What programs do professional designers use to produce a design and do most of them major in graphic design?

Question by Robert R: What programs do professional designers use to produce a design and do most of them major in graphic design?
I mean street wear companies like Supreme, The hundreds, Alife, and Johnny Cupcakes. Do you think these people took graphic design courses in college? I really want to know the steps in which I must do to design my line of t-shirts and someday open a clothing boutique in NYC.

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Answer by mac_fixit
Many of the current younger ones would have – YES.

As to the apps they use – Illustrator, Photoshop for designs and Dreamweaver and Flash for the web sites and Quicktime and Final Cut for the videos.

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  1. They may not have necessarily taken college-level graphic design courses, but they did learn to master the design software applications necessary to execute their design ideas.

    T-shirt design can be a mix of organic and electronic design. In my past ‘life’, before I discovered web design, I spent a decade as a t-shirt designer. Very often I would splatter ink, or even grind dirt on to paper, then scan the results into the computer to use along with graphic elements created in Photoshop or Illustrator. Sometimes I would screen print an outline of a design on to shirts, then paint color on with fabric dye on a brush, sponge or even a stick or steel wool. I tried wax resists and tie dye, bleach and other subtractive substances.

    The sky’s the limit. Experiment. Think outside the box. You don’t need college for that. You just need passion and creativity. And practice, practice, practice.

    Best of luck,

  2. Adrial D says:

    You have to understand that most of design comes from a natural innate ability to understand design principles. Sure, taking design courses help you to develop your ability to use the tools, but it’s the inspiration that really makes a good designer and being able to harness that inspiration! Even the best courses can’t make a great designer … I’m still trying to find constant inspiration, believe me! But to specifically answer your question about the tools we graphic designers use, the Adobe Suite is all I need to run my studio at http://www.adrialdesigns.com (consisting of logo design, print design and website design). The Adobe Suite is expensive, but vital. There are no alternatives as far as I’m concerned. Good luck to you! Sounds like a fun dream to aspire to!

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