Color Blindness test – Real !

Hi, I’m colorblind, and this is a video that I prefabricated to help you to find out weather you are or you are not color blind. Being color blind is somehow cool, but I would wish that i’m normal visioned.


  1. SuperduperTyphoid says:

    Is the Serbian version going to be to test if you are Serbian?

  2. bubblegumandcherries says:

    i could see 2 on the last one, what colour is it?

  3. Bballguy1121 says:

    Not only is he colourblind but he is illiterate, lol find the wrong word in the description

  4. i passed all of them

  5. could you tell me the name of that song?

  6. bobletsrule says:

    Im actually sorta color blind my optometrist said I could only see like 3 of the patterns

  7. cutegirls108 says:

    um i see 25 not 15that is the only one i did not pass lol

  8. SebbeSucksBawlz says:

    1:20 I couldn’t make out anything, I saw the blue but it didn’t make anything.

  9. SuperChase101 says:

    I only got #1 and # 5

  10. tiggerMe2257 says:

    i passes all except 2

  11. steaminlavaboy says:

    i passed all xept 1

  12. steaminlavaboy says:

    @tearzofice ur blind dude its 74 if u look carefully

  13. tearzofice says:

    i saw 71 not 74 O.o wtf does that mean xD

  14. @Theta1510 i got 25 to at 0:30

  15. in the last one i did se 2 and 5, sceary

  16. Theta1510 says:

    I got 25 at 0:30
    2 and 1:20

  17. I only got the first one 🙁

  18. Shockwave474 says:

    I thought the six was a B. What does this mean? Could I be mildly dyslexic?

  19. Fuck I must be color blind pretty bad

  20. im color blind but i counted that there are 11 slides not 12

  21. This Ishihara test is harsh, if you fail this take a better test to find out just how blind you are. If you fail the Ishihara test you are still with a %99 chance equipped with a good enough vision to be an architect, electrician, etc.

  22. 1123janine says:

    at the last part, i saw 2 instead of 5. does that mean i’m color blind? but i passed the rest

  23. I only missed 2 words :/

  24. gregg1944553 says:

    If you don’t see those 2 words FUCK and YOU then you are colour-blind…….LOL

  25. TinCanProductions1 says:

    @normate O_o I love it when Noobs like you try to make yourselves seem smart. being colorblind doesn’t mean you can’t see all the damn colors, just means there’s a flaw in your rods that makes every color seem a bit more saturated.

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