Ok, I need help with getting these JS codes to work?

Question by Artic Heat: Ok, I need help with getting these JS codes to work?
I can't get these 2 codes below to work or execute. It is driving me insane, I have place the {} on the operations, I have tried var, but nothing. If someone can direct me, or show me what I am doing wrong it would be awesome:

if (TestTaken == “chem”){
if (score > 80)
window.alert(“You did great!”);
else if (score > 60)
window.alert(“You passed.”);
window.alert(“Try again.”);
}else if (TestTaken == “math”){
if (score > 70)
window.alert(“Try again.”);
window.alert(“Please take your test.”);

Then this code:

switch (rating){
case “AAA” :
window.alert(“Highest Quality”);
case “AA” :
window.alert(“High Quality”);
case “A” :
window.alert(“Upper Medium”);
case “BBB” :
window.alert(“Medium “);
case “BB” :
case “B”, “CCC”, “C” :
window.alert(“Highly Speculative “);
default :
window.alert(“You did not enter a valid bond rating!”);

I am using notepad++l which is what I have always used, I decided to get Dreamweaver started up and I still can't get the code to execute. Are the spacings wrong? Am I not using the correct brackets or operations?

Best answer:

Answer by Ratchetr
Whoa…how did we get from math and chemistry to bond ratings?

Anyway…1 issues I see:

case “B”, “CCC”, “C” :

I think VB is the only language that lets you string together cases with commas like that.

case “B”:
case “CCC”:
case “C” :
window.alert(“Put the money under the mattress “);

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Getting Started With Dreamweaver Mx

Getting Started With Dreamweaver Mx


What do I need to get started with developing dynamic web sites in dreamweaver CS4?

Question by GoodStranger: What do I need to get started with developing dynamic web sites in dreamweaver CS4?
I have a knowledge in HTML and CSS but I just need to find out whatever tools are necessary to get started building dynamic websites in dreamweaver CS4…i would appreciate any help from you guys..

Best answer:

Answer by dodothealmighty
You’re going to need Flash as well, because to design some of the most. dynamic features of a CSS website. Other then that it just takes patience and some will.

And of course knowing some of the basics of web design; I.E. Don’t over-use a set scheme, but at the same time stick to the same scheme. Don’t go -over- the top, or frequent users of the site become more frustrated with it. Easy things.

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If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck… It could be a Scaup!

Some cool dreamweaver getting started images:

If it walks like a duck, speaks like a duck… It could be a Scaup!
dreamweaver getting started
Image by Island Capture Photography
After depriving myself from my Flickr friends for a few days, I finally have some results done. Allowed a lot of work is still needed, I think it is decent enough to share my main website.

Please visit silverph.com or johnbrianphotography.com and let me know what you think. I would appreciate your comments and suggestions.

I used WordPress. I still have no inkling how to work in Dreamweaver. I need to change those images on top. Help! (nevermind, I figured it out!)


We will be in Boston starting Wednesday until Saturday. I wish I have a laptop. I still can’t figure out what lens to bring with me. After making a research about Boston, I will definitely do a lot of night photography so the tripod has to go with me. Another problem is with the memory card. Should I purchase another 2gb? I only have two 2gb SD cards. I haven’t been out this long without a personal to dump the images. Shoot JPG? THE HORROR!*

*I told myself I would’t get caught shooting another jpg in my life.


About the image, This is a Greater Scaup found in BCA. If you asked me what it was a year ago, I would probably say, "if it walks like a duck and speaks like a duck…" 😛

I have to go back to work. Apologies for not viewing your images. My days are getting busier and busier. (a good sign)

Have a great day folks!


"jpg what?"

320 – Back to School
dreamweaver getting started
Image by eyeliam
I got the itch to go back to school about 2 years ago. It seemed that all of my friends were getting more education. Everything from going to law school, to getting their MBA, to just taking more classes. I couldn’t get motivated by anything enough to actually jump into a program. When it came down to it I couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted to do.

After a speak with my CEO a couple of months back he kind of set me on course that felt like it was the right path. I’ve been perusing it ever since. It led me to discover the Multi-Media Professionals Program at PSU. Essentially, it’s a certification program that grants offers classes in front end web application design and development. Everything from CSS, to XHTML, Flash, Java, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator.

I signed up for the program yesterday and started today. It was so great to achievement around the campus at PSU again. I love that school and have missed it ever since I left. I’m incredibly excited about this program and really feel it will help me with "the next thing" career wise with my life.

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