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WPSynonymizer – Making unique content out of duplicate content

WPSynonymizer – Making one-of-a-kind content out of duplicate content
WPSynonymizer – WPSynonymizer is a content spinner engine built on synonyms and is intended to make duplicate content of autoblogs in to one-of-a-kind content – by changing certain words in the content – thus making the content different.
WPSynonymizer – Making one-of-a-kind content out of duplicate content

Nice Writing Website Content photos

Check out these writing website content images:

Contents of an Ostrich’s stomach
writing website content
Image by National Media Museum
FW Bond (died 5 Might 1942)

Collection of National Media Museum

Frederick Willam Bond was photographer at the Zoological Society of London. Amongst more conventional photographs of the inhabitants of London Zoo, he also photographed objects retrieved from an ostrich’s stomach after its death. Details of what it swallowed are written on the back of the print.

Somehow, during its lifetime, the poor bird managed to ingest a alter handkerchief, a buttoned glove, a length of rope, a plain handkerchief (probably a man’s), assorted copper coins, metal tacks, staples and hooks, and a four-inch nab – a step too far, and the cause of death.

We’re happy for you to share this digital image within the spirit of The Commons. Certain restrictions on high calibre reproductions of the original physical version of apply though; if you’re unsure please visit the National Media Museum website.

For obtaining reproductions of selected images please go to the Science and Society Picture Library.

New Website
writing website content
Image by Andrew McCaughan
I’ve almost finished my website and will be uploaded in the coming week. Instead of using WordPress or one of the other millions of tools out there I decided to develop my own Content Management System. Its driven by a SQL Server database, logic written in C# and the presentation layer written using ASP.NET 2.0.

There will be a lot more features added to the application once I upload the first release. I’ve not included comment features or tagging but they will be the next features added to the system.

The Content Management System driven by the website is also used in a couple of other projects I’m currently working on. I’ll go into more detail about them when I have more to state about them 🙂

contents – indexing
writing website content
Image by toby___
I wanted to create a book which would be used to organise journal entries, moods and other data. I wanted to create something where the actual content would be created by the user, therefore creating a book about themselves, I have designed the book as foundations to do this. Everything is left untitled for the individual to fill in their own text, each page is organised and indexed by the code and index system I created.
I also wanted the challenge peoples reliance of the world wide web and their use of writing blog entries and socialising through networking sites such as myspace and facebook. I wanted to see if there was a ‘back to basics’ approach to socialising/blog websites.


Contents – Indexing entries
Profile – Information about user
Red – Frustration
Yellow – Concentration
Green – Relaxation
Blue – Creativity

Google Seminars for Success – Chicago, IL

Google Seminars for Success – Chicago, IL
Event on 2011-08-24 09:00:00

Google Seminars for Success

Learn Google Analytics & Website Optimizer in the Classroom! Make it a full week of training:
Join us for Monday & Tuesday's Google's Seminars for Success series is coming to Chicago, IL for THREE FULL DAYS of Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer training! If you're new to the Seminars for Success series or if you've attended before, this is a great opportunity to:

  • Refresh and enhance your skills on Google Analytics and see the latest and greatest updates, reports and enterprise features
  • Learn how to squeeze ROI from landing page / conversion testing using Website Optimizer!
  • Get your friends, co-workers and new employees trained in one of the most cost effective options out there for learning these free Google tools

Join us for Google Seminars for Success – three full days of instructor-led intensive training brought to you by Google and WebShare.marketer or a technical implementer, expert or novice, you'll achievement away with the tools, techniques and knowledge to place the power of website analytics and conversion testing to work for you.

Analytics 101: Overview

Google Analytics 101 is an overview seminar that will take attendees through the definitions, interface and reports of Google Analytics. Attendees will get a foundational understanding of web analytics, how to read and interpret basic reports, and how to navigate and use the Google Analytics tool. In this seminar, you'll learn:

  • What is web analytics and how do tools like Google Analytics fit into a larger web analytics process
  • How to find insights in your piles of data
  • How to sign up for and manage your Google Analytics account
  • How to do the basic installation and configure your first goals
  • How to read and interpret reports & navigate the Google Analytics interface

Analytics 201: Analysis

Interested in analysis with Google Analytics? This course dives right into analysis techniques and isolates the various reports and report configurations that are useful in various scenarios, ranging from advertising campaign measurement to ecommerce and lead generation. We'll also look at how to use Google Website Optimizer to plan and conduct conversion experiments on your site. Attendees will achievement away with:

  • An understanding of how to pull the insights and information out of a sea of data
  • Tried and true ideal practices in examining effectiveness of marketing and traffic acquisition campaigns
  • The right reports and views to evaluate and improve conversion performance whether you're striving for sales, leads or downloads
  • Techniques for measuring and improving individual engagement and content consumption
  • An overview of A/B, Multivariate and Split Path testing with Google Website Optimizer

