How do I make those icons by the address bar for my website?

Question by Ashley F: How do I make those icons by the address bar for my website?
How do I create those tiny icons on the web address search bar for my individualized web site? For example, Yahoo has a red “Y,” Google has the lowercase blue “g,” and Twitter has the blue highlighted “t.”

I love these tiny links buttons when you add them to your firefox toolbar and I would like to add a tiny picture to my address bar of my web site too.

Best answer:

Answer by Warrior Cat Girl
It’s a 16×16 picture (.ico) image. There are a number of picture editors acquirable on line or you can use any graphics program that will save in .ico format. Like, you can use MS PAINT to do it:

1) Open paint
2)At top, click “Image”
3)click attributes
4)In width, and heght boxes type in height:16 width:16
5)Create your image! *paints uncontrollably*
6)Click “Save As”
7) As study type “favicon.ico”
8)Click Save!
9) upload 2 server (of course)
10) YAYS! your website looks prettiful when added as a favorite!

Then once you’ve created your favicon, you include it on your page using this snippet of HTML in the tag:

(Change “favicon.ico” to the location of your favicon of course.)

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Samsung Galaxy Note II 4G Android Phone, Titanium Gray (Verizon Wireless)

Samsung Galaxy Note II 4G Android Phone, Titanium Gray (Verizon Wireless)

Samsung Galaxy Note II 4G Android Phone, Titanium Gray (Verizon Wireless)

  • Display: 5.5-inches
  • Camera: 8-MP
  • Processor Speed: 1.6 GHz
  • OS: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)

5.5-Inch Super AMOLED Screen
(view larger). Samsung Galaxy Note II
At a Glance:
Integrated Amazon Experience: Seamless access to Amazon digital content and shopping from your phone’s home screen

4G LTE connectivity

Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)

1.6 GHz Exynos Quad-core processor

5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display

S Pen

Dual cameras – 8 MP with video and flash, 1.9 MP front-facing

16 GB ROM,

List Price: $ 699.99


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How to change app icons on Yahoo toolbar?

Question by BULLETS: How to change app icons on Yahoo toolbar?
I have added websites that have an picture in my favorites list but they do not show when added to Yahoo toolbar. How can I change the app picture if possible? Also, how can I access the website’s picture to save it to my computer and make it the app icon?

Best answer:

Answer by Fallen Angel
The Yahoo toolbar built-in apps have icons supplied by Yahoo. You can’t change them. The Yahoo custom apps that you create will try to use the favicon of the web site or you can select an picture from the list supplied by Yahoo. You can not add to the list. The following wiki article speaks about favicons:
There are times when Yahoo can’t detect the favicon and you get a default picture that looks like a star. What you see is what you get (WYSIWG).
I already indicated that you can’t supply your own picture to the Yahoo list of icons.
If you want to make a recommendation to Yahoo, click the gear picture at the end of the Yahoo toolbar, click Share Your Ideas. My individualized view is don’t waste your time.

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Kraft Singles Invites Grilled Cheese Lovers to Vote for Its Next Commercial

Kraft Singles Invites Grilled Cheese Lovers to Vote for Its Next Commercial

“Have A Happy Sandwich” video contest

Glenview, Ill. (PRWEB) November 30, 2007

It’s official – USA is inspired by grilled cheese. Kraft Singles received more than 450 eligible entries in its ” Have A Happy Sandwich ” video contest through MySpace, apiece vying for the chance to win $ 50,000 and be featured as a national commercial. Five finalists had what it took to melt the competition. Now Kraft Singles is giving Americans the opportunity to choose the winner by visiting between Nov. 26 and Dec. 10, 2007 to vote for their favorite grilled cheese-inspired video.

Launched on Oct. 15, the contest invited people to create their own 10- to 15-second interpretation of a Kraft Singles “Have A Happy Sandwich” moment, demonstrating the easy joy that comes from enjoying a grilled cheese sandwich. Participants from crossways the country embraced the challenge in wildly creative ways – showcasing everything from animated cheese superheroes to grilled cheese ninja stick puppets.


From Nov. 26 to Dec. 10, 2007, consumers can visit to view the top five finalists and vote on their favorite “Have A Happy Sandwich” video.* The winning video receiving the most votes will be announced on December 21, 2007. In addition to the $ 50,000 prize, the winner will see his or her video realized as a national commercial.

