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Your Software Website

Your Software Website
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Your Software Website

Brittany Miller Joins Neu Concepts

Brittany Miller Joins Neu Concepts

Brittany Miller

Durham, NC (PRWEB) August 02, 2011

Neu Concepts has hired Brittany Miller, from Holly Springs, North Carolina, as the company’s Digital Content Specialist. In this new position, Brittany will play a vital role in increasing Neu Concepts message crossways a variety of social media platforms including the company blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

As the Digital Content Specialist, Brittany will help Neu Concepts maintain vital connections to their clients by publishing relevant content on a regular basis and sharing articles of interest. In addition, Brittany will also help clients expand their own media presence. Her services will include writing general website content, ghost writing, maintaining client company blogs, maintaining consistent branding for clients crossways social media platforms and assisting clients in turning their great ideas into effective multi-media messages.

Brittany is a current alumnus of Mount Olive College where she attained her Bachelor of the Arts degree in English communications and graduated top of her class with a 3.96 grade point average. While at Mount Olive, Brittany was a four-year member of the women’s basketball program, the co-found and co-editor of the school’s online e-publication, The Trojan Times, a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and active participant in the honors program.

About Neu Concepts

Neu Concepts is a design firm focused on web design, trade show exhibits and marketing programs that help companies grow their businesses. Neu Concepts places a strong emphasis on understanding the audience, coming up with creative designs that make a lasting impression and building solutions that will stand the test of time. Founded in 2010, Neu Concepts is headquartered in Durham, NC.


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Michael Huggins, RGD – For Graphic Designers Only – Podcasts

Michael Huggins, RGD – For Graphic Designers Only – Podcasts
from For Graphic Designers Only – Podcasts
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Where to get free website templates and graphics?

Question by kaiserchief: Where to get free website templates and graphics?
Hi there i am interested to find free PHP website template packages(codes and relevant graphics bundled in)… the site i am planning to create is very easy and is use to home a search and update database.


Best answer:

Answer by robert.schifreen
Have a look at for PHP stuff, and for some nice designs.

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from Effective Website Secrets
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Web Content Caf

Web Content Café, a Website Focused on Web Content, Helps Writers Get Into The Habit of Creating New Content Pages Daily

Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) Might 7, 2010

Quality content is the lifeblood of nearly any website. The creation of more pages results in increased traffic from the search engines, and through social media. With nearly each online revenue model, a higher volume of visitors translates into a higher income for the site.

While some companies turn to content mills, and fill their sites with hundreds of low-quality pages created offshore, many site owners want to remain focused on high-quality content which they create themselves.

Their challenge is not writing the content – but coming up with fresh ideas and then publishing new pages on a regular basis.

Nick Usborne, author of Net Words (McGraw-Hill), has over a decade of experience as a leading online writer and copywriter for some of the world’s largest companies and organizations. But with he is applying his experience and expertise to help smaller companies and individual site owners.

“Small companies, organizations, groups and individuals can attract an enormous amount of search engine traffic to their websites, but only if they get into the usage of publishing calibre content on a regular basis. And that content had superior be interesting, useful, engaging, and optimized for the search engines.”

Web Content Café is a membership site with the option to select either a monthly or annual subscription.

With a new content intent published daily, five days a week, the site’s purpose is to tap content writers on the shoulder and say, “Hey, don’t forget to write some new content today. And here is an intent to get you started.”

Learn more at

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Influence Graphics Launches New Overnight Business Card Ordering Website

Influence Graphics Launches New Overnight Business Card Ordering Website

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 29, 2011

Influence Graphics, a leading digital printing company located in New York City, has announced they have launched a new website for customers in the New York City area who need business cards printed overnight. The new website ( offers customers the option of either uploading their existing business card design or logging onto the site and selecting a business card template and customizing it online. If a customer places an order before 3pm they can pick up their order the following morning at 11am at the company’s midtown office location. Delivery is acquirable within Manhattan.

The costs for overnight business cards is only $ 65 (options extra). According to Ron Sizemore, owner, “This website fills the space between cheap business cards that can be ordered online from far away printing companies but take days to ship (and calibre varies) and custom printing at local shops that are very expensive. Orders put through our website are printed on the highest calibre digital presses acquirable and we print on high calibre paper stocks. Quality, speed and price….customers really can have all three!”

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3D Kabah Website – 3D Kabah Podcast – Islam

3D Kabah Website – 3D Kabah Podcast – Islam
from 3D Kabah Podcast – Islam
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Dreamweaver Fundamentals: An Introduction to Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver Fundamentals: An Introduction to Dreamweaver
Event on 2011-09-26 00:00:00

Dreamweaver Fundamentals: An Introduction to Dreamweaver provides web designers with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to build and manage professional websites using Dreamweaver CS5.
This course is for people new to web design and development and want to use Dreamweaver CS5 to build intuitive, captivating and accessible websites.
Students must be familiar with the basics of navigating a computer or a Mac. This course instructs how Dreamweaver CS5 utilizes these technologies, but does not instruct these various concepts. If you are interested in learning more about these technologies, please review FMC’s Web Programming classes.

