Best way to learn designing websites?

Question by Jaga: Ideal way to learn designing websites?
What is the ideal way to design websites(XHTML & CSS), to just begin doing it and learn as you go or watch some tutorials and read up on some stuff?

Best answer:

Answer by SteveO
Start as and begin applying what you learn. When you get into scripting, it’s always nice to have a reference even if you’re experienced. You can’t begin formatting the website until you comprehend the basics of the markup language you’re using…and it’s all HTML anyway (there’s tiny difference between HTML and XHTML…one is based on SGML and the other on XML with no changes on how you format the web pages).

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How do you get your webpages to look the same in both FireFox and Internet Internet Explorer?

Question by Chattron: How do you get your webpages to look the same in both FireFox and World wide web World wide web Explorer?
I recently started learnin how to design websites using XHTML and CSS. I always validate my webpages at the W3C validation site, but I still find it extremely difficult to get my webpages to look the same on FireFox and World wide web Explorer.

Best answer:

Answer by Matt Flaschen
First of all, neither browser complies with all web standards, so IE is worse. Second, there might be individual CSS differences that cause different appearances, without any error in rendering.

As long as it looks okay in both, I wouldn’t worry. It’s unreasonable to anticipate them to render identically.

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Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3

Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3
Event on 2013-11-04 00:00:00

Course Description

Students will acquire knowledge of the latest and greatest approaches to website design and consistency. Using hands-on work exercises, they will build a small business web site of their own. Students will work with images and learn to add formatting and style with CSS to encourage consistency and simple editing in web site design.

Course Objectives

Understanding HTML5
Build effective web sites with HTML5
Comprehend the benefits of CSS3 to web pages
Acknowledge browser variations in handling CSS


Knowledge of OS X and basic personal navigation

Course Outline

Note: The curricula below comprise activities typically covered in a class at this skill level. The teacher may, at his/her discretion, adjust the lesson plan to meet the needs of the class.

An Overview of HTML5

Defining HTML5
HTML5 markup
Key HTML5 elements
Web forms
New HTML5 elements
An overview of HTML5 APIs and supporting technologies
Geolocation in action
Web Workers
Web storage
CSS animations
CSS transitions
CSS 2D and 3D transformations
CSS3 backgrounds, borders, RGBa colors, gradients, drop shadows and rounded corners
@font-face web fonts
HTML5 is in a say of transition
Who is using HTML5 today?
Identifying HTML5 sites

Fundamentals of HTML, XHTML, and CSS

Web languages
Web page structure is based on HTML
The details of XHTML syntax
Doctype lets the web browser know what to expect
The W3C and page validation
HTML structure
Placing images in HTML
The role of CSS
Styling a heading
Understanding class styles and the element
Three ways to use styles
Internal versus external style sheet
What makes styles cascading

Formatting Text with CSS

The importance of typography on the Web
The challenges of fonts on the Web
Setting a font-family
Sizing text with CSS
Pixels and points are not the ideal choices
Using a combination of percent and the em measurement
Using margins to alter space between your text
Setting paragraph line-height
Transforming text with CSS
Working with HTML lists
Styling HTML lists

Basic (X)HTML Formatting

Making Text Bold or Italic
Changing the Size of Text and Using a Monospaced Font
Using Preformatted Text
Quoting, Superscripts, and Subscripts
Marking Changed Text

Introduction to CSS Layout

Working with the CSS reset file
A brief history of layout techniques on the Web
An overview of page layout options
Understanding the element: creating a two-column fixed-width CSS layout
Understanding the CSS float property
Creating columns with the float property
Working with the clear property
Creating a list-based navigation using floats
Adding text styles
The effect of margins and padding on your fix-width layout
A review of using margins and padding for layout
Styling your footer with a background image

Advanced CSS Layout

Building your page layout
Removing the background color
Working with CSS background images
Using hacks to solve layout problems
Enhancing your CSS navigation bar
Moving internal styles to the external style sheet
Creating a style for the active page
Adding images to your sidebar
Working with absolute positioning

Using HTML5 Markup

A review of semantic markup
HTML5 fundamentals
The HTML5 DOCTYPE declaration
The different categories used for HTML5 content
Using the new header element in HTML5
Adding support for HTML5 elements in browsers
Adding the HTML5 elements
Adding the other HTML5 sectioning elements
HTML5 document outlines
Adding the footer element
Adding the article and aside elements
Additional HTML5 elements
Revisiting familiar HTML elements

Creating HTML5 Forms

The need for updated forms
Reviewing how forms work
The components of a form
Adding new HTML5 input types and attributes
Creating an order form with new HTML5 input type and attributes
HTML5 form features under development
Providing fallbacks for browsers that don't support HTML5 features

Introduction to JavaScript and JQuery

Interactivity on the Web
Adobe Flash
JavaScript basics
JavaScript events
Placing your JavaScript into an external document
The Document Object Model
JavaScript frameworks
Hiding an element with JQuery
Adding an event trigger to show effect

Working with Video and Audio Elements

Adding video
Adding support for more browsers
Adding fallback support for older browsers
Controlling a video with JavaScript
Adding audio

Working with Canvas

Understanding the Canvas element
The benefits of the Canvas element
Drawing paths
Drawing rectangles
Drawing lines and circles
Drawing curves
Adding text
Using colors, styles and gradients
Adding images
Using transforms
Creating a drawing loop

Styling with CSS3

Understanding the role of CSS3
Using CSS3 border-radius and border-image
Adding multiple background images
Working with CSS3 transparency and opacity
Using CSS3 gradients
CSS3 gradients potential for the future
CSS3 transforms, transitions, and animations
CSS3 transforms and transitions
Working with CSS3 animations
Working with web fonts
Using @font-face to specify a web font
Using a web service to generate multiple fonts
Alternative methods for adding web fonts

CSS3 Media Queries and the Future of CSS3

The role of CSS3 media queries
Using CSS3 media queries to deliver a mobile-optimized layout
Upcoming developments of CSS3
The CSS3 multi-column layout
The CSS3 Flexible Box layout module
The CSS3 template layout module
Adding template-based position to CSS3

Offline Storage in HTML5

Offline storage in HTML5
HTML5 storage types
localStorage methods
localStorage example
Advanced data storage
Application caching
The store manifest file
Cache manifest structure
Updating the cache
The applicationCache object

HTML5 Geolocation

Understanding Geolocation
Getting the user's location
Displaying the user's location with Google Maps
Browsers absent HTML5 Geolocation
Creating a HTML5 Geolocation and Google Maps mashup
Adding Google Map markers to your geolocation page

HTML5 Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop on the Web
Cross-browser drag and drop
Transferring data with a drag-and-drop operation

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Catgut 1.5
website xhtml
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Fair-Off Website
website xhtml
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Fair OFF is a Bulgarian annual event for furniture and interior design held in parallel to the official furniture clean in Sofia. As the study implies…

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Fair-Off Website
website xhtml
Image by dimchevski
Fair OFF is a Bulgarian annual event for furniture and interior design held in parallel to the official furniture clean in Sofia. As the study implies…

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LEARNING HTML AND XHTML BASICS: A Beginner’s Guide to Learn Web Developing

LEARNING HTML AND XHTML BASICS: A Beginner’s Guide to Learn Web Developing

This is the first edition of Learning HTML and XHTML Basics. This is a workbook which will help any developers to learn basics of HTML and XHTML. This book covers all basic information of web developing with necessary examples and screen shots.
This book aimed at beginner. To use this workbook you should have a basic knowledge of personal and Internet.

What this book covers
Chapter 1, This chapter introduces HTML and XHTML and syntax and formation, basic structure of both mark-up la

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