I want to start computer programming what language to start with?

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by Schill

Question by Shaun: I want to begin personal programming what language to begin with?
I use a mac os x and i really want to be a programmer what is a basic language i could begin with to get started??

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Answer by David D
visual basic.net will be the ideal way to get started.

Or any other RAD (Rapid Application Development) language

Things like HTML Java and CSS are also very valuable languages to photo up – even if just a tiny bit.

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  1. abaddono1 says:

    i have to disagree with visual basic. it will teach you a lot of bad practices.

    java is good, so is C or C++

    there is a lot of good documentation for all of them. if you want to be serious, C is my pick, no safeties, forces you to be a better programmer.

  2. Java and Python are good choices for beginners.

  3. C++ is pretty easy

  4. Both of those answers above me aren’t good. They fail to explain the reasoning behind their answers.
    Now to let you know. The big time languages out there today are C++, Java, C and C#.
    C++ being the leader and Java coming second.

    C++ is used the most mainly because of it’s speed but it’s starting to get outdated now so people are now turning towards Java. But still the majority of people use C++ and I would strongly recommend it.

    Now the guy above me said that C teaches good programming practices. In a sense yes it does teach better programming practices than visual basic but it will make you develop bad habits in the end due to the fact that it’s a procedural language and the languages we use today are object oriented.

    Now I would recommend Visual Basic over C any day.
    Why? Simply because it’s Visual BASIC!
    It’s not intended to teach you good programming practices. It’s designed to teach you how to code. Once you move onto more complicated stuff like C++ and Java it will make it easier.

    I myself started off with Turing and I have to say I liked it a lot. I made lots of cool games with it (like a super mario remake and megaman and others). I believe turing teaches you better than visual basic because it gets right to the point from day one.

    You don’t have any windows forms or anything , you just get right into coding which is what a beginner like you needs.

    Now with all that being said. It really depends on you. What your main focus is. What your desire to make in the future is. Also if you have the burning sensation and you want to learn it with all you heart.

    If you truly want to learn it will all your heart then you can start off with C++. There’s nothing wrong with starting off with a strong language like C++. It could even be better in the long wrong because you won’t develop bad habits from the other languages. The only downside would be that it would seem like a steeper learning curve for you since you never learned the basics like if statements and loops and what not.

    Now for learning C++. That’s mainly if you want to deal with consoles and making games and programs (programs like MS paint and stuff were made with predominently C++). So can’t go wrong if your interested in that field.

    If you’re interested in mobile development. C++ can do that but the recommended language to learn would have to be Java by far. Most of the applications on mobile devices are made using the java programming language.

    Now maybe you’re an Xbox lover and you love microsoft (well since you have a mac I think otherwise lol) but if you loved xbox and stuff then I would go with C# as you can make games and put them on xbox live for a small fee of course because microsoft is greedy.

    But since you have a mac you can’t code C# on it because C# is a microsoft programming language. It’s not cross platform.

    Say you want to work in web development. There’s a whole bunch of languages you could learn (and they’re all relatively easy)

    Examples are: html , xhtml , php , CSS, mysql , javascript, actionscript, flash and much more
    (You would normally use flash for web game development)

    So now for web games and we apps. The two main ones are flash and Java.
    Flash is the main one being used right now but Java is creeping up as a close second.

    To be honest. It’s up to you where you want to start.
    If you want to start super easy then go with web development or with Turing or Visual Basic.
    If you have a burning desire to be a good programmer and you want to start big then I suggest you learn C++. Even if you want to learn java start with C++. C++ and Java have similar syntax (similar code names and coding methods) but java has a steeper learning curve and Java would be extremely hard at the beginning for a beginner because it’s strictly object oriented.

    C++ on the other hand is procedural and object oriented so basically if you learn C++ you can adapt to program in any other programming language.

    So I Hope This Helped.

    If You have any further questions just inbox me 😀
    Good luck with the programming!

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