Professional Website Design – 7 Tips to Increase ECommerce

What exactly makes a professional website layout increase business? The short answer is clean, easy and visible to the world. It boils down to these 7 basic tips that each business website should adhere.

1. Say the benefits your business has to offer, but make it short and to the point. This is your “unique selling proposition”. It should be said clearly and visibly. Don’t clutter your site with useless text or graphics.

2. Select your font carefully and use up to two similar font families -at most. One of the worst things I see on the world wide web is those sites with twenty different fonts of all sizes and colors. That screams, “Cheesy income letter – Avoid!”

3. Use graphics and/or pictures that help sell the products. Custom graphics are best. If you don’t design graphics you could outsource them.

4. A professional web site design is individual friendly. This means easy navigation. Visitors should be healthy find exactly what they’re looking for as swiftly as possible. If not, you lose the customers’ attention and they move on to a competitor’s site.

5. A professional website should be cross browser compatible. I always make it a point to check that my web sites look and function right in all the dominant browsers such as Firefox, World wide web Explorer, Safari, Netscape, Chrome, Opera, etc.

6. Mobile device compatibility is also very important in web site design. Many people these days use their iPhone or iPod to browse the internet. These mobile devices do not support Flash. If your site is built using Flash with no alternate content, your site can't be viewed. Potential business, lost. Flash web pages should be used sparingly and always have alternate content, which brings us to the next tip.

7. Don’t build a website solely on Flash for two good reasons. First, Google doesn’t like 100% Flash websites because they can’t see Flash content. It might look great, but if you’re trying to rank for Google search terms, you’ll have a really hard time. Second, Flash sites take a while to load. There is still a massive market of people with slow connections. Instead of waiting, waiting, waiting, they’ll lose interest before your website even loads.

Bottom line is – keep it simple, make it visible. Professional website designs are clean, easy and visible to the world. That’s the key to noticeably increase e-commerce.

Stephanie Vigil is a professional website designer in Santa Fe, NM. For inexpensive rates, visit website design Santa Fe, NM.

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