Where can i advertise my websites freely to get more traffic to my ads?

Question by Navaneeth: Where can i advertise my websites freely to get more traffic to my ads?
I have a list of website which need to be advertised through out the world , where can i place my sites to get full of traffic regular ?

Best answer:

Answer by Robert W
There are numerous Free and Low Cost advertising sites around.

Start with your free ads at Google Groups and Popular Blogs

This site grants anyone to post there ads on our Blogs. We are the only site that actually not only grant you to post ads on our Blog… We encourage it. We anticipate over 50,000 members in less than just one year so your posts will be see by a large audience. It is free to post your Ads on our Blog and you can post often. In some cases up to once per day.


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No Budget Film School’s “The Art & Science of No-Budget Filmmaking”

No Budget Film School’s “The Art & Science of No-Budget Filmmaking”
Event on 2013-05-11 09:00:00

No Budget Film School Presents "The Art & Science Of No-Budget Filmmaking"

Saturday & Sunday, Might 11 & 12, 2013 • 9:30am – 6:00pm

Raleigh Studios • Chaplin Theater

5300 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Join the No Budget Film School Facebook Page and get up-to-the-minute tips and information on no-budget filmmaking.


"The absolute ideal class you can take on how to make your own low/no budget film. Seriously." – Signe Olynyk, Founder, Great American Pitchfest; Writer/Producer, "Below Zero"

"The No Budget Film School is designed for the moviemaker who possesses nothing but a dream and a drive. If you take the course and can't make some kind of film at the end of it, you'll have no one to blame but yourself. " – Peter MacNicol (Emmy Award Winning Actor: Allie McBeal, Numb3rs, Sophie's Choice)

"Your workshop was fantastic–well worth the money in my no budget filmmaking world. I'm a graduate of UCLA film school and two of my screenplays were considered by the Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab. You and your guest speakers inspired my husband and I to move forward, honor our uniqueness, and trust our intuition instead of playing the approval game. You've liberated us! Thanks a million for sharing your experiences." – Chien-ei Yu

"I can't state enough about the two-day class we just finished today…the course was fantastic!! I feel like I have learned in two days, what would've taken me several years of experience and experimentation to learn. Thanks for sharing your wealth of experience and knowledge with us." – Monica Vazquez

"The ideal filmmaking training money I ever spent." – Amir Masud, Writer/Director, Affliction

Read more Testimonials…


No Budget Film School presents it's famed "The Art & Science Of No-Budget Filmmaking" two-day seminar.  No-budget first features launched the careers of filmmakers like Christopher Nolan (Inception, The Dark Knight), Joe Carnahan (The A-Team, Narc), Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, The Wrestler), Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace, Finding Neverland), David Gordon Green (Your Highness, Pineapple Express), Justin Lin (Fast Five, Fast & Furious), and Craig Brewer (Footloose, Hustle & Flow).  These first films all went through the offices of Next Wave Films, the former low-budget financing arm of IFC.  Now producer Mark Stolaroff–a principal of Next Wave–is sharing what he's learned from years in the trenches of no-budget independent filmmaking in this in-depth, one-of-a-kind class. 

Micro-budget (under 0,000) filmmaking is unique.  The methods, models, and priorities are radically different from those of studio or even "low" budget million films. In this class, students will learn the rules of micro-budget production critical to making this type of film successfully, whether the budget is 0,000 or 0. Attendees will achievement away with powerful ideas that they can use immediately, saving them time and money, and preventing fatal mistakes that could doom otherwise worthy projects.  Guest speakers wage an up-to-the-minute appearance on what works and what doesn't in the current no-budget landscape.  These cutting-edge techniques can NOT be found in a book, at film school, or in other film classes.  For filmmakers who are preparing to make their micro-budget features, this class is indispensable.  The approaches taught will enable filmmakers to maximize very limited resources and minimize critical errors that can doom otherwise worth projects.