For more information on Kraft Singles, visit

Kraft Foods is one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies with annual revenues of more than $ 34 billion. For more than 100 years, Kraft has offered consumers delicious and wholesome foods that fit the way they live. Kraft markets a broad portfolio of iconic brands in 155 countries, including six brands with revenue of more than $ 1 billion, such as Kraft cheeses, dinners and dressings; Oscar Mayer meats; Philadelphia cream cheese; Nabisco cookies and crackers; doc coffees and Milka chocolates. Kraft became a fully independent company on March 30, 2007, and is listed in the Standard and Poor’s 100 and 500 indexes. The company also is a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the Ethibel Sustainability Index. For more information, visit the company’s website at

*Must be a MySpace member to participate; those who are not members will need to register for an statement to vote in the “Have A Happy Sandwich” video contest.


Alexa Gunther

(312) 616-1657

alexa.gunther @

Basil Maglaris

(847) 646-4538

basil.maglaris @

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, Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.
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Creating and Flipping Websites to the Offline Market

Creating and Flipping Websites to the Offline Market
Learn how to create a professional looking website using all free tools. Then you will find offline prospects and sell the website to them. Simple money.
Creating and Flipping Websites to the Offline Market

Creating a Review Website in 15 Minutes!
A Review Website is a must if you’d like to promote affiliate products. We’ll give you the free tools, a special review template and even videos to learn you how to setup your own review site in 15 minutes or less! Forget difficult & costly software!
Creating a Review Website in 15 Minutes!

Fellow Christians et al: What is your nomination for most humorous and/or entertaining “Bible errors” website?

Question by Aonghas Declared Me Immature: Fellow Christians et al: What is your nomination for most humorous and/or pleasing “Bible errors” website?
One of my doctoral students is thinking of creating a “review website” of Bible skeptic/critic websites, which I thought was a very original and comical twist on the present “best sites on the web” concept (and yet educational in its own way). So I thought this would be a good forum for getting him started by means of your answers to the above question.

{{** The TEXT BELOW is purely OPTIONAL for answering the question. **}}

We are especially interested in the classic “Bible error & contradiction lists with commentary” type or website and not just those with anti-Bible essays. Both “mocking type” and serious website URLs would be appreciated, whether it is your one favorite Bible-mocker-website or your nominations for individual categories (such as most bitter, most mocking, most clueless, or whatever you wish).

The eventual purpose would be not merely the entertainment value of illustrating the most common cliches, logic traps, linguistic foibles, and existent errors but also to superior address the honest questions/issues of those with genuine curiosity about the Bibical texts. By superior organizing common fallacies and misinformation about the Bible, commentator writers, apologists, and others would have a “one-stop shop” for collecting favourite criticisms and factoids about individual Bible passages — all organized in a systematic way. The eventual goal would also be to wage thorough answers with generous citations, and perhaps in both layperson and “expert” versions for apiece entry.

If well executed, perhaps the day will come when a respondent on R&S could summarize their answer and then give a citation for the aforementioned website where exhaustive/exhausting details would be provided as well as links to the original argument/ diatribe/ complaint/ list-item on the various skeptic sites.

For years now I’ve had students and TA’s compile lists of interesting “jibes” from the skeptic websites to train students on swiftly addressing the critics’ issues in the simplest yet most thorough ways (such as they might be asked to do on a broadcasting call-in program) but without depending too heavily on technical argot that would confuse or overwhelm the mortal with honest questions. So the intent of having the ideas of the “error list websites” somehow integrated systematically in one place could be very captivating to Bible instructors and professors in general and, for that matter, virtually everyone with a serious interest in the Bible.

So by all means have fun with your answers/contributions but any recommendations and related answers/opinions would be appreciated. (And any supplementary material or items unsuitable for this answer format can be sent to the project through the message picture on the MyProfile.)

If so inclined, please include German and French language Bible skeptic websites as well as English. (And keep in mind that some anti-Semitic websites include “error lists” of the Torah.)

So what are your nominations for Bible skeptic websites and why? Feel free to be creative with your categories!

Best answer:

Answer by J

It’s just my favorite because you can sort through different categories like absurdity, violence, logical errors, etc.

PS Jason’s “The Brick Testament” is really, really hilarious. I would advise you check that out. I really had no intent it was more anti-christian until I saw a story titled “God kills a baby.”

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!, the First Search Engine which Personalizes its Results According to Your Center of Interests

Clermont Ferrand, France (PRWEB) June 17, 2005

Kartoo a leading Cartographic Web interface developer and Information Visualization software bourgeois this day announced the release of its latest search engine, UJIKO. After earning the loyalty of hundreds of thousands of truehearted users apiece day since its launch in Might 2004, KartOO technologies is unveiling a brand new version, which benefits from major technological advances and wage innovative functions:

The neutral of KartOO Technologies with this new version is to comfort its leadership in the semantic cartography market in 2005.