Course Outline
Note: The curricula below comprise activities typically covered in a class at this skill level. The teacher may, at his/her discretion, adjust the lesson plan to meet the needs of the class.
Lesson 1: Customizing Your Workspace
* Touring the workspace
* Switching and splitting views
* Working with panels
* Selecting a workspace layout
* Adjusting toolbars
* Personalizing preferences
* Creating custom keyboard shortcuts
* Using the Property inspector
Lesson 2: HTML Basics
* What is HTML?
* Where did HTML begin?
* Writing your own HTML code
* Frequently used HTML 4 codes
* Where Is HTML Going?
Lesson 3: CSS Basics
* What is CSS?
* HTML vs. CSS formatting
* CSS box model
* HTML defaults
* Formatting text
* Formatting objects
* Multiples, classes, and IDs, oh my!
Lesson 4: Getting a Swift Begin
* Defining a Dreamweaver site
* Using the Welcome screen
* Selecting a CSS layout
* Saving a page
* Modifying the page title
* Changing headings
* Inserting text
* Inserting images
* Selecting and modifying CSS styles
* Adjusting text fonts, colors, and sizes
* Using the Property inspector
* Previewing a page in Live view
* Previewing pages in a browser
Lesson 5: Creating a Page Layout
* Web design basics
* Working with thumbnails and wireframes
* Previewing your finished file
* Modifying an existing CSS layout
* Adding a background image to the header
* Inserting new components
* Modifying the page width and background color
* Modifying existing content and formatting
* Inserting an image placeholder
* Inserting placeholder text
* Modifying the footer
* Checking browser compatibility
Lesson 6: Working with Cascading Style Sheets
* Previewing a finished file
* Working with the CSS Styles panel
* Creating new CSS rules
* Creating an interactive menu
* Modifying hyperlink behavior
* Creating faux columns
* Moving rules to an external style sheet
* Creating style sheets for other media types
Lesson 7: Working with Templates
* Previewing finished files
* Creating a template from an existing layout
* Inserting editable regions
* Producing child pages
* Updating a template
* Using Library items
* Using server-side includes
Lesson 8: Working with Text, Lists, and Tables
* Previewing a finished file
* Importing text
* Creating headings
* Creating lists
* Creating text indents
* Creating and styling tables
* Spell checking web pages
* Finding and replacing text
Lesson 9: Working with Images
* Reviewing web image basics
* Previewing the finished file
* Inserting an image
* Adjusting image positions with CSS classes
* Working with the Insert panel
* Using Adobe Bridge
* Inserting incompatible file types
* Working with Photoshop Smart Objects
* Duplicating and pasting images from Fireworks and Photoshop
* Inserting images by drag and drop
* Optimizing images with the Property inspector
Lesson 10: Working with Navigation
* Hyperlink basics
* Previewing your finished file
* Creating internal hyperlinks
* Creating an image-based link
* Creating an external link
* Setting up e-mail links
* Targeting page elements
* Inserting Spry menu bars
* Inserting Spry menus as Library items
* Checking your page
Lesson 11: Adding Interactivity
* Learning about Dreamweaver behaviors
* Previewing a finished file
* Working with Dreamweaver behaviors
* Working with Spry Accordion widgets
Lesson 12: Working with Flash
* Understanding Flash
* Previewing a finished file
* Adding Flash animation to a page
* Adding an FLV file to a page
Lesson 13: Working with Forms
* Previewing a finished file
* Learning about forms
* Adding a form to a page
* Inserting text form elements
* Inserting checkboxes
* Creating broadcasting buttons
* Working with lists
* Adding a submit button
* Specifying a form action
* Emailing form data
* Styling forms
Lesson 14: Working with Online Data
* Working with dynamic content
* Previewing the finished file
* Using HTML and XML data
* Choosing a server model
* Configuring a local web server
* Setting up a testing server
* Building database applications
Lesson 15: Building Dynamic Pages with Data
* Building pages with ASP, ColdFusion, or PHP
* Creating a master/detail page set
* Creating a detail page
Lesson 16: Working with Code
* Code tools overview
* Selecting code
* Collapsing code
* Expanding code
* Adding new code
* Using Code Navigator
* Accessing Live Code
* Using Inspect mode
* Working in related files
* Accessing Split Code view
* Commenting your code
Lesson 17: Publishing to the Web
* Defining a remote site
* Cloaking folders and files
* Wrapping things up
* Putting your site online
* Synchronizing local and remote sites

at Future Media Concepts – Orlando
6675 Westwood Boulevard Suite 145
Orlando, United States

I am a content writer with a website. How can my website bring in writing jobs for me?

Question by Mithi C: I am a content writer with a website. How can my website bring in writing jobs for me?

Best answer:

Answer by tosin o
You have to work seriously on making your website visible to the public.

Try out repacking your writing stuff to entice your right audience and also work on yahoo search marketing.

better still pay per click from google adword to ensure the visiblity of your website to your right audience

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