version of the Adobe Flash plugin can be installed and we did at first, but as we upgraded the system software we didn’t install flash again.

XO as an e-book reader (pre-installed)
One of the reasons we selected an XO over other options like the Asus Eee PC, was it’s capability to work as an e-book reader.

Before leaving on our trip, Sophia had read H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine which I had suggested to feed her science fiction addiction. So, after the XO arrived we immediately downloaded several science fiction classics from H.G. Wells and Jules Verne as e-books in different formats (.pdf, .txt, .html). So far our favorite sources are and Project Gutenberg. The kids’ launch pad has links to several other sites as well.

Many Books is especially nice as it offers many different formats for apiece book including HTML, massive print PDFs, PDFs formatted for the iPhone (which Sophia likes on the XO) and even superior (in my opinion) an option to create custom PDF and HTML files. The XO can handle both. While the Reader picture does not appear at the the bottom of the screen like the other activities, it is pre-installed and launches when a PDF file is opened. HTML files open in the Browser. TXT files

Here are some of the books we’ve got loaded on the XO at the moment:
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Around the World in 80 Days, The Mysterious Island, A Journey to the Centre of the Earth, The War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, and The Invisible Man.

eToys (pre-installed)
I’m not sure how to describe eToys. For the children it wasn’t exactly new having already played with Squeakland (on which eToys is based) using both Mac and Windows machines. The activity grants them to play with and combine a variety of media.

TamTam (pre-installed)
Both of the children enjoy the four TamTam activities which grant them to create music in different ways.

Turtle Art, Pippy and Turtle Art with Sensors (first two pre-installed, last one add-on)
Turtle Art is an XO version of Seymour Papert’s Logo which grants students to write programs (series of instructions) directing a turtle around the screen and leaving a trail (the drawing). Pippy is a version of the Python programming language for the XO. Turtle Art with Sensors grants for the turtle to be controlled with sound level and pitch and (through a connected device) resistance an voltage.

Scratch (add-on, must download separately)
When a version of Scratch for the XO appeared for downloading about a week and a half ago, the children were elated. Scratch is by far their favorite programming environment and while they enjoyed playing with Turtle Art and Pippy, nothing could compare to Scratch. They have not been disappointed as they have spent countless hours working on a variety of projects either alone or as a team. I might go as far to state that if the XO was no more than a portable Scratch organisation it would be worth the price, but of course it is much more, so that stretch doesn’t need to be made.

Sim City (add-on)
SimCity is a classic. The version acquirable for the XO is the original release and aside from the small text which can be a bit difficult to read, it works wonderfully. Since loading it on the XO, the children have spent many hours learning the ins and outs of the game.

Guido van Robot, Ruler, Stopwatch (add-ons)
These are some of the other activities that we’ve downloaded and installed. The ruler and stopwatch are practical for exactly what you would anticipate them to be. Guido van Robot is another programming type activity which we’ve tinker with a bit.

Acoustic Tape Measure and Chat (pre-installed)
These are two activities that we’d love to try out but, like the mesh networking, we’ll need to move until we have some more XO owners around to do so.

Not all has been perfect with the XO, but we knew going in that the software was still in something of a beta state. Even though our first attempt to get online was an simple success, we subsequently had a few snafus connecting to wifi which have since been resolved. We also have met with some frustration regarding some of the additional software (none of the items mentioned above) that can be added. Finally, we had some issues with the volume being set to zero and not being healthy to readjust it. All that said, we have successfully upgraded the system from the version 650 with which it shipped to 653 the day after receiving it and eventually version 656 which is currently the latest stable version released. At this point everything is working well.

———– Conclusion ———–

The XO is not for everyone. If you can afford a full-blown laptop, if you are looking to do extensive touch typing, if you have no interest in experimenting with a new interface, or if you are unwilling to deal with beta-ish software, it’s most likely not the organisation for you and you should look elsewhere. The target audience for this organisation is a child who is hot to experiment and learn. The XO fits that bill splendidly. It also serves as a great, albeit a little heavy, e-book reader.