UJIKO offers five one-of-a-kind and novel functions:

1. The first search engine which evolves with your expertise,

2. Regroup search results by thematic on an intuitive circular map,

3. Offer an innovative and advance information management system,

4. Offer personalization of results according to thematic and previous searches,

5. Propose different visual skins to change the way your UJIKO applet looks

For the first time ever, the brand new version of ‘UJIKO designed by Kartoo Technologies, evolves with your expertise: The more you use it, the functions it is healthy to offer. Each time you visit a new site, you are gaining one point of expertise. With apiece 10 points, you move to the next level. Your search engine is mutating, new buttons appear giving you access to advanced features : create custom filters, hold your favorites in folders, highlight pages if they contain certain words, create new skins, search news and video documents. You can even extend your search through the acclaimed Meta search engine. Novices and experts users will find the appropriate tools with this new generation search applet.

With UJIKO, it is the individual who decides the relevance of sites, by just clicking on the pages around the main circle to change them. The heart picture memorizes your favorite sites, putting them forward in the result list on your next search. The dustbin picture filters the results. When you click on this function, the selected site will be filtered during all your next queries. The Page picture personalizes a site; you can change its description, add a comment, and store it in a folder. Finally, the individual can change the skin of the player with your own JPEG images or Flash movies and send your creations to your friends.

UJIKO (c) uses the brand new Yahoo (c) search technology, which indexes more that 5 Billion Pages. According to search engine experts, this search technology is considered as one of the ideal and provided relevant results.

Laurent Baleydier, President of Kartoo Technologies said, “Part of our trade consists in determining the ideal Information cartography product for apiece customer. This is why our company never ceases to invent new form of representations. Today, we are healthy to propose advanced tools of Information visualization which combine a total freedom of artistic creation and advanced search capabilities”

UJIKO’s interface is designed to instantaneously help the web users comprehend its basic and advanced features set.

To know more about this one-of-a-kind Product, please go to:

About KartOO SA:

KartOO is a leading business solutions software publisher based in Clermont Ferrand, France with U.S Branch office in San Francisco, Calif. Kartoo develops a one-of-a-kind Cartographic interface for numerous markets and applications. KartOO provides a visualization information search and visual representation technology, which can be adapted to all kinds of sources (web portals, databases, file servers, ERP, electronic document management and KM solutions). KartOO SA provides software and specific dedicated solutions for major clients as well as other products designed specifically for SME or the general public.

Derived from years of research efforts at the renowned French University Labs, the company’s applications enable end-users or corporate users to retrieve relevant information more effectively. Kartoo’ award-winning products are used by thousands of customers as well as leading services and production companies worldwide. More information on Kartoo SA is acquirable on the Company’s website at

Press contact:

Phone: +33 (0)4 73 28 98 26

®Registered trademarks of Kartoo SA

All other trademarks property of their respective owners


Is there an easy way to create a desktop shortcut that opens Firefox to a specific link?

Question by ouroboros0427: Is there an simple way to create a desktop shortcut that opens Firefox to a specific link?
So here’s the deal…

I have created a desktop shortcut for my daughter to access her favorite website. The problem is that Windows is not opening Firefox like it is supposed to. Upon double-clicking the shortcut, Windows informs me that there is no program associated with the file. I have gone into “Folder Options -> File Types” and associated .url extensions (subclassed as “internet shortcuts”) with the command line that opens Firefox. Am I missing something or is there another bourgeois that I am not taking into consideration?

All I want to do, ultimately, is to create an picture on my desktop that my daughter can click on to get to her favorite website to play games.

Any help is appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by Gnomon
Create the shortcut as follows:

1. Click on the Begin button and navigate to the place in the Begin menu that has Firefox. But instead of clicking on it, hold down CTRL and drag the firefox onto your desktop. This will make a shortcut.

2. Test the shortcut by double clicking on it. It will bring you to the normal default begin page in Firefox. Close Firefox.

3. Now right click on the shortcut and choose Properties. One of the properties is the “target” which will end with firefox.exe”

4. Add a space after this, then place the URL that you want to go to in Firefox, for example

5. Click OK to end the properties window and test the shortcut.

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Classic Terri Lee Dolls Are Back

Classic Terri Lee Dolls Are Back

Terri Lee Winter Wonderland

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 1, 2010

New stylish wardrobe? Check. Cute new packaging? Check. A revamped website to shop, learn and play? Check. At long last, Terri Lee Associates is thrilled to reveal their 2010 line of play dolls called “The Four Seasons Collection” for girls everywhere ages 3 and up. 