LEARN slicing edge techniques and how to choose the latest digital cameras and software

HEAR no-budget professionals offer first-hand knowledge of production, post production, marketing, and distribution

EXAMINE a budget line-by-line and discover where and how to spend money (and, more importantly, not spend money)–whether your budget is 0,000 or 0

SEE clips from micro-budget films illustrating the tricks-of-the-trade used by resourceful filmmakers

MEET other like-minded filmmakers and find teammates who will help you make your no-budget project a reality

If you're through speaking about being a filmmaker and ready to become one, this will be the most practical filmmaking class you will ever take.

The classes will be held at Raleigh Studios' Chaplin Theater, from 9:30am to 6pm, on May 11th & 12th (though plan on staying until about 7pm on the 12th).  Single day tickets are also acquirable for apiece day. Tuition includes class materials, plus several special offers and giveaways! 



"The Art & Science of No-Budget Filmmaking" is being held alongside Tom Provost's essential "Cinema Language: The Art of Storytelling" class, which takes place the following weekend, May 18th & 19th.  You can take apiece class separately, or together and save. For more information on "The Art & Science of No-Budget Filmmaking," see below.  For more information on "Cinema Language," visit the Cinema Language Eventbrite page.  The two-weekend, four-day package can be bought on this page or on the Cinema Language page. **Attendees to both weekends will get a free 30 minute consultation from either Mark Stolaroff or Tom Provost, as well as a special "Gift Basket" of free goodies.



No Budget Film School has partnered with Write Brothers and Showbiz Software to bring you an astounding offer:  all registered attendees will receive Movie Magic Screenwriter and Showbiz Producer software totally FREE!  (a 0 total value!).  Attendees also receive huge discounts on Budgeting and Scheduling software from Showbiz Software, on Quick Film Budget's innovative budget-making tool, and on Lightspeed's new cloud-based production management system.  And we'll be raffling off some goodies, too. (see below for details)

"The Art & Science of No-Budget Filmmaking"

DAY ONE – SATURDAY, May 11, 2013

Course 101: "The Art of No-Budget Filmmaking"

"Tremendous stuff, all weekend long, and so professionally place together. The 'write to your definition of no-budget/write to your resources' philosophy at the center of your teaching really came through and rang true — totally vital, and really sums it up." – Chris Soth, Screenwriting Instructor

This course gives filmmakers the tools and the confidence to make a feature right now, with the resources acquirable to them, however limited those resources might be.  The class offers a unique overview of Production, Post Production and Distribution from a no-budget perspective, encouraging filmmakers to throw out old templates of moviemaking.  The approach guides filmmakers to examine their own specific circumstances–their limitations and their resources–and reinvent the moviemaking process to suit their one-of-a-kind situation.  Learn:

  • How to design a great script that will cost tiny or no money to produce
  • How to devise a production that conforms to your particular circumstances
  • How to prioritize limited resources
  • How to tackle post production, festival strategy and distribution on a shoestring
  • Much, much more


Peter Broderick, considered the leading dominance on substitute distribution strategy, will give an empowering presentation on maximizing distribution with new, innovative techniques; and will also discuss Crowdfunding, with platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Broderick has been one of low-budget filmmaking's leading experts since the primeval 90's. He wrote a series of articles for Filmmaker Magazine back then that helped drive the micro-budget filmmaking movement.  In 1997 he founded Next Wave Films, which helped launch the careers of filmmakers like Christopher Nolan, Joe Carnahan, Amir Bar-Lev and many others.  Now, as the President of Paradigm Consulting, he is a sought-after consultant, speaker, and producers rep.

Matt Radecki, co-director of TV Junkie (Sundance 2006) and producer of numerous award-winning features and documentaries, (including the feature documentary Marwencol, winner of over 15 awards), will discuss post production for no-budget features.  Matt is the co-founder of Different by Design, a production company and post production artefact that caters to independent filmmakers.

