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Miami iPhone Boot Camp – Three Day Intensive Workshop

Miami iPhone Boot Camp – Three Day Intensive Workshop
Event on 2011-08-19 10:00:00

If you want to develop apps on the iphone you need this course.

The three day intensive workshop from 10am-6pm – a full 24 hours of training – covers the fundamentals and advanced feature of iPhone development, enough material that after the workshop you should be healthy to develop your own iPhone application and upload it to the AppStore.instructor.

What you will learn?

Day 1: The Basics:
We begin with live coding of the classic easy "Hello World" application to get an overview of the steps and tools involved.s: Delegation Design Patterns: Target-Action, Design Patterns: Model-View-Controller

Day 2: Intermediate
Expanding User Interface – View Controllers, Navigation, Tab Bars, View Controller Basics, Navigation Controllers, Tab Bar Controllers, Build a Multi-Page ApplicationTable Views, Table View Controllers, Delegation and Data Sources, Custom Table Cells, Build Hierarchical Data Browsing Applications, Data Management with SQLite, SQLite database management, Reading and writing objects from SQLite, Build SQLite Data Browsing TableView Application, Searching Data with SQLite, SQLite queries, Keystroke-by-keystroke searching, Results presentation, Enhance SQLite Data Browsing TableView Application with Searching

Day Three: Advanced
Web Services, Fetching data from remote services, Caching data locally in SQLite, Build Image Search TableView Application, Performance and Progress, Display progress and activity for long running tasks, Thread operations to keep UI responsive, Enhance Image Search TableView Application with threading, Animation and Drawing, Use UIView animation to do flips, slides, fades and resizing, Enhance Image Search TableView Application with splash page animation, Use Core Graphics to draw shapes, Build Random Polygon Application

About the iPhone Boot Camp

The iPhone Boot camp is dedicated to teaching iPhone development and related iPhone development tools, such as Cocoa, Objective C and Open GL ES. It is arguable the largest, longest running and most reputable iPhone workshop. To date it has trainings in over twenty cities and to date has taught over 200 developers who now have dozens of apps in the app store, from indpendent developer to company training for IBM, AOL, genentech, SRI, Thomson Reuter, AP, theknot.


Our trainersare all very experienced iPhone developers and some are also authors of ideal selling books on the iPhone and Obj-C such as Jeff LaMarche (Beginning iPhone Development. apress ), Steve Kochan (Programming Objective- C 2. Addison WesleyPress) Dan Pilone (Head First iPhone Development- A Learners Guide to Creating Objective- Applications for the iPhone OReilly Press) Jonathon Manning and Paris Butterfield-Addison(iPhone and iPad Game Development for Dummies Wiley Press) and Matt Campbell (How to Make an iPhone App– Mobile App Mastery)

Developers only include trainers Eddie Marks and saint Anthony (co-foundersinedible Software), Nathan Eror (founder,Free Time Studios) Ben Sgro (senior software engineer and development managerElephant Ventures) , Charles Gamble (founder,Percula Software) and Oz Michaeli (co-founder,Spiralstormgames.)

Many of our teachers have apps in the top ten and real world experience in how to market apps in the app store that they share with the developers in the workshop

What should I bring with me?

  • An Intel Macintosh laptop computer
  • XCode and the iPhone SDK installed on your Macintosh laptop
  • An iPhone or iPod Touch, if you have one (optional)
  • Basic programming knowledge, including object-oriented programming experience, such as Java,, NET, C, Visual Studio
  • Familiarity with the Mac

Who should attend?

  • Experienced programmers interested in iPhone application development
  • People new to Mac development and iPhone development

Why take a workshop when I can read books, attend a lecture watch videos and webinars?

Most people, even those with extensive experience in programming, find the SDK difficult to master. for a small hands on workshop with other developer, where you can ask questions to an experienced teacher looking over your shoulder as you go through the episodes step by step.

And it's Inexpensive and Fun too?

Most iPhone workshops charge double what we charge for our primeval bird.unches, refreshments and a 200+ pages course book especially prepared for the workshop.

Recent Press About the iPhone Boot Camp

And one more thing – Our Alumni Network for Work

We don't just offer training.

More Info and links to iPhone Boot Camp Meetup Sites

To find out more about the iPhone Boot Camp, including videos, a detailed syllabus, links to our local meetup groups and detailed info on how to prepare for the workshop go to our main site iPhoneBootCampNYC.

at Brikolodge
3301 NE First Avenue
Miami, United States

Uninspiring: PPPPPPPortishead

A few nice website accessibility images I found:

Uninspiring: PPPPPPPortishead
website accessibility
Image by Patrick Haney
As the official website of a favourite band, you’d anticipate a more interactive website than most. Or you’d at least anticipate some content to show up.

Unfortunately for Portishead, one of my favorite bands of all time, they have neither. In fact, when first loading this page, I wasn’t even sure you could do anything except stare at a 7 P’s that are supposedly transforming into the number 3 (and yet never do).

Don’t even get me started on the accessibility of this site (or demand there of). But c’mon people, are we still not smart enough to shy away from "mystery meat navigation" on websites, even in 2008? So I have to roll over apiece of the 7 P’s to find out where the link goes? And 3 out of the 7 links are to a absolutely different website? Fantastic.

Portishead’s new album, Third, drops in just a few weeks, and I was truly hoping for a superior online experience than "complete crap." Here’s to hoping the album doesn’t compare.

(See notes for more issues with this design)

Visit the site:

SeeingY took a picture!
website accessibility
Image by SeeingY
American Federation for the Blind

AFB features its fully accessible website which provides information on blindness and vision loss and AccessWorld: Technology and People Who are Blind or Visually Impaired.

Robin Christopherson (AbilityNet): Wrapping Up
website accessibility
Image by gr3m
Robin Christopherson closes his presentation of usable and accessibly websites at the Future of Web Apps expo in London.

Who knew Google had a text-only version of Google Maps? Pretty sweet!

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