Analytics 301: Implementation & Advanced Topics

Google Analytics 301 focuses on the advanced features of Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer, as well as how to implement and configure those features. Attendees will learn:

  • The high level structure of Google Analytics as an analytics product
  • How to install and alter the tracking code for various scenarios
  • How to extend the abilities of Google Analytics with features like custom variables, event & ecommerce tracking, virtual pageviews and more
  • How to create and share custom reports within Google Analytics
  • Advanced testing techniques with Website Optimizer and how to integrate with Google Analytics

Seminars for Success Leaders:

David Booth
David is a principal consultant, author, teacher and regular speaker, and one of the founding partners of WebShare. (Lynda. Corey Koberg
Corey is a consultant and speaker in the field of search engine and online marketing, and is a regular teacher of web analytics, pay per click management, and other World wide web marketing courses and webinars.

Corey holds a degree in Electrical and Personal Engineering from the University of Illinois and has been involved in World wide web related engineering and consulting for over 14 years, beginning his career in the labs that developed the world's first web browser. After working for Intel, Compaq, and Qualcomm, Corey has been instrumental in helping companies find and employ a scientific, results-oriented, professional approach to the web analytics and search marketing.

Corey is the author of (Lynda. Justin Cutroni
Justin Cutroni is a respected leader in the web analytics community helping organizations integrate web analytics into their decision making processes. Justin commonly interacts with senior level management to drive the strategic use of web data and collaborates with marketing and IT teams to develop implementation plans and processes needed to generate actionable data and business insights. An active participant in the web analytics community, Justin talks at various industry events with a strong passion for sharing knowledge and advancing the analytics industry.

Justin began his career with Accenture, working with financial services clients to redesign and change business processes with custom software. As a Google Authorized Seminar Leader Justin has conducted numerous training events crossways the US and Europe.

Justin is the author of (Wiley, 2010). Justin holds a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

David Reichenbacher
Dave Reichenbacher is a Senior Account Manager at WebShare, and consults and talks in the areas of search marketing and web analytics. Dave specializes in local and paid search marketing, and has worked with organizations massive and small, focusing on helping clients maximize their return on their online investments.

Leveraging highly effective programs to attract visitors through both organic and paid sources, Dave is a web analytics expert and works to wage not only measurement, but conversion marketing and statistical experimentation to turn visitors into monetized customers.

Dave has spent over 12 years in the high-technology industry, and was a Senior Technical Project Manager at Intel Corporation prior to joining WebShare. Dave attained his Masters and Bachelors degrees in Materials Science & Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Julie Ferrara-Brown
As a consultant and chief statistician for WebShare, Julie works with clients in the areas of web analytics, paid search, and conversion marketing. With a specialization in design of experiments and statistical analysis, Julie has helped hundreds of clients design, launch and examine statistical conversion marketing experiments to improve their conversion rates and bottom lines.

As an instructor, Julie has led corporate and public trainings crossways North America, teaching participants not only how to design and execute statistically valid and useful experiments, but also in the types of conversion marketing ideal practices and concepts that tend to resonate well with website visitors.

Julie began her career in the technology industry as a statistician with Intel Corporation. She attained a B.S. in Statistics and Marketing as well as a M.S. in Statistics from the University of Tennessee.

Nick Iyengar
Nick is a senior statement manager and web analyst at WebShare with an extensive background in deploying and leveraging Google Analytics to improve the performance of online marketing campaigns. He brings a passion for data analysis and advanced web analytics techniques to help marketers continually monitor and improve their results.

Nick has instructed both public and corporate audiences massive and small, and leads participants through the process of proper data collection and more importantly, data analysis with the neutral of finding actionable insights that can improve marketing goals.

Prior to joining WebShare, Nick spent 3+ years at Google, where he managed tens of millions of dollars in ad spend for top-tier clients. Nick also led Google's "Analytics Guru" team for the Mountain View, CA headquarters, applying web analytics and analysis techniques to improve campaigns for top AdWords advertisers. He holds a B.A. in Government from Connecticut College.

at BGCC (Venue TBD)

Chicago, United States

Sitelinks On Google

Check out these top search engines images:

Sitelinks On Google
top search engines
Image by dannysullivan
See Study States Get In Top 5 Not Top 10 & Search Engines Might Need To Highlight Official Sites. Feel free to use this image. Just link to the story or the pic page.

Quick Hits On Overture
top search engines
Image by dannysullivan
See Study States Get In Top 5 Not Top 10 & Search Engines Might Need To Highlight Official Sites. Feel free to use this image. Just link to the story or the pic page.