•  A successful no-budget filmmaker TBA

(Guest speakers are subject to change based on schedule availability)


Course 201:  "The Science of No-Budget Filmmaking"

"I can't tell you enough how helpful I found your No Budget Budgeting lecture. So many things you spoke about that day have come up for me. I'm very glad I took your class." – Pamela Pedder 

A detailed line-by-line analysis of the production budget from a no-budget perspective.  Topics include: Cast & Casting, Crew, Equipment, Insurance, Locations, Permits, Props/Set Dressing, Vehicles, Makeup/Wardrobe, Camera/Format, Sound, Legal, and Miscellaneous Budget Items.  The class will dissect the production of the ,000 feature True Love (a Sundance Screenwriters Lab Project)demonstrating the low-budget tricks used–and the mistakes made–showing clips from the film and valuable behind-the-scenes footage, in this comprehensive examination of a no-budget film.  Learn:

  • How to find great cast & crew with tiny or nothing to pay
  • How to shoot in LA without filming permits
  • How to get free locations, free props, and free equipment
  • What formats, cameras, and editing systems to use
  • Much, Much more


•  Director Sean Baker will discuss the tricks and techniques used on all of his successful micro-budget features. The director of three Cassavetes Award nominated films, (given to the ideal film prefabricated for under 0k at the Spirit Awards), he had two films nominated in the same year! (Take Out and Prince Of Broadway). Prince won numerous awards in 2010, including Grand Jury Prizes at the Los Angeles Film Festival, Woodstock, Florida, Locarno and others. His most current no-budget feature Starlet, starring rising star Dree Hemingway, premiered at SXSW and was released theatrically last November by Music Box Films. He is also the creator of the hit TV shows Greg The Bunny (for Fox and IFC) and MTV's Warren The Ape.

•  Brothers Ken and Jim Cran will reveal all the secrets behind the making of their award-winning, no-budget monster motion picture The Millennium Bug. By designing their production around acquirable resources, including their one-of-a-kind skills with models and puppets, the Crans were healthy to shoot a large-scale horror film on a pentance. Almost the entire film was shot inside a 700 sq. ft. warehouse in N. Hollywood, and no CGI was used. Remarkable, especially when you see the final result.

•  FSI:  Film Scene Investigation – examine scenes from an award-winning no-budget movie, from script to screen.  Hear the scenes read, get the opportunity to refer and solve production problems, learn how those problems were solved in the movie, see behind-the-scenes footage of the scenes' set-up, then see the filmed scenes in their finished form.

•  Filmmaker Tom Provost will give a preview of his Cinema Language class, taking place the following weekend, and will be on-hand throughout the two days as a resource.  Writer/director/producer Provost's independently financed and produced feature The Presence, starring Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino, Golden Globe nominee Justin Kirk, and Shane West, has won numerous awards at festivals throughout the past year and was released by Lionsgate. He is also a graduate screenwriting professor at Pepperdine.

(Guest speakers subject to change based on schedule availability)


Mark Stolaroff is an independent producer and a founding partner of Antic Pictures, an LA-based production company producing a slate of low budget, high calibre digital features.  Stolaroff's recently finished micro-budget film Pig, the fourth feature from award-winning writer/director Henry Barrial (Some Body), has been an official selection at over 35 film festivals worldwide, and won 10 awards, including 7 Ideal Feature awards.  With Ron Judkins, Stolaroff produced Barrial's third feature, True Love, which was developed in the Sundance Screenwriters Lab and was a success on the festival circuit.  He is a co-producer on Barrial's new film The Home That Jack Built, currently in post, and is the post production supervisor on Farah Goes Bang, which is premiering in April at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Stolaroff was formerly a principal of Next Wave Films, a company of The Independent Film Channel that provided finishing funds to exceptional, low budget films; and through its production arm Agenda 2000, financed and executive produced digital features.  Included in Next Wave's 13 films are Christopher Nolan's (Inception, The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Memento) first feature, Following; Joe Carnahan's (The A-Team, Narc) first feature, Blood, Guts, Bullets, & Octane; Amir Bar Lev's (The Tillman Story, My Kid Could Paint That) first feature Fighter; the Academy Award-nominated documentary Sound And Fury; and the Sundance Grand Jury Prize winning documentary Southern Comfort.  He was the Associate Producer on a number of Next Wave projects, including Some Body and Manic (starring Don Cheadle, Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Zoey Deschanel), two digital features at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival, and the award-winning theatrical documentary Keep The River On Your Right: A Modern Cannibal Tale. In all Next Wave took seven films to Sundance and five to Toronto; nine were released theatrically in the U.S. and two premiered on HBO; nine were shot digitally and six of those were transferred to film.


