Who do I contact in regards to a website spamming?

Question by razsports: Who do I contact in regards to a website spamming?
There is a website that uses the word sports four times in their title tag(uses same title for apiece page on their site) and uses the word sports twice in their short description(which their description makes no sense) and uses the word sports 10 times for keyword phrases. I’ve had enough of this site imperfectness to obey by clean business practice laws.

I’d like to report them to search engines and their hosting company. I contated yahoo by filling out their form, but they have NOT taken action. I filed that complaint two weeks ago.

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Answer by padam_india
Contact concerned country`s goverment as well as consumer court of concerned country.

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  1. memetrader says:

    Here are the forms for spam complaints for the three major search engines.

    Google http://www.google.com/contact/spamreport.html
    Yahoo http://add.yahoo.com/fast/help/us/ysearch/cgi_reportsearchspam
    MSN http://feedback.search.msn.com/eform.aspx?productkey=searchweb&page=search_feedback_form

    Don’t expect anything to happen right away or even ever. That is because there are thousands of reports every day and human revue would be impossibly time consuming. Spam reports are general reviewed algorithmically and collected in a file which is used to test spam detection algorithms.

    Reporting them to their ISP is a waste of time as they have done nothing illegal.

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