Perpetual Groove

Perpetual Groove
Event on 2011-09-07 21:00:00

Supporting Acts: The Heavy Pets

Perpetual Groove

Perpetual Groove has become a rock band. That's the impression fans got when they heard one of the rock & roll tracks from Perpetual Groove's new album, LIVELOVEDIE at the band's sold out New Year's Eve performance. LIVELOVEDIE was produced by Grammy winner Robert Hannon (Outkast – Speakerboxxx/The Love Below) and Perpetual Groove. The album was produced with renewable energy through Perpetual Groove's partnership with Tree Sound Studios, Sustainable Waves, and Green Mountain Energy Company and is being released by the environmentally progressive label, Tree Leaf Music. A celebrated, international touring act for over four years, Perpetual Groove has built a reputation on intense, emotional music that fans call "trance arena rock," and won over legions of fans with their experimentations in live 5.1 concert surround sound, an intense retina blinding light show, and a willingness to keep the connection strong between band and fans. The Athens, GA-based band's riveting live performances have catapulted them into the "must-see" category of live rock bands. With a funky blend of jazz-rock, neo-psychedelia, R&B, trance electronica, progressive rock and anthemic arena rock, the Bonnaroo veterans have conquered the festival circuit and continue to tour relentlessly. "We are really excited to bring these new songs to our fans. We're the same band you have come to know and love, but like any good artist, we change. Where we are in our lives changes, so what we write about changes. Our songwriting has improved leaps and bounds since the last record," states Brock Butler, singer & guitar player for the band. LIVELOVEDIE is a departure for the quartet. With a stronger focus on lyrics and song structure and a much heavier overall sound, the album is sure to surprise even the most die-hard of "PGroove" listeners. Perpetual Groove has shown a flair for creating genre-spanning music, yet keeps their catalog fresh and one-of-a-kind by constantly changing the material in the live setting. Rising out of the low country of Savannah, GA in 2001, Perpetual Groove has grown swiftly into a formidable internationally touring organization. Now based in Athens, GA, the band continues to ride an unending wave of momentum buoyed by an enthusiastic fan base and international critical acclaim. Fans of Perpetual Groove (or PGroove, as the fans like to call them) are known to follow the band from say to state, night to night, to experience their euphoric live show that features an ever changing set-list. Perpetual Groove's music has evolved into a genre-bending, highly original sound that touches upon jazz-rock, neo-psychedelia, R&B, trance electronica, progressive rock, and anthemic arena rock. Their massive catalog of original music offers something for everyone, but the band is also known for their eclectic range of covers; including everything from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" to Rage Against The Machine's "Bulls On Parade". The addition of an intense, retina burning, intelligent light show creates an region unlike any other, assuring fans they'll get a highly polished, yet different show apiece night. Perpetual Groove released their first album, Sweet Oblivious Antidote, in 2003 on Harmonized Records after their first year of solid touring. Besides being the top seller for The Home Grown Music Network that year (it out-sold releases by Phish, Widespread Panic, and others), it was also voted HGMN Top Fan Pick for 2003. The buzz only got larger on the 2004 follow-up record, All This Everything, which was produced by Grammy award-winner Robert Hannon. LIVELOVEDIE, their third record was released in March of 2007 and represents a significant evolutionary departure in style for Perpetual Groove. Teaming up once again with Hannon and Tree Sound Studios, the band set forth to create a darker sonic landscape without sacrificing too much of that "PGroove quality" thanks in part to Butler's warm, soaring vocals. By partnering with Tree Sound Studios, Sustainable Waves, and Green Mountain Energy Company, Perpetual Groove is leaving a positive impact on the environment while they conduct their business. The band's latest release, LIVELOVEDIE was produced with renewable energy, and apiece time the band tours, their carbon emissions are offset with renewable energy credits. The Spring 2007 Tour alone generated 50 tons of CO2 emissions, all of which were offset with help from Green Mountain Energy Company. That's equal roughly to 60050 automobiles driving 3958483 miles. Where ever possible, Perpetual Groove uses recycled materials for the creation of tour cards and flyers, posters, and even album packaging, of which, the latest was prefabricated from 100% post consumer/industrial waste materials. Perpetual Groove's online ticketing and merchandise websites also help to leave a positive impact. Patrons of both stores have the option of "greening up" their ticket which a renewable energy credit to offset the emissions from traveling to the show. Perpetual Groove's environmental initiatives exist to serve as an example to their fans, that one mortal at a time can make a difference, and more importantly, leave a positive impact on their environment. Perpetual Groove continues to tour nationally and internationally, with over 150 shows scheduled apiece year. With that kind of tour commitment and experience, Perpetual Groove brings not only the kind of show that's talked about long after the bus has left town, but an established a reputation for being an extremely courteous and professional outfit with all eyes on the future. Perpetual Groove has performed at the country's top festivals, including: Bonnaroo, Jam Cruise, Wakarusa, Langerado, High Sierra Music Festival, The Xingolati Groove Cruise, 10,000 Lakes Festival, Atlanta's Music Midtown, Smilefest, moe.down, Camp Bisco, The Green Apple Festival, and Chattanooga's Riverbend Festival. The band's Bonnaroo performance had over 20,000 people in attending and was considered by many to be one of the highlight's of the festival. Perpetual Groove regularly produces their own "special events" such as: Amberland – an annual outdoor weekend camping and concert event, Dinner With The Band – offers fans an intimate catered dinner VIP experience with a private performance, The Cave Sessions – an intimate live recorded performance at Tree Sound Studios for a very limited audience, New Year's Eve – multi-night stand with a gigantic production and stage gags galore.The NYE runs are swiftly becoming legendary among the fan-base. Adam Perry (Bass) Adam learned his most important lesson in life so far, three years ago after submitting his first bio for the original Perpetual Groove web site. In his greatest achievements, Adam jokingly listed hiking the Appalachian Trail, which we all know never happened. I mean lets grappling it, the kid is lazy and there is not a chance in hell he could even do a mile of the AT. Well, incredibly, there were quite a few people who asked, and were disappointed to find out that Adam never did such a thing. Since then, Adam has never lied about anything else. Even though Adam spends the majority of his time playing bass for Perpetual Groove, his real passion is his side project The Adam Perry Polka Players. The need to fulfill his love for acting and polka music developed into this tour de force that features a full polka band and a cast of players enacting all of his favorite motion picture scenes. Currently, they are hard at work adapting some of his favorite video game cinemas to the live stage. The group tours sporadically throughout southern Florida. Adam originates from Cleveland, OH. The home of rock n' roll, or at least the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. He is the middle child in a line-up of next generation Perry entertainers. His tiny sister is an actress and his brother plays guitar in the heavy metal act, Red Giant. When not on the road, Adam usually focuses his time on writing and hanging out with his dog Jaco. Once in a blue moon, you might catch him sitting in with Brock somewhere around Athens. Adam's presence onstage is marked by the often unused microphone stand. Good for quips in between songs and to make general income announcements, i.e., "Uhhhh, we have some albums for sale….," the microphone rarely sees any additional action. Rumors of a past vocal presence have emerged and been proven by old tapes of Perpetual Groove. The stand is there. The microphone is on. One day, it could happen. We are listening.