Stolaroff has lectured on low budget and digital filmmaking throughout the world and at many of the major film festivals.  He has taught film classes at UCLA Extension, the Maine Film Workshop, and The Learning Annex and has written for Scientific American, Filmmaker, Sight & Sound, Film Festival Reporter, and Film Arts Magazine. He has been on countless filmmaking panels over the last two decades and has sat on the juries of many film festivals.  He was on the Advisory Board of HBO's US Comedy Arts Film Festival and he currently serves on the advisory board of Filmmakers Alliance. 


Stolaroff has extensive production experience on several low budget features and shorts, including production managing the Academy Award winning short film My Mom Dreams The Satan's Disciples in New York. His background also includes two years in Investment Banking at Merrill Lynch Capital Markets, and five years as the Managing Director of Curtains Theater, an innovative legitimate theater he founded in Houston.  A native Texan, Stolaroff received his BBA from the prestigious Business Honors Program at the University of Texas in Austin and minored in Film Production, directing several 16mm shorts.



Move Magic Screenwriter is the ideal screenplay formatting software, an industry standard, and the choice of Hollywood professionals. Screenwriter formats while you write so you can focus on what you're writing, not where it goes on the page. It also formats for television, stage, novels and comic book scripts so you've got it all in one package for any story you want to write. With a big set of features designed to make the rewriting process fast and easy you can get from FADE IN: to FADE OUT effortlessly. Developed by writers for writers, Write Brothers is the first and ony creative team ever to receive a Technical Accomplishment Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science for screenwriting software.  All No Budget Film School attendees get this terrific product FREE just for registering.



Showbiz Software's Producer grants you to schedule your tasks, set priorities and manage your entire project from one piece of software. All No Budget Film School attendees get this program totally FREE, (a value!). Showbiz Budgeting grants production accountants, production managers and independent producers to create all types of budgets for film, TV, commercials, music videos, web series and corporate videos. The program also actualizes, so you can see what you've spent and how it affects your overall budget. Showbiz Scheduling has become the go-to software for producers and production managers who want the most control  over their shooting schedule, combined with the flexibility to change elements on the fly. The program comes with fully customizable reports, including call sheets, production reports, shooting schedules, Exhibit G's, and more.  All No Budget Film School attendees will receive a generous discount on these two products:  save 0 on Budgeting (that's 55% off the list price); save 0 on Scheduling (that's a 50% savings); and save 5 on the bundle, (60% off the list price!).



QuckFilmBudget.com is a revolutionary budgeting tool that helps independent filmmakers move toward production by automating the budget-making process and delivering a professional customized budget in minutes.  Quick Film Budget can create budgets for Short Films, Micro-Budget Features, and Studio Films. You can choose to have your budget delivered in a modifiable file format such as Showbiz Software (above), EP's Motion picture Magic, Excel, or Numbers.  Everyone who attends No Budget Film School will receive a 20% discount on Swift Film Budget! QFB co-founder Nolan Lebovitz will give a brief introduction of the product on Sunday.



LightSPEED eps is a a web-based entertainment production management system designed specifically for the film and TV industry. It centralizes your production information and provides secure access from your computer, cell phone, or wireless device. LightSPEED combines and integrates several production management functions, like scheduling, call sheet creation, contact list creation, and makes them acquirable in the cloud for your whole production, safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.  All attendees receive a discount on the LightSPEED product.



Early Bird discounts are acquirable to attendees who pay before the end of day April 27th. Further discounts are acquirable to students, (both former No Budget Film School students and all other students with a valid Student I.D.). All tickets at the door for the 2-day class are 0. To prepay with a check, please email us at nobudgetfilmschool@earthlink.net for instructions. Tuition includes complimentary refreshments and class materials.


You will be healthy to ask for a full refund up until 10 days before the first day of the class. No refunds will be given within 10 days of the class, but you will be healthy to apply the amount you paid toward a future class.


Can't make the class? For more information on future classes and to sign up for the No-Budget Newsletter, please visit:


at Raleigh Studios, Hollywood
5300 Melrose Ave.
North Hollywood, United States

How to call any file located on a website’s directory that has a particular file extension?

