Firefox, how to quickly save a page to favorites tool bar?

Question by blackcat2240: Firefox, how to swiftly save a page to favorites tool bar?
In World wide web Explorer there’s an picture in the toolbar that once clicked on immediately saves the current page to the toolbar without hassle. Does Firefox have something like that? Maybe an add-on?

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Answer by Carlos static-x
ctrl+d and then select a study for that website and then jjust click ‘done’

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  1. TJ Glawitsch says:

    In both IE and Fox there’s a keyboard shortcut to bookmark the site you’re currently looking at.

    Press + the letter “D”

    In IE, this automatically adds the current site to the BOOKMARKS list, not the toolbar.
    In FOX, this opens a DIALOG which allows you to choose where (bookmarks, toolbar, etc.)

    In FireFox, what I do is press +D and then just use the arrow keys to navigate OR if you press the first letter (for example, press the letter “B” for Bookmarks Toolbar) since I have folders created on my toolbar where I manage toolbar bookmarks.

    For example, I have a website that I built against child abuse (in this case it’s about my own son)
    Being that there’s a lot of court and legal activity, I created a folder on the toolbar called (simply) COURT. Everything that pertains to courts, attorneys, etc. regarding my little one goes into this folder. The very first link that was created, I had to add the folder “Court” to the toolbar – there’s a little Down-Arrow to the right of the folder names which allows you to do this. Once created, the Court folder is now on the list. The next page that gets bookmarked is simply a matter of pressing:

    +D (to open the bookmark dialog) and then the letter “C” (for Court) and press to save. In essence, it’s three key strokes and takes a mere second at most.

    To save links directly to the toolbar (no folders) just use the letter “B” and you’re on your way!

    Hope this helps and good luck!

    Hope this helps!

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