at Wizzards’s Lounge
3801 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, United States

Eight Out of 10 Travel Sites Missing Out On Traffic From Search

Eight Out of 10 Travel Sites Missing Out On Traffic From Search

(PRWEB) August 6, 2005

As many as 80 percent of the top UK travel websites are losing out on potential traffic by not covering the most basic stipulations search engines look for when ranking sites. According to research by search marketing specialists Spannerworks, many of the top travel websites are not taking advantage of the growing number of travel-related searches conducted regular on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

The study looked at the commercial websites of the top 25 UK travel companies. The sites were graded against factors important to the search engines, such as whether search engines can access website content, whether that content relates to their key products and any evidence of techniques search engines advocate against – such as having text visible to search engines but not users.

Good relevant content is an important criterion used by search engines to decide who ranks top in natural search listings. Even though 64% of the sites examined can be accessed by search engines, over half do not have adequate content focused on their key travel offerings.

Dean Harvey, client services director, at Spannerworks states “It is surprising how many major travel sites are not exploiting the potential of search. Many ingredients go into achieving top search engine rankings and travel companies should really be addressing their search strategies to ensure they tap in to their online customers effectively.”

The volume of travel-related searches has increased 40% over the last 12 months. This growth looks set to continue, at least in the short term. As the number of world wide web users searching for travel products and services continues to grow, the need to ensure high rankings in the major search engines will become even more important.

An effective search marketing strategy can dramatically improve the performance of a travel website in generating new business. Jo Burman, E-Business Manager at Ideal Western Hotels, commented “From no visibility and extremely low traffic volumes, we have enjoyed over one million visitors from the major search engines within the last year.”


Charlotte McDougall

01273 828 100


Vocus©Copyright 1997-

, Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.
Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

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Search Engine Submission

Recruiting Right The First Time

Recruiting Right The First Time
Event on 2011-08-17 09:00:00
The course has been designed to not only enhance your techniques but to help you feel more confident throughout recruitment process. There will also be plenty of time for Q&A at the end of the session.

Course benefits:

– Get the right mortal into your business;
– Improve team effectiveness;
– Save time and effort;
– Minimise the risk in hiring.

Course content:

– The steps in hiring staff;
– Writing a comprehensive job description;
– Effective advertising tips;
– Effective screening of applications;
– Holding a good interview;
– Templates and procedures.

Email for more information, or visit the website.

at Auckland Chamber of Commerce

Auckland, New Zealand

TVO | Jesse Brown – Search Engine

TVO | Jesse Brown – Search Engine
from Search Engine
Price: USD 0
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