Question by Jack: How to call any file located on a website’s directory that has a particular file extension?
If I wanted to see all files with a particular file extension (like all xml files for example) that are inside a website’s various directories, can I call these files from the browser without actually knowing the file study or path or even whether or not it exists? Using wild cards maybe???

In other words can I find a file that is purposely hidden by just knowing it’s file extension?

Best answer:

Answer by Jim J
No you can’t.

(unless it’s a poorly-managed site which has directory listing enabled)

Add your own answer in the comments!

Lexmark Platinum Pro905 Business Class Wireless Multifunction Inkjet Printer with Web-Enabled Touchscreen

Lexmark Platinum Pro905 Business Class Wireless Multifunction Inkjet Printer with Web-Enabled Touchscreen

Lexmark Platinum Pro905 Business Class Wireless Multifunction Inkjet Printer with Web-Enabled Touchscreen

  • Lowest priced multi-function printer offering one cent printing for low-cost black-and-white pages.
  • The 4.3″ myTouch LCD Touchscreen with SmartSolutions Technology grants customers to connect to the Web and swiftly automate repetitive tasks. These time-saving, customizable productivity features are saint for small businesses or home offices.
  • Wireless printing-802.11n wireless network and Ethernet compatibility offer the fastest speeds and longest range and give customers the freedom to print from virtually anywhere within the office and the flexibility to print from multiple computers.
  • Extra 150-page tray to reduce intervention or manage multiple media types.
  • The 50-page automatic document feeder and the 300-page capacity grant the Pro905 to easily handle massive printing, scanning, duplicating and faxing jobs

Experience new levels of business productivity with the revolutionary Lexmark Platinum Pro905 All-in-One with Fax. The web-enabled 4.3 in. myTouch interface improves efficiency by allowing you to create one-touch, custom SmartSolutions for automating repetitive tasks. The myTouch interface also grants you to connect to the web without the need for a computer. Tap an picture to copy, scan, send an e-mail and more. Get the news, view your favorite pic sharing sites, and discover the weather before

List Price: $ 394.99

Price: $ 489.95

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The time involved in learning the software, html, css, or other coding required for more than a basic static web page is prohibitive; and most business owners do not have the time to waste on trial and error website design efforts. Our full service web …
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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 Upgrade Reviews

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 Upgrade

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 Upgrade

  • Set up and begin smoothly- Easily find all the learning tools, valuable video tutorials, Corel CONNECT now features multiple trays to help you sort and organize your design assets.
  • Work faster and more efficiently- Swiftly refer acquirable formatting options or remove unwanted areas in photos. The new 64-bit and multi-core support swiftly processes larger files and images. Use Styles to give a consistent appearance to your drawings, documents, and text. The new Smart Carver tool in Corel PHOTO-PAINT cuts out unwanted objects in your photographs.
  • Create layouts with ease- Array of intuitive design tools new and improved Master Layer functionality, new temporary Alignment Guides, new advanced OpenType support, and enhanced complex script support for working with foreign language text, making it easier than ever before to lay out your project. Use the new Placeholder Text tool to mock up a page layout and get a good sense of how it will look.
  • Design with style and creativity- Showcase your one-of-a-kind sense of style and creativity in all of your designs purchase utilizing a rebuilt styles engine, new Object Styles docker, new Color Styles implementation, new Color Harmony functionality, and content-ready picture frames. Create beautiful text with advanced OpenType typography features, such contextual, and stylistic alternates. Create color styles, which let you alter colors collectively.
  • Prepare for output with confidence- Share your designs readily and easily with support for more than 100 favourite file formats. Use the Export Dialog box to customize color profiles, file types and file sizes for print or web export.

