How do I make those icons by the address bar for my website?

Question by Ashley F: How do I make those icons by the address bar for my website?
How do I create those tiny icons on the web address search bar for my individualized web site? For example, Yahoo has a red “Y,” Google has the lowercase blue “g,” and Twitter has the blue highlighted “t.”

I love these tiny links buttons when you add them to your firefox toolbar and I would like to add a tiny picture to my address bar of my web site too.

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Answer by Warrior Cat Girl
It’s a 16×16 picture (.ico) image. There are a number of picture editors acquirable on line or you can use any graphics program that will save in .ico format. Like, you can use MS PAINT to do it:

1) Open paint
2)At top, click “Image”
3)click attributes
4)In width, and heght boxes type in height:16 width:16
5)Create your image! *paints uncontrollably*
6)Click “Save As”
7) As study type “favicon.ico”
8)Click Save!
9) upload 2 server (of course)
10) YAYS! your website looks prettiful when added as a favorite!

Then once you’ve created your favicon, you include it on your page using this snippet of HTML in the tag:

(Change “favicon.ico” to the location of your favicon of course.)

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