what application do professionals use to create a design layout for a website ?

Question by Peter 123: what application do professionals use to create a design layout for a website ?
to create complex and beautiful websites what applications should I use? what professionals actually use to create a design layout for a website ? thank you very much!

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Answer by Tudor Donca
You do not need any fancy application to create great websites. You could just use Notepad. All you need is to know the programming languages used to make web sites and how to use them correctly, HTML CSS JavaScript, PHP, etc…

you could use Adobe Dreamweaver, it helps with basic repetitive stuff and can speed up some tasks, but it is not needed.

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Compare the advantages and disadvantages of using a web authoring application, an HTML editor, and a text edit?

Question by christopher: Compare the advantages and disadvantages of using a web authoring application, an HTML editor, and a text edit?
Compare the advantages and disadvantages of using a web authoring application, an HTML editor, and a text editor for developing websites. List an example of apiece tool.

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Answer by Jeff
one common problem of site builders and other website application software like dreamweaver and others. Is that they produce codes that are not generic or they get a glitch the moment you do cross browsing.

For example:
this code that is produced by this software is ok when it comes to mozilla and firefox browser. But when you try to open it on World wide web Explorer or Netscape the whole site or code is an error.

Its suggested to know both html editor and software application sites so that you can have so many variety of tools in creating them.

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Chatwing Offers Innovative Website Chat Tool for Application Developers and Marketers

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) February 07, 2013

Chatwing.com creates a steady strategy to introduce its newest chat widget to application communities. App developers can now rely on the chat tool in order to gather important information. App marketers, on the other hand, can use Chatwings social media function to reach more groups of people. The chatroom can also be embedded to any website in order to generate traffic frequently.

The innovation of the chat box is mirrored by its versatility. The platform has three active form factors that can be used. The first form bourgeois or style is the shoutbox. In this mode, the chatroom takes the small space in the sidebar. This is the generic style preferred by thousands of visitors. The second form bourgeois is the pop-up window mode. This is the minimalistic approach because it consumes very tiny space. Visitors can just see a chat button. Once clicked, it will launch a separate window where visitors can communicate with apiece other.

The newest style is the vanity URL. This is useful for administrators who want to have private group chat sessions. They can also make their custom usernames and shortlinks. App developers can use this style to reach specific people groups and explain their apps more. Chatwing also has a wide-scale customization rate, allowing users to select from many color combinations, sizes, and admin functions.

With the help of the Chatwing chatbox, many app makers will acquire proper communication leverage. Now, they can market their creations with ease, and they can even learn many things that can help them develop new apps in the long run.

About Chatwing.com

Chatwing.com specializes in the new field of website chat. Over years, the development team has introduced live chat widget for hundreds and thousands of blogs. The application bridges people from many parts of the world, creating global synergy through the Internet. The shout box can be installed in just seconds, and it can be used for varying purposes such as leisure and World wide web marketing. It also grants a individual to customize the size, color, and study of the widget.

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Software Development Firm Announces iPhone Application will be Free Until End of Month, Twitter Contest Begins

Software Development Firm Announces iPhone Application will be Free Until End of Month, Twitter Contest Begins

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) Might 14, 2010

Inside Root Media this day announced the application HEX RGB Colors Guide v1.2 will be acquirable as a free download immediately on the Apple App Store. The company also announced that a contest where twitter users have the opportunity to win one of three prizes including a $ 100 US iTunes gift card during this promotion.

The HEX RGB Colors Guide iPhone Application enables users to swiftly and easily locate and utilize HEX and RGB code color combinations for use with various media. Web developers, graphic designers, software engineers, professional and novice bloggers, printers and editors all benefit from this simple to use free software. The software provides the most favourite HEX and RGB color combinations in use by modern media today.

“This promotion gives iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users the opportunity to discover one of our great software applications that are currently available,” stated Ned Kubica, Inside Root Media CEO. “Now it’s easier than ever to discover new and exciting software titles on the most exciting mobile platform available.”

The HEX RGB Colors Guide Application has received nationwide attention from well-known media and teachers at various educational institutions. The application is a great addition to any designer’s tool belt.

HEX RGB Colors Guide is currently acquirable as a free download from Apple’s App Store on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

About Inside Root Media

Inside Root Media is a software development firm specializing in mobile software development. The company is a privately held limited liability Corporation. The company was founded in 2009 and has developed applications featured in the top 100 grossing applications of all time and the top 100 Paid and Free applications on the Apple App Store.

Contact Information

Full details are acquirable at: http://www.insideroot.com/colors/

Contest details are acquirable at: http://www.insideroot.com/colors/contest/

The company’s website is here: http://www.insideroot.com/

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Multimedia Application Developer

Multimedia Application Developer

Experience Level : Begin Date / End Date : 12/20/2010 / 12/30/2011 Assignment Detail Description RCM



45342 Miamisburg, USA

Application and Types of Website Design Layouts

The concept of website designing abides by certain rules and features to get superior end results. By following basics of website design layout you can create websites with superior functionality and visual looks. Ask your website designer to design calibre web pages that are aesthetically alluring to your visitors. Apart from looking good the website should be useful as well.

The layout that you select for your website is the determining bourgeois of how balanced a site is! Placing the light and heavy design elements of a web page correctly is main bourgeois in website design layout. A good website design company offer guidelines regarding how different elements on a website should be place and in what format. It can be place in centre space or in the grid system as and what applicable.

Basically there are six types of website design layout that can be applied on any web page. Usually on a website 3 and more than 3 types of layout types are combined together for creating a perfect website design layout. Let us see what the different types of layouts are:

1) Symmetrical layout– In symmetrical layout symmetry is formed out of website by placing the different elements centre aligned or either of the one side of the web page. If left side of the page contains heavy design element, than equilibrise it with appropriate design element on the right side also. But keep in consideration that the elements on both sides should not be literally similar. Complete symmetry is reached when the design is either centered or uniformly divided in horizontal and vertical manner. This type of layout can be considered formal and balanced one.

2) Asymmetrical layout– As the term itself recommends asymmetrical, website elements are place on a web page in an uneven manner. It can be in center, left or right whichever way designer likes to place the elements on the page. Asymmetrical layouts are dynamic and by means of overlooking the equilibrise movement, tension can be created, expressions can also be conveyed to the users.

3) Isolative layout– In isolative layout either of these elements- logo, symbol, main product image, other important photos are place in smaller sizes on the web page. It can be place on any appropriate space depending upon its visibility and usage factor.

4) Dominative layout– Here the logo, symbol, product image or any other picture is place on the web page in enlarged size, making it the main attention attracting factor.

5) Radiative layout– The website content, image, symbol or logo can be highlighted using captivating light or flashing effect, making it pop up as the attention grabber part of the web page.

6) Repetition layout– In repetition layout any single or multiple elements are repeated twice or more than it on the similar web page. It place emphasis on a particular element that needs to be repeated for superior visibility and holds greater importance.

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