Mikkel deMib Svendsen and Dave Naylor – Strike Point

Mikkel deMib Svendsen and Dave Naylor – Strike Point
from Strike Point
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Spam, Can You See it?

Spam, Can You See it?

Galway, Irland (PRWEB) October 2, 2006

SpamTitan, the market leader for virtual email appliances have just announced the latest release, Version 4.04, to combat the increased activity in image based spam.

This current initiative from spammers to try and subvert traditional anti spam techniques uses a graphical image to carry the spammer’s message. Text is imbedded in an image and frequently appears to the individual as a normal text email. Traditional spam checkers see this as an image and have tiny or no content for analyses to define it as spam or genuine email. This category of spam email has increased to significant proportions and has been reported to statement for upwards of 25% of current spam.

SpamTitan’s use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology grants the anti spam diagnostic engine to analyse and refer text within these images. This text is then compiled and used in conjunction with the existing anti spam rule set to determine if that email is spam or not. These techniques ensure SpamTitan maintains its 99% spam detection rates in protecting mail servers from the constantly growing volumes of spam being sent today.

SpamTitan’s OCR technology is acquirable now on SpamTitan for VMware© and SpamTitan ISO, apiece offering spam detection , dual anti virus engine including Kaspersky Labs and end individual quarantine facilities. Both of which are free to download from the SpamTitan website http://www.spamtitan.com



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SpamButcher Launches SpamFreeze ? A Free Anti-Spam Service for Bloggers and Webmasters

SpamButcher Launches SpamFreeze – A Free Anti-Spam Service for Bloggers and Webmasters

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) October 26, 2005

SpamFreeze is a free service provided by SpamButcher for webmasters, Bloggers and anyone else who needs to publish their email address online without fear of being spammed.

SpamFreeze can be accessed via http://www.spambutcher.com/spamfreeze/

Getting setup with SpamFreeze is a one-step process that takes under 10 seconds to complete.

Increasingly, spammers obtain email addresses by using “spiders”- personal programs that crawl the web extracting information from websites. As a result, publishing your email address online is a sure way to end up getting spammed. SpamFreeze makes your email address invisible to spiders, helping to minimize how much spam you receive.

SpamFreeze works by encoding the publisher’s email address within a URL. This URL can be put on any webpage, blog or online forum where they would like to make their email address available.

When a individual clicks the link, they will need to refer a word jumbled within an image to confirm they are not actually a spider collecting addressees for spamming. They are then provided with the publisher’s email address.

SpamFreeze is a absolutely free service provided by SpamButcher. SpamButcher does not send SpamFreeze users unwanted email, or sell their addresses to third-parties.

Users who already have a significant spam problem might want to think about installing the SpamButcher spam filter program. SpamButcher’s free 21-day trial might be downloaded from http://www.spambutcher.com.



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EntrepreneurStream.com – Entrepreneur Stream

EntrepreneurStream.com – Entrepreneur Stream
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Email Marketing Magician: Make maximum profits from every single customer who visits your website even just once!

Email Marketing Magician: Make maximum profits from each single customer who visits your website even just once!

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Don’t waste time with trendy theories SEO and Web 2.O!

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Join the Email Marketing Revival and Read My New EBook!

These writing strategies place your messag

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Nice Website Spamming photos

A few nice website spamming images I found:

website spamming
Image by mbrewer
TUAW is spamming their website with "WWDC". I used Safari to find that on their website while I was looking for stories about this year’s WWDC. I found the stories, but I also found 20 hidden instances of "WWDC" right underneath their Blogsmith badge.

Mesure anti-spam drastique / Drastic Anti-Spam Measure
website spamming
Image by meantux
Une recrudescence frustrante de commentaires-spams sur mon site m’oblige à fermer l’accès aux commentaires sur deniscarl.com. Mais il reste toujours la possibilité pour les gens de venir laisser des commentaires aux mêmes photos sur flickr.com. Ceux qui gèrent Flickr ont beaucoup plus de ressources, de patience et d’outils pour contrer ce fléau.

A new wave of comment-spamming was frustrating me on my website and it forces me to block any access to any creation of comments on deniscarl.com. But there is always the possibility for you all to come and leave comments on the very same photos at flickr.com. The people at Flickr have much more ressources, patience and tools to fight this plague.

One Day Wizard: WORDPRESS – Your business online in 1 day!

One Day Wizard: WORDPRESS – Your business online in 1 day!
Event on 2011-06-29 10:00:00

One Day Wizard: WORDPRESS
(Your business online in 1 day! Next Wizard Day is 29 June! 279 total, payable 1 week before your chosen date(min 3 people, max 10 people)
One-to-One One Day Wizard is acquirable at 419 – call us on 0203 411 6123

By the end of your day, you will have your business online!

One Day Wizard WordPress Outline
Time 10am 4pm
Please note that you will need to bring a laptop (with wi-fi) as this day is hands-on
You will get your domain study (for your business – make your choice count!
You will create your own website using WordPress, your own domain study and have business webshosting for 1 year (all included)
You will get electronic and hard duplicates of the training materials used throughout our dayWe wage lunch & refreshments

You will learn how to set up WordPress
Introduction to WordPress
How to set up a WordPress website quickly

You will publish posts, pages, images and video
Formatting your posts
Adding links
Inserting and embedding media images, video, audio

You will learn Comment moderation
How to monitor and moderate comments
How to stop spam

You will learn to make your site look great with WordPress themes
Themes and how can you use them
Theme frameworks (e.

You will add functionality to your site with WordPress plugins
Overview of plugins
How to install plugins
5 top WordPress plugins and what they do
How to use plugins and widgets to improve your websites functionality

Search Engine optimisation
How to make sure your website is optimised for Search Engines
Use pretty urls that will improve click through rates
Tagging and categorising your posts how to do it and why its important
Ideal practices when linking

After this day, you will be healthy to:
Use WordPress to manage your website content
Promote your website
Manage comments
Comprehend WordPress themes, plugins and widgets
The course is run by the Wizard who has been building websites for 5 years. He also founded UKCMS, A Business Centre and Web Design Bureau which has been trading for over 2 years. Clients include the London Borough of Newham, LloydsTSB and Lighthouse Central to study just a few.
All prices quoted include VAT.

at UKCMS Business Centre
301 Hall Lane
Chingford, United Kingdom

Virtual Online ESL Position for State Licensed Teachers

Virtual Online ESL Position for Say Licensed Teachers

at our project website, ;/SPAM. The program has grown from 30 schools to over 150 schools in the last two



80201 Denver, USA

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