How do I get my dog to stop barking when I tell her it is time for a walk?

Question by Mimi Kitty: How do I get my dog to stop barking when I tell her it is time for a walk?
I have a dog that I adopted from a friend. She is four years old and I do not think she had proper training. She barks when she gets excited, like when I tell her it is time for a walk. She barks and barks and barks and jumps around and it is hard for me to place the leash on her. Do you have any good recommendations to help train her to stop barking when it is time for a W-A-L-K?

I read on my local SPCA website that I could shake a can of pennies or squirt her with a water gun to get her to momentarily stop her from barking then state “good dog” give her a treat. I mean, would that really work?

Do you have any specifics that you have used on your dog to help her stay quiet?
Okay, some of you think I do not like my dog or I am mean. I would like to clarify that I love Corona very much and I am not mean. She just keeps barking and barking and barking LOL when it’s time for a W-A-L-K!!
Corona is 1/2 dachsund 1/2 pug and 110% cute

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Answer by dukalink6000
You don’t. This dog is so happy to go, it will bark his head off.

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  1. That is unfair. Barking is a dog’s way of speaking.

    Imagine if someone told you to never speak. Love your dog because it will love you and take care of you forever.

  2. she is just excited. i have two dogs, one of them is pretty quiet, the other one is very very vocal and he does the same thing when he knows we are going somewhere or when i feed him, when i come home, etc….it is just their way of expressing that they are happy. the probably learn it from us. at the spca the dogs in the kennel bark at eachother constantly, and get in the habit of doing it…dogs bark, next time you want to go for a walk dont announce it so much, just hook the leash on her and go out the door, thats probably what she’s trying to tell you, “stop talking about it, lets go!”
    if she is a terrier, lab, sheperd, collie, etc mix she is probably high energy, these dogs need alot of exercise, everyday. walk her alot and consider taking her to a dog trainer, they can get somewhat pricey for a good one but its worth it, call a vet and see who they recommend. tell her to sit and stay, and find ways to make her settle, just be consistent and firm, give her time to calm down and learn exactly what you want her to do.

  3. Don’t squirt her! Negative reinforcement isn’t anywhere near as effective as positive. However, dogs do understand when they’re not allowed to do something so I find that taking advantage of that works well for my husky (huskies are hard as hell to get to listen).

    First teach her sit and stay if she doesn’t already know it or do it readily. When you’re about to leave, make her sit, stay and reward her when she’s calm (just don’t excite her again). Don’t let her leave the house until she remains calm for the amount of time that you see apropriate. She’ll learn that if she doesn’t do what you ask of her, then she doesn’t get to do what she wants to do, so she’ll start behaving.

    Be consistent. It works like a charm- I have my husky sit before she does practically everything; that way she doesn’t get ahead of herself and act rude or overwhelm me with her excitement. Now she’s used to it and barely has to be told.

    Hope it helps 🙂

  4. HEY HOW ARE YA says:

    This may sound cruel but it isn’t. Take the dogs eat and gently squeeze,and turn it between where your thumb’s top knuckle (the one closest to the finger nail) and index finger. The dog will stop what ever it is doing, and will soon get the point.

  5. Charlotte M says:

    It sounds like this dog has already had plenty of bad training, or even non-training. You didn’t say what kind she is.

    Depending on her breed, and her brains or lack thereof, she may just be an excitable creature and the prospect of a walk with her new person makes her ecstatic. Being a dog, she barks and jumps and goes berserk.

    Please don’t spritz her in the face for acting like a dog. We use spritzing if the dog is doing something destructive, like chewing an antique rocker or light cord. Jumping and freaking out because you’re talking her for a walk isn’t bad, it just makes it difficult to leash her.

    From the way you describe her, I doubt if the pennies in a can would work, either. I feel the noise would either confuse her or, god help you, be another stimulus for her. Like you want to hear that racket yourself, anyway.

    If she has other enthusiastic responses that are a little much to handle, please consider going to a training class at PetSmart. They work miracles with dogs, and the owners, and make everyone a lot happier.

    Hope this helps. Good luck to you, she sounds like a great companion.

  6. ♫ Kitteh ♫ says:

    You shouldn’t give affection like “Good Dog!!!” That means excitement, dogs like calm affection, I would just not say “Its time for a walk!!!” Just walk up to her, put the leash on her and if she starts to get excited tug on the leash, be in a dominant state of mind while doing this or else she won’t take you seriously and she will continue to bark, good luck!

  7. Dogs are pack animals. That means that there will always be an alpha unit or top dog. When your dog starts barking in a firm voice tell her “NO”. Not mean just firm. If she starts barking again tell her, “Shh” raise one finger to her when she does this. As soon as she stops barking pet her and tell her “Good girl” This should be done in a softer voice. Consistency is the key. Your dog looks to you to be the alpha, it may take a few times but you should see results very quickly. Just remember, you must correct the behavior you don’t want immediately and reward the behavior you do want immediately. By making her behave how you want her to, you are the alpha.

  8. jbmiller06 says:

    I have heard great things about the water bottle.

  9. The First Dragon says:

    Say “ssttss”. This should get the dog’s attention.

  10. Sungs_Angel says:

    more walks …more often…then it wont be such a rush…my dog(s) do the same….one does like he’s howling or crying…just wierd…so i walked them 5 times perday over the weekend….and as much as i could during the week…but after the second weekend on the fourth walk….one of them just stopped…don’t know …maybe she was like geesss…another walk….

  11. Chris Smith says:

    Play the magnet game with her. In other words when she is barking turn away and don’t pay her attention. As soon as she stops barking come towards her (you are drawn to her good behavior) and put the leash on. If she starts barking again before you get the chance to click the leash on (which she will) turn away again. Do this every time you go for a walk. She’ll soon work out that the only way she gets to go for a walk is if she is calm and quiet. This article also has some tricks you could implement –

    Don’t give in to her demands!

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