One important point I forgot to make was that the children are asking for a USB mouse because the built-in trackpad seems to be too sensitive to make drawing on the XO a pleasurable experience.

Christmas Scout Poster
creating a favorites website icon
Image by Auntie P
Scout has decided that everyone on Flickr is interesting and currently gives us a list of all our most interesting pictures from the top, right through the entire stream, to the bottom. And a nice little santa hat too.

1. Osteospernum, 2. Rose in Black and White, 3. Rose, 4. Paved with Gold, 5. Ladybird, 6. Newtown Boat, 7. Lollipop Abandoned, 8. Trollies,

9. Double Rose, 10. Corrugated Fence, 11. Danger of Death, 12. Paint and Rust, 13. Danger of Death in Playground, 14. Mouse Thumb Ball, 15. SC Osteospernum 2, 16. Ryde Queen,

17. Orange Gerbera, 18. Yale Lock, 19. Sun Worshipers, 20. Passion, 21. Trollies, 22. Narcissus, 23. Horny Beast, 24. Le Violon De L’Isle de Wight,

25. Raindrops, 26. Porthole Window, 27. Big Al Coupon, 28. Toes, 29. Figaro, 30. Too Many, 31. Rosa, 32. Cottons,

33. Butterfly, 34. Abandoned Bike, 35. Teasel and beetle, 36. Feeling Blue, 37. Grounded, 38. Poppy Centre, 39. Creme Egg, 40. The O in TOY BOX,

41. Baby, 42. Sunflower, 43. Street Lights, 44. Wild Clematis, 45. Blue Light, 46. Cappuccino, 47. Sunflower 1, 48. SC Manhole,

49. Yellow Sunshine, 50. Morgan Arcade, 51. Vagina Monologues 2004, 52. Appealing Paint, 53. Newtown Boat Beached, 54. Mug and Apple, 55. Lily, 56. .,

57. A Square of Circles, 58. Abandoned Shoe, 59. Blood Wren Leaping, 60. Lily of the Valley, 61. Hallowe’en Auntie P, 62. Corrugated Fence, 63. Swing, 64. Rusty Hubcap,

65. Gazania, 66. Painted Cart Wheel, 67. Grape Hyacinths, 68. Ryde Queen, 69. Osteospernum, 70. Fabric Purple Rose, 71. Osteospernum, 72. Lichen

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

Photos of Rome’s street artists
creating a favorites website icon
Image by OMINO71…

Creative expression in Rome isn’t limited to museums and churches. It’s out in the open, if you know what to look for and where. We sent photoblogger Jessica Stewart out to capture street art’s various incarnations—stencils, graffiti, chalk drawings, even break-dancing. Check out the results in our slide show.

Stewart moved to Rome four years ago, after completing degrees in art history and Renaissance studies, and began posting at RomePhotoBlog. Her photographs are on display through July 31 at Al Vino Al Vino (via dei Serpenti 19) and will be included in a show at Hobo Art Club (via Ascoli Piceno 3), September 11-25.

I chatted with Stewart over pizza at Il Maratoneta in Rome’s San Lorenzo neighborhood this spring and, more recently, traded emails to get her impressions of the evolving street art scene.

What sparked your interest in street art, and when did you begin photographing it?
I’d always noticed stencils and posters around in the city, but my real interest started in February when shooting a series on San Lorenzo for my blog. It’s an area where a lot of street artists work and afterward I noticed it became a strong theme for that shoot. From then I’ve been doing more and have gotten a chance to get to know many of the artists, which makes it all the more interesting.

Where can tourists go to spot street art while in Rome, and what should they be looking for?
All the artists I know are quite respectful of the city, so you won’t be finding anything pasted up on the Colosseum—you need to go a bit off the beaten path. The neighborhoods of Trastevere, Pigneto, and San Lorenzo are all good bets for finding street art. Ostiense has some nice stuff as well, especially near the Garbatella metro station where there are many interesting painted murals, and the Jewish Ghetto has work by Sten and Lex, as well as stencils by the French artists C215.

