Q&A: How do i set up my own website for free?

Question by *Samantha*: How do i set up my own website for free?
Where can i set it up without paying. And can anyone give me tips on creating websites (designs, layouts etc…)?

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Answer by tfshq
I don’t know about for free… but you could always contact the guys at http://www.247hq.com/ as they do some great web design.

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  1. Nick "Mr.T" says:

    you can get free hosting on sites like geocities.com where you can also find tutorials on how to start building your own website, as well as templates

  2. A good 1 that i use is called:
    you can even distribute pics!
    It is free!!

  3. I believe that the Yahoo 360 gives you that option. Open a Yahoo mail account and you will find out. Take care.

  4. kittykitcoldplay says:

    Find a free hosting and domain. Google has launched an easy to use Google Page Creator which is like using Word.

  5. U can make ur web site through given link below.

  6. well try http://www.00server.com…im not sure if it stiil free but it used to be…
    there was aso an other one but i dont remebr the name…y dont u try yahoo search…with key words like free websites or smthn…

  7. Ummagumma says:

    The easiest way is to go to http://www.blogger.com and set up an account. You choose an already made template, and then just start adding content. It will even display the HTML content if you like, so you can adjust the template if you need to.

  8. Try to go to http://www.geocities.com you can make a web site for free. There’s a tutorial on how to create your own web site, just read the steps and your on your way!

  9. Depends on what kind of website you are after

    There are loads of websites that will give you a free website if you let them put their ads at the top, check out something like this: http://www.50megs.com/

    If you are after a personal home page kind of site, My Space is extremely popular: http://www.myspace.com/

  10. trydave1ce says:

    First of all check with your ISP and find out if they provide free web space. Most of them do! Nextly, they may also have some basic html or web authoring tools. This would be the best scenario considering you wont have a bunch of ads and popups on your site. If you dont have free web space (which is unlikely) you can do a search on the net. Most sites that offer free web space will also have tools to create your site. Last but not least, Netscape navigator has built in html tools. You might also find cheap software that will allow drag and drop and other tools that will write the html for you and provide an ftp to upload your files to your site.

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