Q&A: What types of websites get a lot of daily views?

Question by Bret B: What types of websites get a lot of regular views?
I have dreamweaver cs4 and photoshop cs4 and am looking to make a website that will generate some profit. Im only looking for about 200 dollars a month a few months after it gets started. Also i am wondering if google adsense is the ideal way to generate profit. Thanks:)

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  1. Savvy Affiliate says:

    One the best things you can do is to check Google Trends, Yahoo Shopping, DIGG (see which sites get DUGG the most).

    Celebrity sites, music, anything teenagey tends to get a lot of traffic.

    In that vein, you need to think about what’s the best monetization: affiliate products or adsense.

    If you choose to go the adsense route, SEO will be a big deal, but also the earning per click is something you have to factor in. If you choose a keyword that gets 5 cents a click, then you only get a percentage of that 5 cents a click. So you’ll either have to get a higher paying keyword or drive some massive traffic.

    If you’re only concerned with $ 200 a month, then I say choose a topic you’d be interested in and monetize it well adsense, affiliate–a combo of both.

    At least you’re on the right track and very realistic about what you’re aiming for than most people who start off.

    Good luck to you.

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