Whether you’re an aspiring or experienced designer, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 is your trusted graphic design software solution. With its content-rich environment and professional graphic design, pic editing and website design software, you have everything you need to express your style and creativity with endless possibilities. Swiftly feel at home with built-in help, training videos and professionally designed templates. Then, create with confidence—everything from distinctive logos and

List Price: $ 199.00


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ATLWeb Now Offers Reduced Rate for Its Five-Hour Website Development Pack

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) February 16, 2013

ATLWeb, the professional web design company founded by saint Schramko of Super Fast Business, announces a price change for its favourite Five-Hour Service Pack. Initially costing $ 499 for specific designing or coding services, the hourly custom website development pack can now be ordered for just $ 399.

The lowered rate is meant to give business and website owners greater access to ATLWeb’s top-quality WordPress services.

“If you’re exhausted of time blowouts, non-delivery or poor calibre supply from cheap designers, then ATLWeb is for you,” states the company’s design experts. “With us you, can get consistent supply from our many team members. We check for cross-browser operation, use the minimum number of plugins and use SEO-friendly permalink structure to make sure you get the most value from your investment.”

The Five-Hour Pack is specifically geared towards clients who only require extra tweaks to their websites this can include customizing plugins, widgets or shopping cart software. Because the pack enables clients to use ATLWeb’s services by the hour, they can be sure to receive the exact solutions they need without paying for costly packages that come with unnecessary add-ons. The five hours are also valid for use within 12 months of buy and can be used for multiple projects, further assuring clients of true value for their money.

Here are examples of web development services that clients can request for their Five-Hour Pack:

1. On-page SEO – Clients will be required to wage website logins and webhost logins and refer the type of content management system being used

2. RSS feed submissions – Requires the RSS feed URL and a list of feed aggregators to submit to (with their respective login details)

3. Nanacast setup – Requires Nanacast logins and a detailed description of what the client anticipates to accomplish using the software

4. Website troubleshooting – Requires a list of any errors encountered, the times they took place and what measures were taken to solve them

5. Custom website or iTunes logo creation – Requires a description of how the client would like the logo to look

6. Content population – Requires website login details along with pictures, articles, videos, or any content the client would like to publish on the site

7. Website migration – Requires cPanel logins of both the source domain and the destination domain along with WordPress logins of the source site

Aside from the Five-Hour Pack, ATLWeb also continues to offer other highly requested web design offerings: the Custom WordPress Design pack provides clients with a powerful, easy-to-use and search engine-friendly website that can effectively build their authority; the team’s Inexpensive WordPress Blog Themes can be used to help clients build a new site from scratch or dress up an existing one; and the specialized Pre-Done Responsive Themes are ideal for building mobile-responsive websites in just a few easy steps.

In addition, ATLWeb offers Reseller Themes that serve as the easiest solutions yet for business owners seeking to resell Super Fast Business services for profit. The designs for these reseller templates were based on proven results from successful resellers and they work on favourite portable devices used by millions of consumers today.

To order ATLWeb’s Five-Hour Pack or to get more information about other business web design services available, visit the ATLWeb website today.

What is a script error message I get on my computer and how do I fix it?

Question by susanperr: What is a script error message I get on my personal and how do I fix it?
I keep getting a script error message and it asks if I want to run scripts and I have to click on yes or no. What is this and how do I fix it?

Best answer:

Answer by Casca Longinus
Do you have the “no script” add-on in your browser? What browser?

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

5.7 Engine in V8 Size for Jeep Vehicles Now Sold Online by RemanufacturedEnginesforSale.com

San Antonio, Texas (PRWEB) February 11, 2013

The Hemi engine has been used throughout the Dodge car lineup and was most recently installed in Jeep automobiles in 2005. SUV owners and engine installers now have a reliable way to find this motor fully reconditioned online at inexpensive price. The 5.7 engine in V8 size for Jeep automobiles is now sold at the RemanufacturedEnginesforSale.com website. This new build provides the original horsepower and operational performance that buyers search for when purchasing a replacement engine. More information can be found on this page of the company website.

Two favourite Jeep vehicles, the Cherokee and Commander, were the testing grounds for the 5.7 V8 in the mid-2000s. The success attained by Chrysler for its Dodge brand translated well to the Jeep series. The 345 hp that this motor is rated to wage is one of the reasons that this series performed well with the public.

Locating this larger motor outside of a dealership can be confusing and frustrating when noting the difference in pricing. The new builds that are now for understanding online are providing the resources needed to buy at a discount.