For little touches, check out the backs of street signs and bus stops, where many artists will place small stickers. Just keep your eyes peeled, as once you begin looking you’ll find examples everywhere. Now my friends (many of whom have lived here for years or are Romans) are seeing street art everywhere for the first time. It’s been under their nose the whole time, but they hadn’t noticed until someone pointed it out.

How does street art in Rome compare with that of hubs like London, Berlin, or L.A.? What makes it uniquely Roman?

I think that Rome street art is still very unknown, even in the city itself, and hasn’t gotten nearly as commercial as in a lot of cities. A very small number of artists are making a study for themselves internationally already, but most are still emerging, which is really exciting. And I think the city is just starting to come around, with more events being organized and the founding of the room MondoPop, which features a lot of street artists, right near the Spanish Steps has brought even more legitimacy to the scene. As far as what makes it very Roman, I think you’ll see a lot of pieces influenced by classic art, religion, and politics.

Rome has centuries worth of masterpieces. How do you think that legacy rubs off on street artists?
The influence is more obvious with some than others. The artist Lucamaleonte studied restoration here in Rome, and his pieces always remind me of the engravings or etchings of Albrecht Durer or Rembrandt. Mr. Klevra and Omino71’s Byzantine-style vocalist and Child icons are other example of pieces that are influenced by the surroundings. But at the same time, I don’t want to state that this is what each artist is looking at. Many, I think, subtly pay homage to Roman history, such as the Hogre stencil that with a date written on a beer bottle gives a nod to Allied bombings here in Rome in the 1940s. More often than not, however, I think people are creating their own styles. Artists have always commented on politics, religion, etc., so I think that isn’t anything new. What I do think is that all the artists respect the city and are striving to express themselves outside of the established norms.

How long has the Rome scene been around, is it changing, and what sort of community is there?
As I comprehend it, around 2002, a small group began working more on stencils and posters. From there, the movement has grown, and I’m always struck by the diversity and talent I see here. There’s a strong community of artists that has grown up around certain events and locations. The centro sociale Strike near Stazione Tiburtina is one haven, and certainly MondoPop’s exhibits have brought people together, as well as the Stick My World exhibitions (begun by artist Omino71) that have given Roman artists more chances to work together. Some, like Sten, Lex, and Lucamaleonte work in a collective studio, while others often will go out together and paste up posters or work together on pieces.

Do you have a favorite artist?
I don’t really have one absolute favorite, so if you don’t mind, I’ll give you a list of some favorites (in no particular order!). UNO, Hogre, 999, #, Lucamaleonte, Sten and Lex, Mr. Klevra, Omino71, Alice’, Sone, Urka, and [X]. All absolutely different, but all very interesting and talented in their own ways. Most don’t have websites, but nearly everyone has an statement on Flickr, which you should be healthy to find easily.…

Operation OF – Website Background

Check out these website graphics images:

Operation OF – Website Background
website graphics
Image by jonathanvlarocca
design for the background of the operation OF website. navigation and content to be added at a later date.
website graphics
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Redesigned My Website
website graphics
Image by JPhilipson
I stayed up all night working on it… thought I’d throw it up on flickr see what you guys thought. I’m in a rush to get it ready for Podcamp Hawaii.

I still have a lot of things I want to tweak but I got the good chunk of it up today. Now, I’m off to bed. :-p Launches Easy Background Checks

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A background check can help you asses the most telling indicator of a person’s future behavior, past performance. The founders at EBC have taken their 50 years of experience in assisting the corporate business community with expert background checks and translated that in an simple to use system for you the consumer.

EBC was started by one of the industry leaders in employment screening services and background checks We adhere to strict confidentiality and privacy policies and strive to be transparent in our product offerings and customer service. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at: 1-877-992-4325.


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