Retailing for $ 34.99, the new age-appropriate, 15-inch vinyl dolls are modeled after the original Terri Lee Dolls of the 1940’s and 1950’s and come in four different seasonally inspired mid-century styles: Winter Wonderland, Swing into Spring, Summer by the Sea and Ready for Recess. 

A long time favorite among baby-boomers, the original Terri Lee Doll was dubbed the world’s ideal dressed toddler, and was considered a fashion picture to thousands of tiny girls crossways the nation. At the height of her popularity, her fashion wardrobe contained over 500 different exclusive outfits and accessories. Each and each one prefabricated with the strictest attention to detail and the highest calibre fabrics, as they are today.  Originally created in 1946 by Violet Lee Gradwohl, Terri Lee has been a family venture in the purest sense of the words for over 60 years. 

“In a world of technology, Bratz and vampires, Terri Lee is a bastion of wholesome fun,” states Graham Hogan, Director of Production and Design, “She’s a doll that your grandmother would be chesty of… In fact, she probably played with one when she was a kid.” 

In addition to creating a fashion icon, Terri Lee Inc. was one of the first doll companies to mass market an ethnic line of dolls in the late 40’s. They helped shatter the color barrier by launching African American dolls Bonnie Lou and Patty Jo in 1947, two brave tiny ladies that defied the stereotypes of their day with stylish fashions and beautiful faces. An immense source of pride for the company, they offer all four of the “Four Seasons” dolls in an African American skin tone as well as Caucasian. 

Terri Lee headquarters recently relocated from the West Coast to Chicago, directly crossways from the world famous Merchandise Mart. Hogan touts that, “being in the heart of Chicago’s design district has offered us unprecedented exposure to creative movers and shakers. With the popularity of shows like Mad Men, there’s a real renaissance of mid-century style with an updated twist.  We’re right at the forefront with Terri’s classic, no-nonsense sophistication.” In addition to the four styles currently offered, work is underway on the 2011 line of outfits that promise to not disappoint.

The new Terri Lee play dolls are acquirable at and choose European retailers.

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Star Wars Legend Jeremy Bulloch Joins Night Traveler Cast

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) December 22, 2005

Best known for his portrayal of bounty hunter Boba Fett in the original Star Wars trilogy, person Jeremy Bulloch as been added to the cast of Night Traveler: Prophecy of the Elder, a multimedia adventure CD-ROM scheduled for release on Jan 27, 2006 by Lunar Moth Entertainment.

In Night Traveler: Prophecy of the Elder, the first in a series of Night Traveler episodes, Bulloch lends his voice as the dark swordsman Sir Logan the Prowler. “Boba Fett is one of the most favourite characters in the Star Wars films and has always been my favorite”, stated series creator Ralph Asbury, “We had a really good time recording the part. Jeremy was fantastic!”. Asbury also noted that Star Wars fans will surely recognize one line spoken by Sir Logan the Prowler, as it is eerily similar to one uttered by our favorite bounty hunter in The Empire Strikes Back! Also featured on the project are pro wrestling picture Roddy Piper, and Cindy Morgan, star of Disney’s Tron.

To celebrate the first episode of the Night Traveler series, all advance orders will receive a free limited edition Night Traveler super trading card. Visit for full ordering details.

About the Night Traveler adventure series

Night Traveler: Prophecy of the Elder is the first multimedia adventure CD-ROM in the Night Traveler series. The story follows musician Jake Whitman on a journey of discovery and adventure when he stumbles upon the origin of dreams, where four challenges will stand between destiny and destruction. Designed to include all the ideal features of your favorite formats, the Night Traveler series creates a brand new experience in storytelling. The concept was conceived while series creator Ralph Asbury was on tour as a musician promoting PROPHECY, a CD whose cover art featured the very first appearance of the Night Traveler character. Originally intended as a single issue comic book, the story soon developed the necessity of a larger presentation. Night Traveler: Prophecy of the Elder is more than a movie, a novel, or a comic book. Its an experience! Night Traveler: Prophecy of the Elder is scheduled for release on Jan 27th, 2006, and will premier at the 17th Annual FX Show in Orlando, FL.

For more information on the Night Traveler adventure series please visit the official website (

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