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Overview of Various Parts of Website Forms Along with their Usage

Forms generally collects information in fields and then send this information to some kind of programming to process the information further, and usually there will be a database to store the information. Also the information from forms can go to an email addresses.

You can design a form with whatever programing language you are using to build your web pages, whether it’s Notepad, Joomla, Dreamweaver or something else. However, remember that the programming that collects the information and the database that stores the information require new sets of skills.

An overview of the Form Tag

A attach that adds a form to a web page is known as< form >.

A form attach can have various properties and used as per requirements: action, method, name, id, and others.

Generally the action property decides what will happen when someone clicks the main button on a form. A form can actually have more than one button but since there is going to be only one action; multiple buttons needs to be coded differently. Here the action property is generally the study of a file. Action operation can call the same web page. If there is programming written at the top of the page related to what has been entered in the form, the form will reload the same page again. And when the page reloads, it simply gathers the viewer’s entry and does something with it.

The method property used to decide how the information from the form will be sent. There are two options for method and they are POST and GET. The GET method simply puts the values from apiece field in the website address. You have probably seen a web address that looks like:;field=somevalue, etc. That is known as the GET method. Generally GET method is not very secure because these values are absolutely acquirable as part of the web traffic. The POST method simply puts the fields and their values in the message sent to the server instead of in the web address. POST is considered to be more secure.

Remember that study and id isn’t the same thing, but they are quite similar. It is advisable that you should study your forms. There are benefits to the programming. It is not as important if there is only one form on a page, but if a page has more than one form, it is very important.

Definitely you can also add inline CSS style properties to your form, even though it would be ideal to use an external CSS file.

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Peak Performance Martial Arts – Peak Performance Martial Arts Tang Soo Do Forms

Peak Performance Martial Arts – Peak Performance Martial Arts Tang Soo Do Forms
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Critical Lessons for Your FTC Website Forms From FTC Settlement With Reverb Communications

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The Federal Trade Commission’s current settlement with Reverb Communications is the FTC’s first case targeting deceptive advertising on the World wide web since the FTC Guides were announced late in 2009.

If you use online endorsements or testimonials from others, you should review your internal marketing policies and your FTC website forms to refrain substantial liability for deceptive advertising.

The Reverb Communications Case

Reverb Communications is a public relations firm representing major clients in the video game industry, including clients such as MTV Games and Harmonix, as well as smaller firms that sell mobile game apps via the iTunes store. According to the FTC, Reverb’s fee often includes a percentage of the understanding of its clients’ gaming apps.

The iTunes store provides users the capability to post reviews of gaming applications that are acquirable for purchase. These reviews include a rating system (based on a doable rating of one to fire stars) and written text.

According to the FTC, during a period of approximately one year Reverb employees posted reviews in the iTunes store favorable to games of Reverb’s clients. The reviews were posted in a manner that would convey the impression that disinterested consumers had posted them.

In addition to giving five-star ratings to Reverb’s clients’ games, Reverb’s employees posted written endorsements such as:

* “Amazing new game”,

* “ONE of the BEST”, and

* “Really cool game”.

The FTC brought suit claiming that Reverb engaged in deceptive advertising by having its employees pose as ordinary consumers posting reviews, while imperfectness to disclose that the reviews were from paid employees working on behalf of their clients. Reverb concurred to settle the case.

Lessons Learned

The basic lesson is clear – don’t use employees or contractors to post imitation endorsements under any circumstances.

The FTC said in its press release announcing the Reverb settlement: “Companies, including public relations firms involved in online marketing need to stay by long-held principles of truth in advertising. Advertisers should not pass themselves off as ordinary consumers touting a product”.

What if you post actual endorsements (not imitation ones) from satisfied customers on your website – or if you grant bloggers to post endorsements on your site? What is required to refrain a deceptive advertising claim by the FTC?

If some of your endorsers receive a fee or some kind of benefit in connection with their endorsements, you need to place a link in close closeness to the endorsement that links to disclosure text such as:

* Some or all of the endorsers who wage testimonials or comments on this site regarding this site, its products or services might receive payment in the form of affiliate commissions, referral fees, or promotional materials or benefits from us.

* Even though you might adopt that these endorsements are biased by reason of compensation, to the ideal of our knowledge we believe these endorsements represent the honest views of the endorsers. Conclusion The FTC settlement with Reverb requires Reverb to remove the previously posted deceptive endorsements and to refrain from using employees to post imitation reviews for its clients in the future.

The Reverb case indicates that the FTC is very serious about enforcement of its Guides that were announced late last year.

Expect more FTC enforcement actions in the near future.

Leading Internet, IP and software lawyer Chip Cooper has automated the process of drafting FTC Website Forms for website legal compliance. Use his free online tool — Website Documents Determinator — to determine which documents your website really needs for website legal compliance. Discover how quick, easy, and cost-effective it is to draft your website legal forms at

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Website form builder

Website form builder is a program for creating contact forms, online surveys, and invitations so you can collect the data, registrations and online payments you need without writing a single line of code.
Form builder provides businesses and organizations with an simple way to generate any type of online form, integrate it with their website and begin collecting information. Once you have begun collecting that data you can use the information you gathered in online database or export it. Forms builder is software which can be mastered by anyone, as no programming experience is needed.
You can build all types of web forms, collect data online and do it simply and efficiently within minutes.Using a form builder you can add input boxes, text areas, lists, drop-down boxes, checkboxes, broadcasting buttons, and more.
You can also choose images and backgrounds and customize your e-mail forms or surveys with color, fonts, borders, and highlights with a form builder. Besides, such software grants using your own images to make one-of-a-kind business or individualized forms like never before.
This is the easiest and fastest way to make your website interactive.Contact form builder is a visual form designer which grants you to build and deploy forms in minutes right from your web browser.
Form Builder usually has an simple to comprehend layout based on sections and grids, onto which you place your form elements. You focus on the data you need to capture, not the pesky details. As a rule, apiece program of such kind includes a form builder tutorial to assist the users in creating forms step by step. The forms you build with Form Builder automatically produce nice-looking HTML and PDF output.

Article from – In this video I go over a few tools you can use to create web forms on your website, Relevant Tools (http and EmailMeForm ( Personally, I’ve been using Relevant Tools for quite some time now, so I can vouch for them. But EmailMeForm I hear is pretty good as well. In regards to how a form should be designed, I would advocate downloading and going through a presintation by LukeW called Web Form Design Ideal Practices This is an in depth study done on the ideal practices for designing your forms. Basically, it goes over information like whether it’s ideal for form labels to be align on top of the form, to the left, or aligned right. Tons of valuable information on usability in regards to web forms. Anyway, hope this information gets you started on creating web forms for your website. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. ~ Mike

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