Junkyards and salvage companies represent two of the resources that many people use when trying to locate a replacement engine. These companies are known for providing engines that could have high mileage or other issues due to non-inspections before sale.

Part of the customer network that now buys from the RemanufacturedEnginesforSale.com website includes junkyards and salvage companies that are searching for higher calibre motors for resale to the public. Since this company sells to businesses and car owners, the pricing remains the same for all buyers to wage an equal opportunity to buy a higher quality.

The new addition of the 5.7 engine is now doable due in part to the current upgrades and enhancements that have been prefabricated by this company in the past year. The company website launch online has provided more options to buyers in different parts of the country without a trusted source to buy rebuilt motors for cars, trucks and SUVs.

New content and pages are routinely added online for buyers to benefit during the research process. The news report for the launch of the company website can now be read online at http://www.prweb.com/releases/remanufactured-engines/for-sale-ford-chevy-dodge/prweb10210961.htm.

About Remanufactured Engines for Sale

The Remanufactured Engines for Sale company has been a leader in the offline engine industry for decades and has built its distribution network from the ground up. The switch recently prefabricated for income to the public has opened new doors of opportunity for this company and buyers in the United Says and Canada. The reconditioning artefact this company uses to create OEM builds for foreign and domestic engines is a 21st century artefact equipped with expert mechanics and equipment. The Remanufactured Engines for Sale company discounts its prices to make each replacement as inexpensive as doable for customers or companies that require error-free installations.

AutoManager Targets $100/Month Barrier with New DMS and Marketing Bundle

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) Jan 14, 2013

AutoManager, Inc., a Los Angeles-based dealer software company, announced Monday the debut of a bundled subscription to its DeskManager DMS and WebManager online marketing tool, starting at $ 600 for six months.

The new package, dubbed AutoManager Suite, is the first of its kind to target the coveted $ 100/month price point thats favourite among upstart and small independent dealers, according to AutoManager CEO Kami Tafreshi. Each plan also includes in-house technical support via phone or live chat.

We see AutoManager Suite as the one-stop solution to all of a dealers software needs, Tafreshi said. In the 21st century, it doesnt make sense for dealers to have their marketing software absolutely unconnected from their DMS. Its time to tear down that wall.

DeskManager DMS is one of the industrys most adaptable dealer management systems, developed and tested with almost 30 years of feedback from independent auto dealers. DeskManager interfaces with the industrys most favourite third-party services, provides access to thousands of electronic forms and handles virtually any kind of automobile payment plan, including deals, leases, BHPH and LHPH. WebManager is AutoManagers online marketing tool, featuring a website builder, exports to more than 100 online marketplaces, a specialized listing tool for Craigslist and the capability to load cars and run history checks from a mobile device. DeskManager and WebManager can easily share data, reducing manual errors and double entry.

Though dealers have been using DeskManager and WebManager together for years, Tafreshi stated the AutoManager Suite offering represents the first time they have been sold together at a discount. It also coincides with a strong near to integrate the two programs, most notably with DeskManagers new Data Exchange tool.

Dealers will be healthy to customize their AutoManager Suite system, with the capability to add upgrades like the QuickBooks Interface, WebPlus SEO service and the BHPH (buy-here, pay-here) module on a subscription basis. At launch, the Suite will be acquirable at three basic subscription prices based on the volume of cars a dealer uploads to the Web apiece month.

For full pricing and a detailed list of features acquirable in AutoManager Suite, visit the AutoManager home page at http://www.AutoManager.com.

About the Company

AutoManager is a DMS, online automobile marketing and dealer website bourgeois with over 25 years of experience helping independent and franchise dealers increase income and business productivity. AutoManager now serves over 6,000 users crossways the U.S. and Canada.

DeskManager DMS and the WebManager online marketing platform marketing are scalable solutions for car, truck, boat, RV and even airplane dealers. Both are priced aggressively to satisfy the needs of small independents, and can be expanded with a litany of high tech add-ons that grant them to serve the needs of larger franchise dealers. Above all else, AutoManager takes pride in its reputation for excellent post-sale support and service.

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