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Publish It on the Web!

Publish It on the Web!

Used – Exploring each characteristic of Web publishing beginning with an in-depth exploration of Web publishers’ connectivity options, this book covers all the technical and procedural aspects of Web publishing–including the use of the HTML markup language and HTML editors. It explains how to integrate multimedia applications such as Adobe Photoshop and includes tips and how-to instructions for creating MPEG videos, scanned GIF and JPEG images.

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Extending the MOSS Publishing HTML Editor Field Control (Wrox Briefs)
In this Wrox Blox, you learn how to create a custom button to generate a special HTML hyperlink. The hyperlink contains extra info…

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 – Factory Unlocked, Dual SIM, Android Smartphone – International Version, No Warranty (Black)
Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 Android Unlocked Quad Band GPS WiFi Phone (Black) General 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 – S…

COREL – ACADEMIC PRODUCTCorel VideoStudio v.X5 Pro – Complete Product. ACAD ML VIDEOSTUDIO PRO X5 EDITION DVD CASE. Video Editing – Academic DVD Case Retail – DVD-ROM – computer – French
COREL – ACADEMIC PRODUCTCorel VideoStudio v.X5 Pro – Complete Product. ACAD ML VIDEOSTUDIO PRO X5 EDITION DVD CASE. Video Editing …

Q&A: HTML/JavaScript Image Map Help

Question by Raptor753: HTML/JavaScript Image Map Help
I prefabricated this image as the opening page for a website I’m making. I place the image in JavaScript so that it would adjust itself according to the screen resolution. But, when I tried to create an image map for the bar at the bottom it would not make an image map. Could anyone solve this problem? Is it because the image is in JavaScript?

Here is the link to the page:

Thank You for any help.

Best answer:

Answer by DaveE
The problem seems to be (for me anyway) that your coordinates are wrong. I tried your page, and got a height of 824 pixels, despite the fact that your Y coordinates aren’t scaled appropriately and begin at 878 to 992, which was off the screen!

You need some additional logic in there– something like:

var x1,y1,x2,y2;
x1 = scale_coord(47,1800,correctwidth);
x2 = scale_coord(206,1800,correctwidth);
y1 = scale_coord(878,1005,correctheight);
y2 = scale_coord(992,1005,correctheight);


function scale_coord(val,norm,max) {
return int(max*(val/norm));

But really, I wouldn’t do it that way– Your image is going to suffer from JPEG compression and expansion on the user’s screen, so it’s going to look a tiny ugly. Probably superior to create buttons as separate div styles (text on a gradient background), or text on an image background (a gradient background image won’t look as bad when compressed, but text will).


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3D Teapot Classic Using Pure DHTML

Flickr with borders
css borders
Image by pb
I place the borders back with a custom stylesheet. More info here.

3D Teapot Classic Using Pure DHTML
Render the classic 3D Teapot using nothing but DHTML, i.e. JavaScript and HTML but no canvas, no CSS 3, no SVG? It sounds … Essentially the trick is based on using the border style to create a border so huge that there is nothing left in the middle of …
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Managing Kashmir
It has a border dispute with Afghanistan over the alignment of the Durand Line, which has been smouldering since 1947. Whenever relations with Kabul are bad, Pakistan seeks to improve ties with India. When Afghan-Pakistani relations improve, relations …
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Lecture Lunch: Killerton Garden
It features rhododendrons, magnolias, herbaceous borders and rare trees, as well as an cover home and primeval 19th-century rustic-style summer home known as 'The Bear's Hut'. The surrounding parkland and woods offer a number of beautiful circular walks …
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French-Led Western Military Intervention In Mali: Façade And Reality – Analysis
In that context, the research article of Jennifer Giroux, a senior researcher at the Center for Security Studies (CSS), published in CSS (ETH Zurich) Analysis in Security Policy Report No. 38 of 2008: 'Africa's Growing Strategic Relevance' 9 is worthy …
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How can I get my website into top positions on search engines?

Question by Cherokee Billie: How can I get my website into top positions on search engines?
I have just finished my website

it’s an exciting story and I know that it would sell. What do I do to get into the top positions on search engines?

Best answer:

Answer by Barkley Hound
Either pay a lot of money or try to get it listed on as many other web sites as possible. Search engines base position partly on popularity.

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